Did Crypto Exchange, Gemini, Run Out of Bitcoins to ...

Thank you Poloniex

You've taken care of my last few scraps in crypto without me having to worry. You can have my $5K USD. Congratulations on becoming billionaires.
Over the years I've had money stolen by MtGox, Cryptsy, Cryptorush.in, Mintpal, Moolah, and several mining pools many years ago. I never set up legitimate identity with any of them, can you guess why?
So my final departure from BTC is bittersweet, I eventually managed to make a net gain of several hundred thousand USD from very little investment (perhaps $2K USD), but not without a lot of frustration and stress during the process.
The locking of my account was always coming because when KYC became an issue, I was unable to change my online name to my real name. As much as I wanted to verify my account it was technically impossible irrespective of my account retaining the same email address which is indicative of my name. I remember in December when things went stupid, I was confident I'd never be able to get all of my money out of Polo, I was pulling out $2500USD from each of two accounts a day (the maximum I could) and my balance was going up faster than I could withdraw it.
So while crypto has been good to me, it was equally one of the biggest nightmares of my life. I can now happily continue my fiat life. Bye bye bitcoin, it was a fun fling.
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Exchanges: the benefits of diversity and competition versus the pitfalls of hiveminding

I'm pretty sure this will just get downvoted but I feel it's important to say, even if it only helps one or two shibes.
Shibes, I know this is reddit and reddit loves its 'hivemind' mentality but I urge all of you to start being and thinking for yourselves and acting accordingly. It's dangerous to be doing something solely because everyone else is doing the same thing. I'm speaking in general terms, but the entire "lets go from cryptsy to kraken" ordeal has me concerned.
This is not a bash post first and foremost. Both sites have their upsides and downsides. What people should always consider is alternatives. Let's take dogecoin, for example. Please understand this as a hypothetical situation for illustration purposes only, but consider this: if cryptsy is analogous to Bitcoin, and kraken is analogous to Litecoin, where's the tertiary choices? What if no one gave doge a shot just because everyone else is into BTC/LTC?
Competition is good shibes! Imagine a few whales get a whiff of the transition from cryptsy to kraken and then start manipulating the markets there? It's a possibility! What we want is more exchanges on board the Doge train, we just don't want one single "/dogecoin approved" exchange. Having more exchanges keeps the prices fair through arbitrage.
Is everyone aware of how bad it is if everyone mines on the same pool? The same applies to the exchanges as well. We want to spread our business throughout the doge society at all times!
So, I urge every single shibe to consider alternatives at every opportunity. What could it hurt to make an account on 3-4 other exchanges just to see how things operate there? Look at the volume of doge traded, check the trading fees, check the minimum withdrawal amounts for both doge and BTC, check the dates of the last trades, if referral/loyalty rewards are available, etc;
Here are some alternative exchange sites, most of these trade doge, but not all do.Not one of these links is a referral link.
...just to name a few!
A community is as strong as its diversity! Yes we are all shibes but we are all different people living different lives sharing a common goal. Let’s use this to our advantage! No specific entity should unnecessarily profit from us because of manipulation, hype or rhetoric. Please, just keep this in mind at all times. Everyone loves a good "underdoge" story, just look at us!
Remember, be yourself, try something new and don't be doing something simply because someone else is doing it too. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
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Never stack your coins on Exchanges!

Hello, I just read on bitcoin sub this guy story who have trouble with Cryptsy and are unable to withdraw his bitcoin : https://goo.gl/n1n3LS
I personally never had trouble with Cryptsy, but time can change (remember Mt. Gox / Cryptorush / Minptal). So i just want to warn shibe's here DONT cold store your coins on any exchanges.
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Pow right in the kisser

So I have a pretty nice stake in MYR. It's stupid undervalued right now and I've been buying all along these support levels. I could go on and on from my personal beliefs and preach to the choir, but I want to point out 2 things in particular.
MYR has a potential to draw in anybody. We have a wider audience, and at the same time, a way to weigh them with each other so there's no friction. It literally says "A Coin For Everybody" right on the website.
Yeah, it is and I am not bashing it. But it could be more for everybody. So I'd like to point out that, well, it's not really for everyone. Sure, it's for everyone who's got some rig, it is missing out a real big crowd. The same crowd that hold MINT, BC, CINNI, etc. Why do we not include PoS this coin as well? Is it not compatible with the algorhythms? It would advance the coin's motto, advance the coin, and generally relieve a lot of sell pressure by bringing in an audience versed in patience. This would also simultaneously induce buying pressure because, well, some of that money is going to dip in and stay on a hard drive for a few months.
There's also lots of mentions lately for a lack of buy pressure. While I would love for this to continue for one more week (nice summer paycheck going guess where? I love picking up co-worker's vacation days.) because it is reaching very dense support territory. When you have casuals (don't know much about the coin) who pick coins up just to trade/hold. They see TES, SPA, CINNI, NOBL, etc. spike, they pull out things that haven't moved much for some time and try playing a fast buck to recover and then some. That's what's happening imo. Poor decisions and withdrawals are made when money flows like this from the coin pallette, and MYR isn't really moving much.
The only downside I see to this is the supposed WC scandal, where BC killed it but I don't know if I was trolled and that happened. Given the cryptorush collapse half their fault as well, I don't know if risk is plausible or not for this reason.
Also: TES has gone crazy recently, but the coin has no community. I thought this might be because of some project they would've been doing to sponsor a company that is on the front top page of reddit, but nope. Last post was a month ago. Nope'd. Now, why don't we do some sort of sponsorship for Tesla Motors? They are very much a good guy, fair company. Taking a jab at oil barons and a heavily supported infrastructure, their causes half align with bitcoin. They wish to see cars for everyone, roads for everyone, for the elongation of everyone's planet and the identity of each and every one. The man's name they adopted had active plans to see free energy for everyone. They're something we can get behind, and they clearly connect with people as per the front page; our goals are not so different.
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Anyone uses cryptorush. Their website was so bad today, it was almost unusable. They disabled bitcoin withdrawal tonight, I was forced to buy expensive dogecoins at 128 sats while cryptsy was still at 117 in order to get my money out. Is it another failed exchange?
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You may not lose your potcoin at cryptorush

I like many others had some potcon on cryptorush. I had about 25k. When I heard last week of the hack I naturally went and tried to withdraw my potcoin. That didnt happen. I then decided to sell my potcoin for bitcoin. I then bought Dogecoin with it. After that I withdrew it all straight to Cryptsy. Then bought btc and then potcoin.... Threw all of this I think I lost 1500 potcoin down to 23500.... Not bad considering the other possibilities. So I support this thread and I feel most real potcoin community is here. So my advice is try to sell and withdraw with a coin that is solvent. Good luck potcoin brothers. I hate to you see us lose some great guys. I am also down heavy on potcoin as the btc price still sucks. I am still though 100% optimistic on potcoin!
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Stop trading on Cryptorush, massive fraud scandal

http://blog.moolah.ch/2014/04/01/statementa-regarding-cryptorush/ http://coinjoint.info/leaked-cryptorush-dumping-auroracoin-mazacoin-potcoin-recover-stolen-bitcoin/ http://coinjoint.info/interview-dogeymcdoge-cryptorush/ http://pastebin.com/eLkPxLWi http://www.cryptoscribe.com/crypto-news/cryptorush-sells-majority-stake-to-private-individual/
Don't lose your coins, it is already impossible for anyone holding BTC on the site to withdraw. As a side note, expect yet another sharp drop in the price of BTC over the next few days.
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