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Elite mining Club - Cloud miner

Hi all! I am fairly new to whole cryptocurrency market, however I have learned a fair amount since I became interested. After many hours researching, practising and trying to mine, I stumble across a website called eliteminingclub Now it is a cloud miner that allows you to mine, deposit and exchange what you mine and deposit for more power, known as 5RSD. My only problem is that I have seen no proof of this being legitimate, is this a Ponzi scam? I so far haven't come across anybody mentioning this particular cloud miner so I wanted to hear peoples opinions. When I joined the site they gave me a free bonus of 500 DOGE coins, which I exchanged for 0.49 5RSD power, each currency that is available to mine (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dash coin and doge coin) because of their value when exchanged you get different amounts of 5RSD power. For example if I deposited 1 bitcoin, I would exchange it for 1000 5RSD, which would mine a total of 0.25 BTC (500 pounds) per month with said power....sounds good right?! However my worries come down to the obvious Ponzi scheme, if all the numbers that I see on screen are real, whether or not I would have my deposits stolen from me and show me false returns upon investing with them, how big is there server? is there a limit to their hashing power or what? none of this is said on their website which makes me question it of course, but I seriously don't want to invest if this could rip me off.
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A Story: the quest for love has taken it's toll

You have heard the expression "it's better to have loved and loss, than never to have loved at all."
Lies, what folk often forget is the psychological and emotional toll that multiple failed relationships have on people, each one chips away at your mental health and adds baggage that stays with you for most of your life.
I have no idea what day it is today but I start each morning with tears flooding my face and a crippling desire to not exist anymore. I'd like to drop my life story here on the offhand that someone, somewhere, reads this and can relate with me on some level - throwaway for good measure, brace yourself for a really long read, location: UK/NO
Early life:I was lucky enough that my family could afford to place me in a posh school for pretentious wizards. Unfortunately this education was wasted on me as my depression unwillingly began when I was thirteen years old, yet I could not comprehend what depression was at this age. I was also addicted to the video game: world of warcraft (WoW). Both the cloudyness of being down and the constant thought of when can I get home for my 'fix' left me void of motivation to partake in education.
University life: I had zero social skills due to 200+ days I had racked up in WoW but somehow managed to land a girl from a club, let's call her X, X was half British and half Norwegian, she was shy, family orientated and equally inexperienced in life. We did nothing but watch TV, the rest of this chapter is boring, let's fast forward.
UK worklife: Through the aid of a lecturer I scored a job working for a top US ISP in a data centre 5 hours north where I lived, the city was dirty and work gave me crippling anxiety. When you're anxious + depressed your judgement is clouded, colors are less vivid and all food tastes the same. I constantly made elementary mistakes which only made the anxiety and depression worse, I never focused in school and the stimulation from gaming destroyed my attention span. Four years past and although she never vocalize these words, X really wanted to start a family. X was also an engineer and quite intelligent. We had spontaneous intercourse one night and later I worried it could lead to a pregnancy, she reassured me it was impossible on her current cycle. I return after a twelve hour night shift to discover a positive pregnancy test, prominently left on the bathroom counter. I was twenty one years old with no life experience, shocked and dismayed, did I even love X or did I simply love the security a relationship brings? I push for an abortion and she reluctantly agrees (I know, I'm an asshole). Things get weird, nothing is familiar anymore. I'm tired of my job, hate the dirty city and pose the idea to X that we move to Norway, she's fluent, I'm lost, what could go wrong?
Grand adventure: I got a job for another US tech company before leaving UK, we travel to Oslo with our possessions and Gandalf the dog and ferry and drive our way across UK, up Denmark and across to Norway. I did not integrate well, mostly my fault and the fact we moved based on a semi ultimatum. X is unemployed for 6 months. We had been dating six years at this point, I had an emerald engagement ring. X finally gets a programmer job but cheats on me with the guy twice her age who mentored her. I spiral hard, new country, confused, lost, heartbroken, they speak great English in Norway but I didn't know any Norwegian and this blew my anxiety and depression up. I drink for a week straight. I got into bitcoin and crypto mining as a hobby before it exploded, then I discovered this could be used to buy narcotics off the darkweb.
Twenty six years old and I'd never touched a cigarette or drugs other than alcohol. I buy benzodiazepines off the darknet. This opened the floodgates as it temporarily cured my 'issues' and my quest was to try the rest.
V: Before online dating turned to shit I met V, half Norwegian half American, lots of fun, I kept up the drug routine and expanded my desk draw with a variety of disassociatives, psychadelics, depressants and stimulants. I wanted to move to California with V as our vacations there were eye opening, I got denied after roughly 150 job applications, serendipitously I got a targeted email from a renowned tech company doing R&D work in the video conferencing market, dream company and dream job, depression and anxiety prevail. V and I still had fun but I went crazy and occasionally psychotic. I pushed V away and we split and then realised I was back to square X, this prompted my first suicide attempt using a litre of sambuca, 50mg diazapam and a gram of mdma in the hopes my organs would cook whilst I was in a benzo sleep state, I took the pills and put the bottle to my head, I passed out before I could reach for the mdma baggy. I woke up in hospital ICU 36 hours later. When I woke the first thing I tried to do is strangle myself with the beeping machines power cable, staff intervened and I was placed in a psych ward for a while.
The dream: The job was perfect, I should be happy, I was under qualifyied but these people enjoy the stories and bullshit I spew in interviews. Two years pass, nothing changes, I'm lonely, abuse takes over. Usual life is pointless angle, I've tested all the drugs at this point except opioids. I order heroin with the sole intention of permanent overdose. No toleranse I snort there entire bag, I sink into my bed, no, further, I sank through the ground and down into the earth's crust. It felt horrible. A part of me didn't want to die, just sleep forever, I call my Swedish friend and explain the overdose, he calls and ambulance.
Hell: I wake up in hospital very psychotic, everyone is trying to kill me, the walls are caving in and extremely colorful smoke floods the room, the tv gives reports of a male rapist and the possible suspect is me, I feel the hospital is in on the jig and see them trying to take DNA from me (blood) in an attempt to frame me for this non existed crime (why would Norwegian news be in English?). One night I escape, I run far but I don't know where I am or how to navigate the hospital, security track me down and escort me back to my bed. The next day a tall in stature, ripped, private security guard appears at my door. Yes! Finally protection from the nurses with no faces and the snipers outside that I've been ducking all week. Wrong, so, so, wrong, I later found out he was there to stop me escaping and to protect the staff from me. I cried in broad daylight when I figured this out. Doctors told me they ran MRI's in the extended duration I was unconscious to check for brain activity, no dignity left at this point. Fast forward, back to the psych ward, familiar faces.
Realization: I was staying in this country simply for the job yet I was still insanely depressed, lonely and no ambition to integrate with the knowledge of the fact that I'm here only because of X. I met another girl called Y, we bonded over drugs unfortunately, this is what my life has become, she was nice but attraction faded, we lived together for six months on and off, work was getting more intense I was making more mistakes due to the usual three things, Y had a hash smoking habit, we smoked a lot but I couldn't handle the pressure anymore and I decide to move back to England.
Familiar land: My tech job and incredible manager let me teleconference work from home for a bit whilst I landed on my feet. Problem is I never landed, I stayed with my mom for a bit, she has bipolar and schizophrenia. This is after my parents divorce, my dad was an esteemed doctor, saw the signs, tried his best but couldn't help as she did not believe there was a problem but everyone else is looking at the fucking huge elephant in the room - I'm talking about the mental health stigma, not my mom, she's only mildly obese. She is money obsessed, she divorced my dad for cash. She knew I had an engineer job and wanted me to fund renovations on the house she got from the 60/40 cash split in the divorce. I did not oblige, and called her irrational over some remarks she made. Her response was "well atleast I haven't been in as many psych wards as you" I got mad and flipped a table in the hall, nothing got damaged, heated reaction. She called the police on me for... not paying her lifestyle, or making noise. Anyway, her property her rules, the really friendly and pretty cool police obliged and drove me to my dad at a secret location due to being afraid of what my mom is capable of. I don't want to go down this road but my father lives a lot of secrecy and I could write a book on the psychology that binds his half of the family together.
New beginnings: I rush and find rented accommodation. Things seem good. I meet a new girl Z. Now Z is incredibly rude but I was attracted to her dark and dirty side. Relationship moves fast, she drunkenly says I love you multiple times but then forgets it happened at the two week mark. I meet her entire family, we argued over some trivial things, she also lived 80 minutes from my 'home', she broke it off after a pitiful six weeks. I make new guy friends and the next months go well. However, depression kicks in full drive, I can't focus, function, I just want sleep, or constant sleep? I order a bunch of oxy and heroin and this is attempt four (shan't speak of #three as it was really dumb). I nodded out and awake god knows how many hours later which is really confusing and at the time more depressing. I can't even off myself, how depressing is that! I was out for a very long period of time and developed a blood clot or some issue requiring ultrasounds and blood thinners on my leg. The next two months were painful.
Goodbye Tech: last October I just couldn't handle the stress, anxiety, guilt of underperforming, so on and so forth. So I yolo resigned and went travelling. I went through Japan and I went to one of my best friends who lives in Washington, US. I had an incredible time, my friend in US understands me on all levels but our time came to and end. I'm back home, the past three months have been spent laying in my bed, in my room, abusing myself with zero ambition to even search for a job whilst burning through my savings. These four walls will be the death of me. I'm in therapy once a week (by choice this time) and I self medicate because I'm not only an armchair psychologist, but also an armchair pharmacist.
There are many stories omitted from this quasi autobiography but consider it 8 easy steps to fuk your life. There's a scene in Fight Club where the plane Edward Norton is on takes off too sharply and collides with another plane and the passengers either get obliterated on impact or sucked into the void. I travel. When I do I play that scene in my head and cross my fingers. Death by a carriers negligence? Sympathy flows, you're almost a martyr somehow. Suicide - you're considered selfish. Thanks society.
Written on mobile so apologies for format, please let me know if this should be posted to other subs that maybe more relevant. I'm not expecting the answer or boat loads of support - I just wanted to vent.
Tl;dr: I have no real family, I have friends but I'm too introverted and depressed to do anything with them or join them for events. Every relationship implodes for a variety of reasons. I'm. So. Fucking. Lonely. Help. Me.
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The Strange Birth & History of Monero, Part IV: Monero "as it is now"

You can read here part III.
You can read this whole story translated into Spanish here
This is part IV, the last but not least.
Monero - A secure, private, untreceable cryptocurrency
Notable comments in this thread:
-201: “I would like to offer 1000 MRO to the first person who creates a pool”
[tacotime offers bounty to potential pool developer. Bytecoin devs haven’t released any code for pools, and the only existent pool, minergate (in the future related to BCN interests) was closed source]
-256: “Adam back seems to like CryptoNote the better than Zerocash”
-264: “update on pools: The NOMP guy (zone117x) is looking to fork his open source software and get a pool going, so one should hopefully be up soon.”
-273: “Update on GUI: othe from VertCoin has notified me that he is working on it.”
-356: “Everyone wanting a pool, please help raise a bounty with me here:
And for the GUI:”
[5439 MRO + 0.685 BTC + 5728555.555 BCN raised for pool and 1652 XMR, 121345.46695471 BCN for the GUI wallet. Though this wallet was "rejected" as official GUI because wallet still has to be polished before building a GUI]
-437: “Yes, most Windows users should see a higher hashrate with the new build. You can thank NoodleDoodle. ”
-446: “Even faster Windows binaries have just been uploaded. Install for more hash power! Once again, it was NoodleDoodle.”
-448: “that almost doubled my hashrate again! GREAT STUFF !!!”
-461: “Noodle only started optimization today so there may be gains for your CPU in the future.”
[First day of miner optimization by NoodleDoodle, it is only May 1st]
-706: “The unstoppable NoodleDoodle has optimized the Windows build again. Hashrate should more than double. Windows is now faster than Linux. :O”
-753: “i here tft is no longer part of the project. so is he forking or relaunching bytecoin under new name and new parameters (merged mining with flatter emission curve.) also. what is the end consensus for the emission curve for monero. will it be adjusted."
[May, 5th 2014. TFT is launching FANTOMCOIN, a clone coin which its "only" feature was merged mining]
-761: ( [May, 5th 2014 – eizh on emission curve and tail emission]
-791: “As promised, I did Russian translation of main topic.”
[one among dozens of decentralized and “altruist” collaborators of Monero in minor tasks]
-827: image
-853: (
[some are not happy that NoodleDoodle had only released the built binaries, but not the source code]
-950: (
[Rias, an account suspected to be related to the Bytecoin scam, dares to tag Monero as “instamine”]
-957: “It's rather bizarre that you're calling this an "instamine" scam when you're so fervently supporting BCN, which was mined 80% before entering the clearnet. Difficulty adjustments are per block, so there is no possibility of an instamine unless you don't publish your blockchain (emission is regular at the preset interval, and scales adequately with the network hash rate). What you're accusing monero of is exactly what ByteCoin did.”
[Discussion with rias drags on for SEVERAL posts]
-1016: “There is no "dev team". There is a community of people working on various aspects of the coin.
I've been keeping the repo up to date. NoodleDoodle likes to optimise his miner. TFT started the fork and also assists when things break. othe's been working on a GUI. zone117x has been working on a pool.
It's a decentralized effort to maintain the fork, not a strawman team of leet hackers who dwell in the underbellies of the internet and conspire for instamines.”
-1023: “Like I stated in IRC, I am not part of the "dev team", I never was. Just so happens I took a look at the code and changed some extremely easy to spot "errors". I then decided to release the binary because I thought MRO would benefit from it. I made this decision individually and nobody else should be culpable”
[Noodledoodle gets rid of the instaminer accusations]
-1029: “I decided to relaunch Monero so it will suit all your wishes that you had: flatter emission curve, open source optimized miner for everybody from the start, no MM with BCN/BMR and the name. New Monero will be ready tomorrow”
[people trying to capitalize mistakes is always there.]
-1030: "Pull request has been submitted and merged to update miner speed
It appears from the simplicity of the fix that there may have been deliberate crippling of the hashing algorithm from introduction with ByteCoin."
[tacotime “officially” raises suspects of possible voluntarily crippled miner]
-1053: "I don't mind the 'relaunch' or the merge-mining fork or any other new coin at all. It's inevitable that the CryptoNote progresses like scrypt into a giant mess of coins. It's not undesirable or 'wrong'. Clones fighting out among themselves is actually beneficial for Monero. Although one of them is clearly unserious and trolling by choosing the same name.
Anyway, this sudden solidarity with BCN or TFT sure is strange when none of these accounts were around for the discussions that took place 3 weeks ago. Such vested interests with no prior indications. Hmm...? "
[eizh points out the apparent organized fudding]
-1061: "There was no takeover. The original developer (who himself did a fork of bytecoin and around a dozen lines of code changes) was non-responsive and had disappeared. The original name had been cybersquatted all over the place (since the original developer did not even register any domain name much less create a web site), making it impossible to even create a suitably named web site. A bunch of us who didn't want to see the coin die who represented a huge share of the hash power and ownership of the coin decided to adopt it. We reached out to the original developer to participate in this community effort and he still didn't respond over 24 hours, so we decided to act to save the coin from neglect and actively work toward building the coin."
[smooth defends legitimacy of current “dev team” and decisions taken]
-1074: “Zerocash will be announced soon (May 18 in Oakland? but open source may not be ready then?).
Here is a synopsis of the tradeoffs compared to CyptoNote: […]"
[comparison among Zerocash y Cryptonote]
-1083: "Altcoin history shows that except in the case of premine (Tenebrix), the first implementation stays the largest by a wide margin. We're repeating that here by outpacing Bytecoin (thanks to its 80% mine prior to surfacing). No other CN coin has anywhere near the hashrate or trading volume. Go check diff in Fantom for example or the lack of activity in BCN trading.
The only CN coin out there doing something valuable is HoneyPenny, and they're open source too. If HP develops something useful, MRO can incorporate it as well. Open source gives confidence. No need for any further edge."
[eizh reminds everyone the “first mover” advantage is a real advantage]
-1132: "I decided to tidy up bitmonero GitHub rep tonight, so now there is all valuable things from latest BCN commits & Win32. Faster hash from quazarcoin is also there. So BMR rep is the freshest one.
I'm working on another good feature now, so stay tuned."
[first TFT apparition in weeks, he somehow pretends to still be the "lead dev"]
-1139: "This is not the github or website used by Monero. This github is outdated even with these updates. Only trust binaries from the first post."
[eizh tries to clarify the community, after tft interference, which are the official downloads]
-1140: “The faster hash is from NoodleDoodle and is already submitted to the moner-project github ( and included in the binaries here.
[trying to bring TFT back on board] It would be all easier if you just work together with the other guys, whats the problem? Come to irc and talk like everyone else?
[on future monero exchangers] I got confirmation from one."
[8th may 2014, othe announces NoodleDoodle optimized miner is now open source, asks TFT to collaborate and communicates an exchanger is coming]
-1146: "I'll be impressed if they [BCN/TFT shills] manage to come up with an account registered before January, but then again they could buy those.”
-1150: “Ring signatures mean that when you sign a transaction to spend an output (coins), no one looking at the block chain can tell whether you signed it or one of the other outputs you choose to mix in with yours. With a mixing factor of 5 or 10 after several transactions there are millions of possible coins all mixed together. You get "anonymity" and mixing without having to use a third party mixer.”
[smooth answering to “what are ring signatures” in layman terms]
-1170: "Someone (C++ skilled) did private optimized miner a few days ago, he got 74H/s for i5 haswell. He pointed that mining code was very un-optimized and he did essential improvements for yourself. So, high H/S is possible yet. Can the dev's core review code for that?"
[forums are talking about an individual or group of individuals with optimized miners - may 9th 2014]
-1230: "Good progress on the pool reported by NOMP dev zone117x. Stay tuned, everyone.
And remember to email your favorite exchanges about adding MRO."
-1258: "This is actually as confusing to us as you. At one point, thankful_for_today said he was okay with name change:
Then he disappeared for more than a week after the merge mining vote failed.”
[eizh on the TFT-issue]
-1358: “Jadehorse: registered on 2014-03-06 and two pages of one line posts:;u=263597;u=263597;sa=showPosts
Trustnobody: registered on 2014-03-06 and two pages of one line posts:;u=264292;u=264292;sa=showPosts
You guys should really just stop trying. It is quite transparent what you are doing. Or if you want to do it, do it somewhere else. Everyone else: ignore them please."
[FUD campaign still ongoing, smooth battles it]
-1387: "The world’s first exchange for Monero just opened!"
[David Latapie announces an important milestone: exchanger is here]
-1467: "image"
[it is weird, but tft appears again, apparently as if he were in a parallel reality]
-1495: “”
[“trading” milestone reached: monero surpassed for first time 0.002 btc price]
-1513: "There is one and only one coin, formerly called Bitmonero, now called Monero. There was a community vote in favor (despite likely ballot stuffing against). All of the major stakeholders at the time agreed with the rename, including TFT.
The code base is still called bitmonero. There is no reason to rename it, though we certainly could have if we really wanted to.
TFT said he he is sentimental about the Bitmonero name, which I can understand, so I don't think there is any malice or harm in him continuing to use it. He just posted the nice hash rate chart on here using the old name. Obviously he understands that they are one and the same coin."
[Smooth clears up again the relation with TFT and BMR. Every time he appears it seems to generate confusion on newbies]
-1543: "Pool software is in testing now. You can follow the progress on the pool bounty thread (see original post on this thread for link)."
-1545: "[on the tail emission debate] I've been trying to raise awareness of this issue. The typical response seems to be, "when Bitcoin addresses the problem, so will we." To me this means it will never be addressed. The obvious solution is to perpetually increase the money supply, always rewarding miners with new coins.
Tacotime mentioned a hard fork proposal to never let the block reward drop below 1 coin:
Code: if (blockReward < 1){ blockReward = 1; }
I assume this is merely delaying the problem, however. I proposed a fixed annual debasement (say 2%) with a tx fee cap of like 0.001% of the current block reward (or whatever sounds reasonable). That way we still get the spam protection without worrying about fee escalation down the road."
[Johnny Mnemonic wants to debate tail emission. Debate is moved to the “Monero Economy” thread]
-1603: “My GOD,the wallet is very very wierd and too complicated to operate, Why dont release a wallet-qt as Bitcoin?”
[Newbies have hard times with monero]
-1605: "because this coin is not a bitcoin clone and so there isnt a wallet-qt to just copy and release. There is a bounty for a GUI wallet and there is already an experimental windows wallet..."
-1611: "I like this about Monero, but it seems it was written by cryptographers, not programmers. The damned thing doesn't even compile on Arch, and there are several bugs, like command history not working on Linux. The crypto ideas are top-notch, but the implementation is not."
[Wolf0, a miner developer, little by little joining the community]
-1888: " (aka successfully submitted a block. Miners will be paid for their work once payments start working.
P.S. This is actually our second block today. The first was orphaned. :/"
[May 16th: first pool block]
-1927: "Botnets aren't problem now. The main problem is a private hi-performance miner"
-1927: "Evidence?"
[smooth about the private optimized miner]
-1937: “[reference needed: smooth battling the weak evidence of optimized miner] Yes, I remember that. Some person on the Internet saying that some other unnamed person said he did something hardly constitutes evidence.
I'm not even doubting that optimized asm code could make a big difference. Just not sure how to know whether this is real or not. Rumors and FUD are rampant, so it is just hard to tell."
[smooth does not take the "proof" seriously]
-1949: "image
One i5 and One e5 connected to local pool:
[proof of optimized miner]
-1953: "lazybear are you interested in a bounty to release the source code (maybe cleaned up a bit?) your optimized miner? If not, I'll probably play around with the code myself tomorrow and see if I can come up with something, or maybe Noodle Doodle will take an interest."
[smooth tries to bring lazybear and his optimized miner on board]
-1957: "smooth, NoodleDoodle just said on IRC his latest optimizations are 4x faster on Windows. Untested on Linux so far but he'll push the source to the git repo soon. We'll be at 1 million network hashrate pretty soon."
[eizh makes publics NoodleDoodle also has more miner optimizations ready]
-1985: “Someone (not me) created a Monero block explorer and announced it yesterday in a separate thread:”
[May 16th, 2014: a functional block explorer]
-2018: “Noodle is doing some final tests on Windows and will begin testing on Linux. He expects hashrate should increase across all architectures. I can confirm a 5x increase on an i7 quad-core + Windows 7 64-bit.
Please be patient. These are actual changes to the program, not just a switch that gets flicked on. It needs testing.”
[eizh has more info on last miner optimization]
-2023: “Monero marketcap is around $300,000 as of now”
-2059: I was skeptical of this conspiracy theory at first but after thinking about the numbers and looking back at the code again, I'm starting to believe it.
These are not deep optimizations, just cleaning up the code to work as intended.
At 100 H/s, with 500k iterations, 70 cycles per L3 memory access, we're now at 3.5 GHz which is reasonably close. So the algorithm is finally memory-bound, as it was originally intended to be. But as delivered by the bytecode developers not even close.
I know this is going to sound like tooting our own horn but this is another example of the kind of dirty tricks you can expect from the 80% premine crowd and the good work being done in the name of the community by the Monero developers.
Assuming they had the reasonable, and not deoptimized, implementation of the algorithm as designed all along (which is likely), the alleged "two year history" of bytecoin was mined on 4-8 PCs. It's really one of the shadiest and sleaziest premines scams yet, though this shouldn't be surprising because in every type of scam, the scams always get sneakier and more deceptive over time (the simple ones no longer work)."
[smooth blowing the lid: if miner was so de-optimized, then BCN adoption was even lower than initially thought]
-2123: (
[fluffypony first public post in Monero threads]
-2131: " is up to 2KHs, (average of 26Hs per user). But that's still only 0.3% of the reported network rate of 575Khs.
So either a large botnet is mining, or someone's sitting quietly on a much more efficient miner and raking in MRO."
[with pools users start to notice that “avg” users account for a very small % of the network hashrate, either botnets or a super-optimized miner is mining monero]
-2137: “I figure its either:
-2192: “New source ( is up with optimizations in the hashing. Hashrate should go up ~4x or so, but may have CPU architecture dependence. Windows binaries are up as well for both 64-bit and 32-bit."
[eizh makes official announce of last miner optimization, it is may 17th]
-2219: (
[wolf0 is part of the monero community for a while, discussing several topics as botnet mining and miner optimizations. Now spots security flaws in the just launched pools]
-2301: "5x optimized miner released, network hashrate decreases by 10% Make your own conclusions. :|"
-2323: "Monero is on Poloniex"
-2747: "Monero is holding a $500 logo contest on now:"
-2756: “So... ALL Pools have 50KH/s COMBINED.
Yet, network hash is 20x more. Am i the only one who thinks that some people are insta mining with prepared faster miners?”
-2757: “Pools aren't stable yet. They are more inefficient than solo mining at the moment. They were just released. 10x optimizations have already been released since launch, I doubt there is much more optimization left.”
-2765: “Penalty for too large block size is disastrous in the long run.
Once MRO value increases a lot, block penalties will become more critical of an issue. Pools will fix this issue by placing a limit on number and size of transactions. Transaction fees will go up, because the pools will naturally accept the most profitable transactions. It will become very expensive to send with more than 0 mixin. Anonymity benefits of ring signatures are lost, and the currency becomes unusable for normal transactions.”
-2773: "The CryptoNote developers didn't want blocks getting very large without genuine need for it because it permits a malicious attack. So miners out of self-interest would deliberately restrict the size, forcing the network to operate at the edge of the penalty-free size limit but not exceed it. The maximum block size is a moving average so over time it would grow to accommodate organic volume increase and the issue goes away. This system is most broken when volume suddenly spikes."
-3035: "We've contributed a massive amount to the infrastructure of the coin so far, enough to get recognition from cryptonote, including optimizing their hashing algorithm by an order of magnitude, creating open source pool software, and pushing several commits correcting issues with the coin that eventually were merged into the ByteCoin master. We also assisted some exchange operators in helping to support the coin.
To say that has no value is a bit silly... We've been working alongside the ByteCoin devs to improve both coins substantially."
[tacotime defends the Monero team and community of accusations of just “ripping-off” others hard-work and “steal” their project]
-3044: "image"
[Monero added to coinmarketcap may 21st 2014]
-3059: "You have no idea how influential you have been to the success of this coin. You are a great ambassador for MRO and one of the reasons why I chose to mine MRO during the early days (and I still do, but alas no soup for about 5 days now)."
[random user thanks smooth CONSTANT presence, and collaboration. It is not all FUD ;)]
-3068: "You are a little too caught up in the mindset of altcoin marketing wars about "unique features" and "the team" behind the latest pump and dump scam.
In fact this coin is really little more than BCN without the premine. "The team" is anyone who contributes code, which includes anyone contributing code to the BCN repository, because that will get merged as well (and vice-versa).
Focus on the technology (by all accounts amazing) and the fact that it was launched in a clean way without 80% of the total world supply of the coin getting hidden away "somewhere." That is the unique proposition here. There also happens to be a very good team behind the coin, but anyone trying too hard to market on the basis of some "special" features, team, or developer is selling you something. Hold on to your wallet."
[An answer to those trolls saying Monero has no innovation/unique feature]
-3070: "Personally I found it refreshing that Monero took off WITHOUT a logo or a gui wallet, it means the team wasn't hyping a slick marketing package and is concentrating on the coin/note itself."
-3119: “image
[included for the lulz]
-3101: "[…]The main developers are tacotime, smooth, NoodleDoodle. Some needs are being contracted out, including zone117x, LucasJones, and archit for the pool, another person for a Qt GUI, and another person independently looking at the code for bugs."
[the initial "core team" so far, eizh post]
-3123: (
[fluffy steps-in with an interesting dense post. Don’t dare to skip it, worthwhile reading]
-3127: (
[fluffy again, worth to read it too, so follow link, don’t be lazy]
-3194: "Hi guys - thanks to lots of hard work we have added AES-NI support to the slow_hash function. If you're using an AES-NI processor you should see a speed-up of about 30%.”
[flufflypony is now pretty active in the xmr topic and announces a new optimization to the crippled miner]
-3202: "Whether using pools or not, this coin has a lot of orphaned blocks. When the original fork was done, several of us advised against 60 second blocks, but the warnings were not heeded.
I'm hopeful we can eventually make a change to more sane 2- or 2.5-minute blocks which should drastically reduce orphans, but that will require a hard fork, so not that easy."
[smooth takes the opportunity to remember the need of bigger target block]
-3227: “Okay, optimized miner seems to be working:”
[wolf0 makes public his open source optimized miner]
-3235: "Smooth, I agree block time needs to go back to 2 minutes or higher. I think this and other changes discussed ( should be rolled into a single hard fork and bundled with a beautiful GUI wallet and mining tools."
[tail emission, block target and block size are discussed in the next few messages among smooth, johnny and others. If you want to know further about their opinions/reasonings go and read it]
-3268: (
[fluffy dares another user to bet 5 btc that in one year monero will be over dash in market cap. A bet that he would have lost as you can see here even excluding the 2M “instamined” coins]
-3283: "Most of the previous "CPU only" coins are really scams and the developers already have GPU miner or know how to write one. There are a very few exceptions, almost certainly including this one.
I don't expect a really dominant GPU miner any time soon, maybe ever. GPUs are just computers though, so it is certainly possible to mine this on a GPU, and there probably will be a some GPU miner, but won't be so much faster as to put small scale CPU miners out of business (probably -- absent some unknown algorithmic flaw).
Everyone focuses on botnets because it has been so long since regular users were able to effectively mine a coin (due to every coin rapidly going high end GPU and ASIC) that the idea that "users" could vastly outnumber "miners" (botnet or otherwise) isn't even on the radar.
The vision here is a wallet that asks you when you want to install: "Do you want to devote some of you CPU power to help secure the network. You will be eligible to receive free coins as a reward (recommended) [check box]." Get millions of users doing that and it will drive down the value of mining to where neither botnets nor professional/industrial miners will bother, and Satoshi's original vision of a true p2p currency will be realized.
That's what cryptonote wants to accomplish with this whole "egalitarian mining" concept. Whether it succeeds I don't know but we should give it a chance. Those cryptonote guys seem pretty smart. They've probably thought this through better than any of us have."
[smooth vision of a true p2p currency]
-3318: "I have a screen shot that was PMed to me by someone who paid a lot of money for a lot of servers to mine this coin. He won't be outed by me ever but he does in fact exist. Truth."
[smooth somehow implies it is not botnets but an individual or a group of them renting huge cloud instances]
-3442: "I'm happy to report we've successfully cracked Darkcoin's network with our new quantum computers that just arrived from BFL, a mere two weeks after we ordered them."
-3481: “Their slogan is, "Orphaned Blocks, Bloated Blockchain, that's how we do""
[Major FUD troll in the topic. One of the hardest I’ve ever seen]
-3571: "Tacotime wanted the thread name and OP to use the word privacy instead of anonymity, but I made the change for marketing reasons. Other coins do use the word anonymous improperly, so we too have to play the marketing game. Most users will not bother looking at details to see which actually has more privacy; they'll assume anonymity > privacy. In a world with finite population, there's no such thing as anonymity. You're always "1 of N" possible participants.
Zero knowledge gives N -> everyone using the currency, ring signatures give N -> your choice, and CoinJoin gives N -> people who happen to be spending around the same amount of money as you at around the same time. This is actually the critical weakness of CoinJoin: the anonymity set is small and it's fairly susceptible to blockchain analysis. Its main advantage is that you can stick to Bitcoin without hard forking.
Another calculated marketing decision: I made most of the OP about ring signatures. In reality, stealth addressing (i.e. one-time public keys) already provides you with 90% of the privacy you need. Ring signatures are more of a trump card that cannot be broken. But Bitcoin already has manual stealth addressing so the distinguishing technological factor in CryptoNote is the use of ring signatures.
This is why I think having a coin based on CoinJoin is silly: Bitcoin already has some privacy if you care enough. A separate currency needs to go way beyond mediocre privacy improvements and provide true indistinguishably. This is true thanks to ring signatures: you can never break the 1/N probability of guessing correctly. There's no additional circumstantial evidence like with CoinJoin (save for IP addresses, but that's a problem independent of cryptocurrencies)."
[Anonymity discussions, specially comparing Monero with Darkcoin and its coinjoin-based solution, keep going on]
-3593: "Transaction fees should be a fixed percentage of the block reward, or at the very least not be controllable by the payer. If payers can optionally pay more then it opens the door for miner discrimination and tx fee bidding wars."
[Johnny Mnemonic is a firm defender of fixed fees and tail emission: he see the “fee market” as big danger to the usability of cryptocurrencies]
-3986: (
[partnership with i2p]
-4373: “Way, way faster version of cpuminer:”
[super-optimized miner is finally leaked to the public. Now the hashrate is 100 times bigger than originally with crippled miner. The next hedge for "cloud farmers" is GPU mining]
-4877: “1. We have a logo! If you use Monero in any of your projects, you can grab a branding pack here. You can also see it in all its glory right here:
logo […] 4. In order to maintain ISO 4217 compliance, we are changing our ticker symbol from MRO to XMR effective immediately."
[Jun 2nd 2014]
-5079: “First GPU miner:”
[4th June: Claymore has developed the first CryptoNight open source and publicly available GPU miner]
-5454: "New update to my miner - up to 25% hash increase. Comment and tell me how much of an increase you got from it:"
[miner optimization is an endless task]
-5464: "I have posted a proposal for fixed subsidy:"
[Nice charts and discussion proposed by tacotime, worth reading it]
-5658: "- New seed nodes added. - Electrum-style deterministic wallets have been added to help in the recovery of your wallet should you ever need to. It is enabled by default."
[Now you can recover your wallet with a 24 word seed]
-5726: (
[Bitcoin Pizza in monero version: a 2500 XMR picture sale (today worth ~$20k)]
-6905: (
[Monero missives: CryptoNote peer review starts whitepaper reviewed)]
-7328: (
[android monero widget built]
This is a dense digest of the first several thousand messages on the definitive Monero thread.
A lot of things happened in this stressful days and most are recorded here. It can be summarized in this:
  • 28th April: Othe and zone117x assume the GUI wallet and CN pools tasks.
  • 30th April: First NoodleDoodle's miner optimization.
  • 11th May: First Monero exchanger
  • 13th May: Open source pool code is ready.
  • 16th May: First pool mined block.
  • 19th May: Monero in poloniex
  • 20th May: Monero +1100 bitcoin 24h trading volume in Poloniex.
  • 21st May: New official miner optimization x4 speed (accumulated optimization x12-x16). Open source wolf0's CPU miner released.
  • 25th May: partnership with i2p
  • 28th May: The legendary super-optimized miner is leaked. Currently running x90 original speed. Hedge of the "cloud farmers" is over in the cpu mining.
  • 2nd June: Monero at last has a logo. Ticker symbol changes to the definitive XMR (former MRO)
  • 4th June: Claymore's open source GPU miner.
  • 10th June: Monero's "10,000 bitcoin pizza" (2500 XMR paintig). Deterministic seed-based wallets (recover wallet with a 24 word seed)
  • March 2015 – tail emission added to code
  • March 2016 – monero hard forks to 2 min block and doubles block reward
There basically two things in here that can be used to attack Monero:
  • Crippled miner Gave unfair advantage to those brave enough to risk money and time to optimize and mine Monero.
  • Fast curve emission non-bitcoin-like curve as initially advertised and as it was widely accepted as suitable
Though we have to say two things to support current Monero community and devs:
  • The crippled miner was coded either by Bytecoin or CryptoNote, and 100% solved within a month by Monero community
  • The fast curve emission was a TFT miscalculation. He forgot to consider that as he was halving the block target he was unintentionally doubling the emission rate.
submitted by el_hispano to Monero [link] [comments] is scam beware!!

For all of those who purchased cloud mining, kindly make sure you are being paid daily, because you probably aren't, bitcoincloud service is picking up random members and cutting them off payment and never answering support or emails, phone etc.
My payment is skipped for 3 days and sure that I wont be paid ever again after this point ROI = Lost $95 from the $100 I invested in buying hashes. Reason of loss = Company scammed me and no answer.
if you don't wanna be this person which is me, spread the word, I am reporting this officially to authorities after this post to avoid more rip offs.
If you have any doubts, doing a research or welling to help just PM me for information/proofs.
Useful sources:
submitted by KawaiGurl to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Hashflare Cloud Miner Goes Under, Over a Million Customers Affected

Hashflare Cloud Miner Goes Under, Over a Million Customers Affected
Hashflare Disabling SHA
On June the 22nd 2018, a cloud miner said their “web site will likely be present process upkeep and could also be unavailable tomorrow.”
Tomorrow got here and went with nothing heard till right now once they mentioned they’ve turned off their miners in an announcement we are going to later quote in full. They are saying:
“BTC mining continues being unprofitable, in gentle of which we want to inform you that on 18.07.2018 we have been compelled to begin disabling SHA and right now, on 20.07.2018, cease the mining service of lively SHA-256 contracts.”
Suspicions run excessive that is an exit rip-off of kinds, particularly contemplating their close to month lengthy silence. Their web site apparently had a crew web page as soon as, however now now not hyperlinks to it, with this firm seemingly fashioned in 2015 and registered in London.
Unusually, no administrators are proven within the registration paperwork. An individual named Naomie Pearl Jno Paul indicators for many of the filings with the businesses home, the most recent one being in April this 12 months which introduced they modified their title from HashCoin to Hashflare.
The CEO seems to be Sergei Potapenko, who additionally based Polybius in February final 12 months. In line with the Bitcoin Wiki, he based Hashcoin in 2013
Read More : Hashflare Cloud Miner Goes Under, Over a Million Customers Affected
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How to Choose the Right Cloud Mining Contract

Cloud mining is an easy way to get involved in cryptocurrency mining without doing the hard work or purchasing the hardware. However, choosing the right cloud mining platform might be tricky. You need to consider a lot of things to make sure you get the best deal. If not, you’ll end up losing rather than gaining.
What You Should Consider When Choosing a Contract
  1. Consider the Proof of Mining
There are scammers out there who provide the service for a while to make you feel they are legitimate and then suddenly cut you off. This is why it is important that you pick a cloud mining platform that has a track record of providing these services. Also, ask the contractors to give you a Skype tour of their facilities for peace of mind.
  1. Consider the Profitability
The truth is that many contracts are not profitable if you consider the present market rates. To find out if the contract will be profitable, find out how many days it will take the contractors to pay back the money you’ve invested. You can do this by summing up daily returns on the present hash rate of the contract and subtracting the fee. This should give you an idea of how much profit you’ll make from paying for the cloud mining service.
  1. Consider the Reviews
Reviews are important variables to consider when picking a cloud mining contract. Search the internet rigorously for reviews about the service provider.
  1. Consider the Mining Contract
Read and understand the mining contracts before you agree to it. Some contractors terminate the contract when the miming isn’t profitable. There are many clauses attached to mining contracts, and it’s important that you read and understand them before you proceed.
It’s easy to get ripped off on the internet. So, before you take the risk, you should be certain that you’re not handing your money to a scammer.
Start bitcoin mining
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Josh Garza here to set the record straight for /r/Bitcoin and the community

Dear /Bitcoin and to our many satisfied Customers reading this, and other onlookers who have most likely been deceived at this point with the negative portrayal of what GAW Miners and PayCoin are all about, both of which are truly revolutionary concepts (I will address that later).
It has come to our attention recently that a lot of wild accusations have been flowing, threats, lies and downright deception especially influencing my (PayCoin and PayBase) appearance at the upcoming Bitcoin Miami North American Conference. I have been in direct contact with Moe and he has expressed some concern about my (PayBase) appearance and speaking.
First of all, let me address the issues of GAW/PayCoin being a "scam" or "fraud." I will include some user reviews from a few of our unsatisfied customers that we have "Scammed."
Review: New user, first post here.
Boxes have started arriving in the mail, and I just wanted to give some major kudos to GAW and Josh in particular. We took a gamble on you for this pre-order business but I'm starting to breathe much easier now. GAW has delivered on absolutely everything they've promised, and much, much more. - store credit to compensate for Gridseed price drop - next day, free shipping on product launch - non-stop engagement on this forum by Josh, keeping us informed and answering questions and concerns - excellent response to customer service inquiries - free zenminer controllers
Oh. My. GAW.
Seriously. I just keep getting more than I ever expected.
And I'm sure I'm missing some. This level of customer service (especially in this particular business) is unprecedented, and I have to believe that this product launch is a loss-leader when everything is tallied. BUT... GAW has made a loyal customer here, and probably many more.
Whatever the mining future holds, I can't wait to see GAW play a major role in it. Keep up the great work.
Review: I just got the unexpected Zen Controller / Raspberry Pi gift from GAWminers. Thank you so much! I've never received a outright gift like that from a company before.
And I got tracking for my Week 1 Fury - maybe slightly behind schedule but the free upgrade to DHL courier more than makes up for that. It will get here days sooner than regular post.
Thanks for everything GawMiners!
Review: My Black Widows are running for a few hours now, the mentioned 18mhs seems about right. Variance is quite high but in the long run it's arund 18mhs.
So getting 18mhs for an advertised 13mhs machine is quite outstanding if you ask me!
Cheers and thanks GAW-team
Review: I have a Fury hosted and can report of the same hashrate, very happy, too :-)
Review: My miners have been up and running for a few hours now so I thought I'd report the hash rates I'm seeing.
Black Widows - portal and poolside, 18MH/s! Fury - portal, 1MH/s, poolside, 1.6-1.8MH/s!
Review: Wow, I am beyond happy. GAW delivered early and the miners are producing way over advertised hash rate. What more could you ask for? Awesome. Cool
Only down side is instead of taking those $750 used G-blades of your hands I'm gonna have to buy another Black Widow now. Cheesy
Review: Another happy GAW customer here. I've ordered (and received) 2 Gridseeds from them in the past and just completed an order for a Fury. Very happy with the service (Amanda was great!) and looking forward to getting the Fury and included Zen Controller!
Review: Received 2 days ago, super easy setup and running at 1.3-1.8 mhs. Great customer service and Zencontroller is amazing. Waiitng to see those week one prices again. Keeep up the good work gawminer
Review: 1 week Fury. Im very happy with this product. Nice hash 1.3-1.4 MH/S in my pool. Working good with free ZenControler. What else?
Review: Received my ZenMiner 1 day before receiving my Fury , Web page is easy to access , nothing hard to config , ZENOS as been updated now we can see accepted shares etc.. much better now , and will probably be much more better in a few days
Review: I bought a Black Widow from GAW after my Cyclone from Zeus. My Black Widow shipped AFTER my Cyclone, and my Black Widow is hashing away at 14MH/s while my Cyclone sits in a Chinese warehouse being probed. I'm definitely unhappy with my Zeus purchase and wish I had put that money towards a bigger box from GAW instead.
GAW seems to be the perfect company to buy hardware from at this moment. Where zeus was first in the spot of: best hardware company, now GAW does. They offer free shipping (or for 25 bucks express shipping), and are a lot cheaper than Zeusminer. And oh they even give a refund... I think about 80% of the people would actually cancel their order if it would be possible, and go to GAW miners. But maybe I have an image of GAWminers which isn't realistic
I'd go with GAW again in a heartbeat, they even take cc's which makes this easier.
Still think we are a fraudulent company ripping people off? GAW has reinvented the mining industry and its been an amazing ride and we are so thankful to everyone in the community that has supported us. GAWMiners and zenCloud lets you generate an ROI faster and more reliably by giving you instant access to your hardware, allowing you to start mining the same-day you purchase, maximize uptimes, and eliminate the shipping and power costs. ZenCloud hosted is the most profitable and more convenient way to run your miner, period. We have continued to improve all of our products and increase hashing power while lowering costs at a rate unprecedented in the industry.
Anyways, let me move on to PayCoin and I could not be more excited by the feedback we have been receiving so far. A lot of people are bringing up the $20 floor for PayCoin or other promises we have claimed to have made. We did not backpedal on this issue, there was never a time that we meant that everyone in existence could cash out instantly and we would support that. We have some very large investors and capital supporting us (I am however not allowed to give specifics on this) who are backing the $20 price, however obviously this doesn't apply to everyone. The same thing would happen for Bitcoin or other cryptos, for example the price of Bitcoin now is around $315, however if every bitcoin owner in existence went to exchanges and tried to sell the price obviously would crash very hard down to $0 very quickly. So PayCoin and Bitcoin are extremely similar in this manner. However, we are committed to the $20 price, even if it may not be that way right now. As a help if people could buy or trade bitcoins for XPY this would certainly help that happen quicker, if anyone here is thinking of doing so all I can say is it would be an extremely sound and fruitful investment (lots of cheap coins available currently). $20 is more of a target we are going to enforce rather than a floor which I don't believe I have ever said.
Moving on to the Amazon and PayCoin integration issues. With PayBase Express we are working on the goal to shop with Paycoin on the Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy*s and Best Buy’s online stores. This is something you can't do currently with Bitcoin or other crypto's, so I think this is one of the main points of why there has been so much negativity in the past several days from other camps, in a few words its jealousy but I am not going to play the pretend psychologist here. Due to legal reasons, I am not able to say when/if this will happen exactly since we are working with other large investors and partners who will be handling the interface and a large part of the legal/technical aspects of this and NDA's, however it is our dream and goal to build the world’s most advanced online payment system in world - Paybase. We hope to be ready to unveil the results of those efforts very soon! Lets say it will work like PayPal but the PayPal overseers don’t get their cut or say-so. Since the merchant pays less to process your order, it will cost you less, and so we pass those savings back to you.
Let me reiterate the once in a lifetime opportunity people have now to get in the ground floor of cheap coins which I absolutely hope will revolutionize currency and the internet as we see it today very soon (not to mention make the early investors very very rich!) :)
On this note, I am discussing with Moe to possibly make a separate, private consulting seminar at BTC Miami after the Q&A session (which due to my schedule I may or not be able to make). It would be a private meeting type scenario after-hours from the conference with a select group of people willing to pay the fee to really get an inside edge of the crypto industry and a pilots seat to the future by having a direct private meeting with me and speaking with me. Price for this would probably be between $1-2000 per head however its just a preliminary idea I have been shooting around and it isn't set in stone yet. To sign up for this please PM me or message me on my Twitter (more details to come).
So, now that I believe I have set the record straight on all these accusations, I would really like to express my frustration with all these claims of "Fraud" and "scamming" that have been popping up lately. (Please, if you have been banned from our forums take that as a message that you are not welcome back in the future). These Reddit people are extremely hostile and confused individuals, mostly spreading lies and deception out of jealousy or fear (I don't know). I am personally investigating and directing my legal team to investigate and take full legal action against on this Reddit of users who posts or comment lies or deceptions, and possibly even for facilitating this. Let this serve as a warning for other people who may want to speak negatively about my companies, PayCoin, GAW, PayBase and my person Josh Garza, we are investigating full legal action against website and users who have posted negatively. In short, don't piss me off or you will regret it, please delete your lies and posts if you want to save face and avoid full legal action which I am pressing for now against everybody. XPY and PayCoin are probably the best opportunity you may see in your lifetime to get in on the ground floor on a platform and currency that will transform the internet. The price right now is the biggest bargain around and Paycoin will be the most successful coin launch in history and moving forward, think of Bitcoin on steroids pre-bubble, and we aren't stopping until its Moon. Anyone on or reading this can buy Paycoins here on the main website.
See you in Miami!
Sincerely, Josh Garza GAW CEO
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Free Hashing, No Mining Fees & Daily Withdrawals With Fake Hashing24 Start Mining Bitcoins!! Get Your Life Time Contracts Atriark - Bitcoin and altcoin cloud mining Bitcoin Mining For The Masses - Cloud Hashing Hashing 24 update, BTC is still above $4000

Free Bitcoin Faucet Instant Payout-Best Bitcoin Faucet List. Start mining immediately with our cloud mining contracts! You can discover many free bitcoin cloud mining web site from on-line. Someone did refer you some website however bear in mind 98% cloud mining site is the rip-off. Cloud mining sites normally distribute earnings on a daily ... Once the rip-off firm receives your bitcoin fee you don’t have any method to get your cash back. The reason there are such a lot of cloud mining scams is as a result of it is extremely easy for anyone on the planet to setup a web site. What is the Payout Threshold? HashFlare makes a great option when you resolve to spend money on cloud mining. Cloud Mining presents a straightforward ... Ist sicher und seriös? Lese aktuelle Erfahrungsberichte und Bewertungen über Bitcoin Miners, London UK - Cloud Hashin - Der Sicherheitscheck von ist ... The minimum hashing rate ranges from 1 to one hundred GH/S, and the minimum funding is from $ eleven to $ 37. Similar to Genesis mining, Hashflare additionally presents lifetime bitcoin mining contracts ( bear in mind so long as profitable), Ethereum cloud mining, Zcash cloud mining, Dash cloud mining and Scrypt cloud mining. Bitcoin mining refers to the process of fixing advanced mathematical ... Is safe and reliable? Read current user-experience and reviews of Bitcoin Miners, London UK - Cloud Hashin ... The Webutation Security Check of is currently ...

[index] [33396] [4740] [29391] [3460] [39225] [40482] [29] [42943] [21472] [11023]

Free Hashing, No Mining Fees & Daily Withdrawals With Fake

Cloud mining with Atriark has never been easier! Simply select the hashing power and algorithm that you want to mine. Coins will automatically be credited to your account every 24 hour. Get 3% off Genesis by using Code: RMAoGp Want to start cloud mining? Genesis Mining Link: Hashing 24 link: http... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue HASHING 24 LINK TO JOIN: use a code for 4% discount on your purchase: ETDVY68D LEGIT CLOUD MINING COMPANY! Start mining bitcoin with ha... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue