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Welcome to the world's largest Coin Roll Hunting community! Come meet other hunters, share your finds, give and get advice, and share in whatever else has to do with the hobby of Coin Roll Hunting (also known as Bank Roll Hunting).

Taxation is the most dangerous, morally reprehensible institution since Slavery

Taxation is the most dangerous, morally reprehensible institution since Slavery. Death, Surveillance, Cronyism. This is what your taxes pay for.

Bitcoin's Hogwarts: San Francisco Tech Space "20Mission" to Open in August

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Bitcoin Beginners, Experts Gather at 20Mission

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July Bitcoin Beginner's Fair at 20mission - Blockchain, 37coins and Varuum

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Bitcoin Newbies and Pros Meet at 20Mission

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First Bitcoin Inspired Art Show: March 6th 20Mission

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Bitcoin Beginners, Experts Gather at 20Mission

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doge4water "shibe playing in water" print will be showcased at Bitcoin Art Show Tonight in SF

SOLD: via $750 Charity Water donation
Hey folks,
I found out about the Bitcoin Artshow happening tonight in SF.
I asked if I could display some dogecoin art and they said YES!
Unfortunately, the piece had not been delivered. It was scheduled to arrive Friday.
Well, lo and behold, guess what showed up this morning?!
Yes, the piece.
So I took it to get framed nearby (holy crap frames are expensive), and am about to head to pick up the completed piece before taking it to http://20mission.com to hang up for tonight.
This piece of artwork is going for sale (all proceeds go to doge4water.org):
750,000 dogecoins $750
If you're in SF come by tonight and say hi (7pm - 10pm):
2415 Mission Street
This is the information that will accompany the piece in the gallery.
Shibe Playing in Water
E-Surface Paper, Lustre coating, matboard, framed
10” x 10", frame 12" x 12"
Price: ฿1.125 Ð750,000 $750
If any rich and generous shibe wants one, I will print ONE identical one to this, and frame it exactly the same. (Please make an offer in the comments. Best verified offer wins. Time period for bids will be open until 3/22/2014.)
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Bitcoin Art Show in SF

Planning on doing a Bitcoin Artshow in February. Anyone interested in participating or volunteering to help?
Calling all artists interested in Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies!
On the last Tuesday of every month, 20Mission* host the largest Bitcoin meetup in San Francisco with around 200 people attending.
This event it's happening on Tuesday, February 25th and we are looking for artists interested in making pieces that express your thoughts on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple, and to imagine how the world would change with the new and upcoming financial innovation technologies!
Join us for a night of Bitcoin experts, aficionados and industry leaders in which your pieces of art will transport us to the future to re imagine our current financial system.
The pieces will be up for one month and they will be a great inspiration for our Bitcoin HackFest, a Bitcoin hackathon happening on March 1st and 2nd.
The pieces will be for sale and can be paid with dollars or Bitcoins.
If you are interested in participating, please drop a line to [email protected] for more information.
*About 20Mission 20Mission is a Start-up living community where programmers, designers, artists, & entrepreneurs live, work and play. We are working to provide an unceasingly developing start-up environment where every group or individual that joins our project is helping to perpetuate a cycle that will eventually grow into something bigger.
With in-house counsel, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, brand consultants, and well-connected Silicon Valley entrepreneurs among our permanent residents and members, you have every resource at your fingertips.
For more information visit: www.20mission.com email: [email protected]
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Bitcoin Beginners Fair in San Francisco Tomorrow June 3rd

Tomorrow night, Tuesday June 3rd, MoneyandTech.com and 20Mission will be hosting a Bitcoin for Beginners Fair. The event will include speakers from Blockchain, Bitpay, GogoCoin, Piper Wallet, and the BitGive Foundation.
Attendees will also receive a few dollars in bitcoin just for coming from Blockchain.info and GoGoCoin.
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SF Bitcoin Meetup - CoinJoin BITCOIN AUSBRUCH VOR HALVING mit (REALISTISCHEM) $19'700 Ziel im März 2020!!! Bitcoin Beginner's Fair Q&A 20mission preview Bitcoin Beginners Fair: Empowering the World's Unbanked with Jonathan Zobro

the bitcoin catalog, travel, hotels, lodging, Guesthouses All of our 41 rooms offer a reasonable amount of privacy and solace. We try our best to provide you with all of your basic needs and are always open to ideas on how we can accommodate you. Follow. Home ; Services ... Bitcoin fällt unter den Unterstützungsbereich zwischen 7.692 und 7.962 US-Dollar zurück. Der Aufwärtstrend aus April 2017 wird unterboten. Das Ziel liegt dann bei 6.025 US-Dollar. Ethereum (ETH/USD) Coin-Einschätzung: bullish. Bullishe Variante: Ein Zitat aus der vorangegangen Kursprognose: Der Widerstandsbereich zwischen 175 und 196 US-Dollar wird überboten. Das Aufwärtsziel liegt dann ... Stephanie Pakrul inside of her room at 20Mission, the startup co-living space at 3491 20th St. Photo by Laura Waxmann After years of building a quirky community, bitcoin investor Jered Kenna last month purchased the building at the corner of Mission and 20th streets that houses art and technology creators. With the $7.3 million purchase, the site of the former T-mobile downstairs could become ... Got a tip that the man who invented Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamura, was bivouacked in a tech commune in San Francisco by the name of 20Mission. It seemed that Satoshi had come down off Mount Gox to be among his people. My job was to find him. No small task, as no one has ever seen Mr. Nakamura. März wird 20Mission die erste Bitcoin Inspired Art Show mit dem Titel "Die Zeit ist jetzt" veranstalten. Da Bitcoin Menschen wirklich dazu bewegt, die Finanzen und die Zukunft unseres Finanzsystems zu überdenken, hat diese innovative Technologie auch Künstler inspiriert. Das Bitcoin Magazine war erfreut, von dieser Veranstaltung zu erfahren. "Die Zeit ist jetzt" wird die erste Bitcoin ...

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SF Bitcoin Meetup - CoinJoin

Bitcoin AUSBRUCH in 10 Tagen mit einem realistischem Preisziel von $19'700 und das alles bis März 2020 für Bitcoin BTC!!? 🔶 ByBit $60 GRATIS 👉 https://bybit.... Der Bitcoin hat im noch jungen Jahr 2020 bisher eine starke Performance hingelegt. Mittlerweile hat die Kryptowährung die Marke von 9.000 US-Dollar im Blick. Samir Boyardan von HeavytraderZ hält ... Watch Money & Tech's video coverage of the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup on February 25, 2014 in the 20Mission Coworking space, featuring a presentations from... Laura attends a 20Mission party funded by Steemit and interviews Jackson Palmer, Mad Bitcoins, and Ryan Singer. Please SUBSCRIBE to us! We have big plans for this channel! 20mission.com Twitter: @20mission facebook.com/20mission