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[H] $100 & $50 Amazon gift cards. [W] $120 CashApp, Walmart to Walmart, Western Union, Moneygram, Venmo, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero.

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A step by step guide for newbies who want bitcoins anonymously.

This may be a long post, essentially I just thought it would curb a lot of the questions around here about how to acquire BTC. So here goes:
  1. Go to
  2. Select cash to bitcoin address
  3. On your SR account, under "account" (on the top bar beside messages and orders) there should be a BTC address in green characters. Copy and paste that as the bitcoin address to send your BTC to on bitinstant.
  4. For your notification email they ask for on the bitinstant website form, use a tormail account for anonymity. This is free and super easy to set up. I use squirrel mail as it is the most basic. sign up here: http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/ and for the other info (name and DOB) make it up. but use the same fake info when you actually deposit the cash. I used my fake ID's info (I have a PA ID that I got from ID chief before he was shut down, so i use that info)
  5. After you fill that out, it will send you to zipzap. Follow the basic instructions there and use your real zipcode to find places close to you that will allow you to do this transaction. I chose CVS.
  6. follow the rest of their instructions and make sure you print out the pdf with all the information (account number and code and such). take this form with you to CVS.
  7. Go to the customer service department (or photo department lol this is where the moneygram stuff was when I went). Just pick up the red phone and listen. You will be asked an address, name, and phone number. SAY YOURE PAYING A BILL. I think they say "press 2 for bill payment". Press that. Then just follow the instructions on the phone and such. About the address and shit: Just give them any address and zipcode, same bullshit with the name. Any name will do (try and make sure it matches the fake one you originally used on bitinstant though just in case), and say you chose not to give your phone number.
  8. They will eventually tell you "you are paying a company (zip zap) please go to the counter and tell them your name and that you are paying a company"
  9. go to the cashier and tell them you are so and so paying a bill/company with moneygram and they will confirm the amount of cash.
  10. after you give them the cash, you will be on your way! :) It should take a bit for the BTC to be confirmed.
GENERAL INFO: Bitinstant will give you a specific amount. i.e. $242.97 and you MUST have exact change when you pay.
Make sure you have enough. There is a 4% fee plus zip zap takes like $3.99. So to be safe, deposit 10% more than you need. I made this mistake yesterday lol. For example: you want $250 in your SR account. Deposit $250 + 10% ($25) so you'll deposit $275.
If you go home and would like to see where your BTC currently are, take your SR address (or the address you sent to) and search it on and when that address has anywhere from 7-10 confirmations, it should appear in your SR account!
It should take about an hour or two from depositing until the time when you have BTC in your account. Happy shopping :)
If this guide sucked, I'm sorry. lol. I tried.
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My horrible BitInstant/ZipZap/MoneyGram/7-Eleven experience

Here's my experience using BitInstant to get a VouchX code at 1:00am.
TL;DR: Undisclosed fees; lots of personal details; what should have taken 5 minutes took 45; apathetic 7-Eleven clerk couldn't take ownership of issues with his company's own shitty kiosk; BitInstant sends me the money in a form not quite as insecure as banknotes taped to a postcard.
It was a late Thursday night, dipping into early Friday. BitMe had a low bid price for BTC. With BitMe, I'd usually deposit at a Chase branch, but I expected the price to rise too much by the time I could make it to a branch and the BitMe guy could confirm my deposit. I anticipated a lot of people putting their Friday paychecks into Bitcoin, so I was in a rush to buy. For this reason, I decided to pay the premium of BitInstant.
The first disappointment with BitInstant was that in order to deposit at a MoneyGram terminal, I'd have to pay an additional $3.95 to another middleman called "ZipZap." The BitInstant site doesn't mention this extra fee on the main page, where the 3.99% commission amount is quoted. The earliest point in time that I could learn the amount of the $3.95 extra fee was after I filled in order information (including my name and date of birth) on BitInstant, was taken to ZipZap, filled in my phone number, selected a MoneyGram location, and then finally downloaded the payment slip.
ZipZap sent me an e-mail, but their mail servers weren't configured correctly, so I never got it. My e-mail server logs show:
Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: connect from[] Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from ...[]: 504 5.5.2 : ... Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname; from= ... to= proto=ESMTP helo= Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: disconnect from[] 
ZipZap's web page says something to the effect of "anonymous payment." Later, at the MoneyGram location, I had to provide my name, phone number, and mailing address. (The address was never needed by BitInstant or ZipZap.)
I chose 7-Eleven store #18256 at 924 E. Empire Ave., Spokane, WA 99207 as the MoneyGram location, because 7-Eleven was the only local chain of MoneyGram locations open at that hour. Their MoneyGram solution was a Vcom kiosk. These multifunction kiosks, in addition to providing ATM and check services also act as MoneyGram terminals.
The first irk in the process was that the machine asked me to call a certain phone number for MoneyGram customer service, and no courtesy phone was provided on the machine. The store clerk didn't have a phone for me to use either. I wasted $1.26 on a 7 minute phone call from my by-the-minute phone (with plans optimized for texting, not voice). In 7 minutes, my name, address, phone number, "receive code" (a unique code for ZipZap), and payment amount was taken; it could have taken me no longer than 2 minutes for me to carefully enter and double-check this information on the terminal itself. I understand there is a market for customer service that delivers warm fuzzies, but this wasted my time and money and subjected me to a guy not from my continent who was difficult to hear over the connection.
Now it was time to deposit the money. The machine instructed me to insert one bill at a time, so I did. I was paying $385 in 20 banknotes. The machine would accept one banknote, give a message "not enough cash inserted," wait about 15 seconds, then show me the balance of how much money remains to be inserted. Well, of course not enough money was inserted, I don't have a $385 banknote and you told me to insert one at a time! I counted later to find that the machine processes banknotes at a rate of once every 20 seconds, so I spent over six minutes hand-feeding money into this machine, in front of a bored clerk at a slow 7-Eleven. I felt really bad for that guy, since he had store work to do and pretty much had to babysit me to make sure I wasn't going to walk off with anything.
Finally, the last note! Okay, it's doing .. something, and ... "this transaction could not be completed at this time." [Paraphrased, but no specific reason was given.] The machine then took a couple minutes to return my money, this time in the form of 16 banknotes. At least all my money was accounted for, but what gives?
The clerk tried to convince me that the machine doesn't work, and suggested I try calling whoever I'm trying to pay at 8:00am, start of business. I explained to him that this payment is time sensitive, that's why I'm doing this in the middle of the night.
Finally, it dawned on me that I never gave my "account number," a unique identifying code for the ZipZap transaction, to the MoneyGram phone agent. But he did ask for my phone number twice! I must have misheard him. Drat. I let the clerk know what my mistake was, but he tried his hardest to convince me that the machine didn't work as intended and suggested I try another 7-Eleven that was about an hour and a half on foot for me. I declined and told him I'd use the payphone to reach MoneyGram this time.
Back from another 5-10 call, I come into the store to find a note taped over the machine's screen, "out of order." The clerk is at this point telling me with matter-of-fact authority in his voice that the machine won't do what I want, and that it's out of service for everything but ATM and MoneyGram transactions. (Even after I tried several times to explain, he wouldn't accept that I was in fact trying to do a MoneyGram transaction.) Even though I explained to him that this is a time-sensitive payment--that is why I'm up at 2:00 in the morning taking care of this business--and it will be a 45 minute walk home for nothing, he insists that I am not allowed to use the machine. He even explicitly told me that he has work to do and it's taken him too long keeping an eye on me. I plead with him and sympathize about how horribly slow these machines are, how it's not his fault, and finally get through to him to let me try one more time, the final persuasive argument being that the machine gave me my money in $100 notes this time, so it won't take so long. (I didn't let him know that only two notes were $100s, while the rest were in $20s and $1s, but it was still fewer notes.) He doesn't even have the courtesy to say "yes," "okay," "sure," or "just one more time;" he just peels off his because-I-can "out of order" sign off the machine and goes about his business without saying a word.
Seriously? What's the point of this fancy self-serve kiosk if I need to call some guy in the Indian subcontinent to set up the transaction? How many millions of dollars were poured into the design, implementation, and rollout of these good-for-nothing machines that take ages to accept your cash? And then to have some apathetic, underpaid store clerk tell me he's got better things to do than take responsibility for how slowly his company's proprietary, fancy e-commerce kiosks work? Remember, he intentionally mislead me earlier by telling me another 7-Eleven store has a similar machine that might work, and (as it turns out) flat-out lied in telling me the machine is simply out of order. Oh, and I'm paying $3.95 to ZipZap for this, most of which probably goes to the MoneyGram commission.
Wondering how many middle-men there were between my money and my Bitcoin, by the way? BitMe, AurumXchange (for VouchX), BitInstant, ZipZap, MoneyGram, CardTronics (current owners of the brilliant Vcom franchise of time-saving kiosks), and 7-Eleven. Holy wow, maybe $3.95 + 3.99% was a steal.
All said, I spent about 45 minutes in that store. For what should have been 5 minutes worth of business. Beyond the pale.
On the second attempt, my money went through, I got a receipt, and when I got home I got a neat code I could paste into BitMe to get some instant USD in there. But let's not forget the final blunder: BitInstant delivered a code worth $365 good-as-cash to me by regular, unencrypted e-mail. Stupid.
Now I'm fighting bidding bots on BitMe.
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Doing some digging on discord for the parsnip... I've ruled out PayPal, and Pornhub, Google, eBay, Facebook. I know I'm reaching on some of these, but I would try and think of it on a psychology level: NDA means he can't say who the partner is? Along with that, I would assume he wouldn't speak bad on the partner as well...
Things I think it could be that are household names already since sunerok kinda mentions that in his video:
Companies it definitely isn't: PayPal eBay Google Overstock Walmart. Facebook (Some Fiat) Not a Bank From the way its described , I doubt its pornhub or porn related. Why would porn be brought up in all main stream news that they are accepting a crypto currency.
Possible Companies:
MasterCard Visa Sony Amazon Target? Not sure if this is a global company... Has any of these been verified that couldn't be them? Im sure there are many other options, but these were my main guesses...
some screenshots
Random Notes: Reaches people that aren't even in crypto, which will cause a big influx of people coming in. This will put is at the top. This is probably the largest adoption of a non-top 3 coin to ever happen it could be the single largest adoption of a currency or virtual currency to happen ever. "Do we want verge to sit on an exchange and be traded back and forth for bitcoin[or be something else]. The company will use verge as a currency (it doesn't use any crypto currently. The company shut down at 5:00 pm(duh), Major Corporation. Global Company(and will reach news around the world). High Traffic Website. Will be exclusive to verge for a long time. Not a Government. Their HQ is not in Florida. Binance helped them get the partnership. This partnership will keep us in the top 5. Deals with commerce.
and the one that gets me excited, "a lot of the guesses aren't anywhere near as big as the partner".
Edit2 Another thought I had was Western Union or MoneyGram
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What site do you use to buy BitCoins?

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Bitinstant has taken over $500 from me? Will bitinstant help a many time customer or just ignore me?

Ok. Today I went on bitinstant and set up a deposit for 500. I had it sent to a bitcoin address, went to walmart tonight, paid 503.95 for the fee and I the only thing I have is my money taken. I have used bitinstant many times and it was always INSTANT. What can I do? I went to bitinstant and tried to get help with zero help. I use the website bitinstant, have to send it to zipzap via moneygram and now it looks like they have decided to keep my money. What the hell can I do?
I have all my paperwork: payment slip, moneygram form, and walmart receipt(s)
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Does Walmart charge a fee for using the Bitinstant Moneygram cash deposit?

So I'm about to make my first Silk Road purchase (yay!) and I'm wondering if Wal-Mart charges a fee when depositing money to your SR address. If so, what does it usually cost and is there a way to calculate it? And is there a place that has a cheaper fee or no fee at all, like CVS? Thanks in advance!
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IAMA web marketer that loves Bitcoin, AMA RE Your Bitcoin Businesses and Online Marketing

I am a web marketer with a background in agency marketing. I worked with such companies as ING Direct, Unilever, Tunecore, obscure brands like DollarDays, Greensbury market, Wavebuilder, and more. Now I work for my own company, Alarm Grid, where I developed an online FAQ strategy that is used in agencies all over the world, the list of which you can find on my blog under my listing of "Mostly Twitter Based Accomplishments."
I know a lot of you are trying to build Bitcoin businesses, so I thought I'd do my best to help you do what you need to do. Especially since a lot of you are probably first time entrepreneurs or building an online company for the first time. I'm not a programmer, but I'm really good at what I do, and I bet if you have a question regarding search, I can answer it better than most of the other people you know who say they do what I do.
I did an AMA 11 months ago for entrepreneur that was received extremely well. So you can read through that if you want some advice. But there are a lot of issues that are very specifically related to Bitcoin that I figured a lot of you had. The inspiration for this AMA was this question which sat on the frontpage today. So I'll begin by answering that question:
Googling "How to send money" does not bring up Bitcoin at all (or at least not in the first several pages). How can this be changed? In search, you have to remember that you have 10 spots to work with on any given search. For some branded or very specific searches, Google gives 7 spots. For searches like, "how to send money" you're competing with some incredibly difficult competition. For me (search is quasi-personalized so it might be different for you), the lineup is as follows:
1) Google gives a big ol box which it lifts from Moneygram
2) Moneygram (again)
3) Moneygram (again)
4) Western Union
5) Western Union (again)
6) Western Union (again)
7) Western Union (again)
8) Life Hacker
9) Walmart
10) Bank of America
Good luck.
If you want to compete with this content, you're going to have to offer a pretty incredible alternative. You can't simply throw up a website and make it happen. You will need to probably saturate the market with the content you want to put up there. For those on a small budget, I would say that it's best to start leveraging digital assets with some really incredible ranking ability. This would mean, start putting videos on Youtube with titles like, "How to send money with Bitcoin," "Why Bitcoin is great for sending money," "How Bitcoin is changing remittance," or other titles that are lexically related. Likewise, start writing on blogs, start linking on Reddit, and start building up content that is really really high quality, but also instructive. Google is delivering the content that people want. As you can see above, it's pretty clear who Google thinks delivers the best content on transferring money, and since their algorithm does do some learning, the results as they stand are probably pretty decent indications of Google's users being satisfied with the results.
It's worth noting that this term is probably a high converting term also. It's not Wikipedia, the NYT, or some other source of content that ranks for these terms. Lifehacker is the most newsy candidate on the front page. What this means is that it will likely need to be content that is written by a company with good links and a great trust profile. So while you can provide a lot of good content, if you want to have a prayer at competing for this keyword, you probably need to get someone like Coinbase to do an article (or many articles) on the subject.
EDIT: It has been a few hours since a question has been posted, so I am going to go AFK. Keep posting, I'll be back later.
EDIT: Eventually Reddit closes the comments in these. If you happen upon this post and want to keep asking questions, you can do it by going to my site and putting them in the extended marketing AMA. I will be periodically checking it and answering questions exactly as I do here.
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After four months, I have some observations and lingering questions about bitcoins

I decided to put some money into bitcoins back in December (great price!) and since then have been buying small batches. I have a few observations about what I've learned:
There's no right time to buy
Bitcoin's price has been fluctuating crazily since I first bought in, and it probably wont stop for awhile. If you're thinking of buying in for the first time but want to wait, I'd suggest just go ahead and buy in now. There wont be a magic moment to buy in (unless you keep a sharp eye out for a quick drop) and the price will keep changing. At this rate, it will probably only go up, so you might as well get off the fence and make a decision. I wish I did back in November!
Buying bitcoins is annoying
People write all the time about how easy it is to buy bitcoins. I felt comfortable investing in bitcoins because of all those kinds of statements. But I'll go ahead and say it's misleading to say buying bitcoins is easy. Rather, it's easy to buy some kinds of bitcoins- and usually at a higher price. Here are the ways I know for buying bitcoins (note, I'm in the US):
Bitcoin transfers are not instantaneous
This was something that really caught me off guard at first. Here is this new type of money that is totally digital, so it should very fast to move around. And nearly everyone claims that it is. In my experience, however, that's not true at all. I've had simple transfers of btc that linger for hours. I have no idea where they go or why certain transfers take so long, but they just do. Eventually, everything shows up, but it's very disconcerting not knowing where your digital currency is in cyberspace. Services like coinbase highlight even more the non-instantaneous nature of bitcoins. If you stick to a major exchange like mtgox, you can expect much faster transfers, but don't panic if something takes longer than a few seconds, minutes, hours etc.
Real-time bitcoin data is not always available
This is important and has a significant impact on trading. There are several sites that track btc prices in close to real-time, but often there are significant lags. This is mainly due to mtgox. The real bitcoin trading currently occurs at mtgox and the market rate is pegged to mtgox. So any lapse in data or service that occurs at mtgox ripples through the other services relying on mtgox market rates. Why does that matter? If the price of btc starts dropping by a few dollars every few minutes, and then suddenly there is no longer real-time trading data, lots of people panic and start selling. The price drops even more. It's an artificial bubble popping of sorts. While btc is decentralized, unfortunately market rates/data is still pretty centralized. And that means that information can go offline...
There's a lot about bitcoins that may go unknown
I find, for most people, bitcoins are understandable up until a certain point. When me and my buddies discuss bitcoins, inevitably we get to the question: but what are bitcoins? While we all know they're rooted in mathematical equations in "blocks," none of us understands what that means. Maybe that doesn't matter, but for some people, it will be a hard sell if you want inspire confidence in this new currency. Here's some lingering questions I still have about bitcoins, even after four months of intensive use and familiarity:
Anyways, those are just some thoughts I've had recently and felt like sharing. Here's a tldr:
TL;DR: With bitcoins, (1) first time investor? there's no right time to buy, just jump in; (2) buying bitcoins can be very annoying and overly-costly; (3) bitcoin transfers are not always instantaneous; (4) bitcoin market data is mostly centralized and not always available; (5) there are bitcoin complexities and unknowns outside the grasp of most laypeople.
edit: thanks for the informative and helpful responses!
[edit: format]
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Anyone have an opinion on the simplest method of getting cash to SR?

To begin this is not my first order. My first was made with bitinstant. I chose to moneygram from Walmart and sent directly to my SR bitcoin address. However, when I went back recently bitinstant the direct to address feature was missing. So I ask you, what's your simplest/fastest or safest method of getting bitcoins to SR?
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If you were looking to do Bitinstant --> Bitcoin Address, I just did Bitinstant --> BTC-E, IT WORKED SO WELL; WOW

Selected the Walmart Moneygram option along with BTC-E. The funds were in my BTC-E account 7 minutes later when I got home. Then I bought 9.4 BTC at like $26.75, and that also was instant.
Trade Buy BTC Profile Funds BTC (Withdraw Money) Bitcoin Address, and that was IT. No BS 20 step verification process like Mt. Gox and I was able to get my BTC in under 30 minutes from first visiting to coming back home from Walmart.
I hope this helps you all buy BTC since you can't do it through BTC address right now.
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The FINAL word (hopefully) on troubles getting bitcoins

1) Use Bitinstant to make a cash deposit/moneygram at walmart, have it sent directly to...
2) ....your wallet you made before the transaction (easy as shit to sign up for and use)
3) Use your blockchain wallet to siphon (and subsequently tumble) funds to SR. You honestly don't need anymore anonymity than that. Quit worrying about the most secure part of this way of buying drugs, and concentrate on the riskier aspect: from the dealer's house to your hopefully non-incriminating destination address.
4) I'd recommend using mtgox as a holding area for funds even though you sign up using real info, because you can hold USD there, and it also gives you an easy and sometimes kinda profitable way to speculate at BTC trading.
5) Quit worrying that the FBI is phishing YOU, the newbie, to find your tiny potential SR drug purchases. If you were a big fish, you wouldn't be asking a clearnet silkroad forum how this all works.
Any more questions, please dear god head over to /bitcoin. There is an entire subreddit dedicated this stuff.
Bonus #6) It behooves you to use SilkRoad's actual forum site. Use this sub casually, but note all the dumb questions asked over and over and over again here. Not only will you find more/better answers on the SR forums, bonus security as it's a Tor site. Sure it's slow, but so are years in prison the more clearnet crap you have attached to your IP address.
That's all I got.
Edit Their [bitinstant's] twitter feed was saying they still were having problems doing direct transfers to mtgox accounts. You can select the big yellow funding options aarow then select bitcoin from the dropdown menu, and they give you a temporary bit coin address. That might work better than depositing directly to mtgox account numbers.
bitinstanthelp is bitinstant's twitter support feed. If your bitinstant transfer lags or seems like its stuck/not going through, immediately log a support email and include all your info from your transaction in it using bitinstant's support page. It's a vague, simple support email and feels like its going to go nowhere, but finally after 7 days (from the big mishap) i got an email asking me for more info, and within the hour it was fixed.
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I just bought my first bitcoin today

I've been following bitcoins for about the last year or so, on and off. I'm fascinated by and support anything that is inherently decentralized, open source, and/or democratic. I don't know why I didn't buy sooner, I really don't, I normally have a pretty healthy level of risk tolerance. For some reason I held off until two weeks ago when I was all, "fuck it" and went to buy some after I saw it hovering in the $60-70 range.
And that's when I discovered that buying bitcoins is kind of a pain in the ass. I wasn't even going to make a big buy, just $200USD to whet my whistle. After fucking around with AurumExchange, Vircurex, BTC-E, and others I realized there was no really easy way to transmute green backs into internet ducats by using my preferred internet method: my credit card. So I was like, "ah, fuck it" and ignored it for two weeks. Then today it's at $100+. Well, shit, now I gotta buy something, right?
So here's my experience buying bitcoins today:
This is me so far:
Still me:
I probably did this the most idiotic way possible but here's what I can say about the process: I am a "path of least resistance" kind of guy and this is pretty much the opposite of that. Can I buy BTC with a credit card? Yes/no?
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Haven't purchased in a few months since BitInstant dropped bank transfers. Decided to use Moneygram today and ran into nothing but issues. Experienced SR user here who needs a little help for once :).

First of all I know how annoying these kinds of questions are, but alas I find myself turning to my community for some support. I have been out of the country for about 3 months and just got back this December. I decide to make an SR purchase today and turns out BitInstant no longer accepts bank deposits. So, the only option I really had was to do a moneygram. I went through the normal steps (Wallet #, REAL name, tormail address, etc. etc.) and selected a moneygram location as well as giving them my tormail address one more time along with my phone number (for ZipZap). I don't have a car right now and my nearest moneygram location was like 2 miles so I hoofed it over there only to find out that my name was not on the account or that it had not even been set up or something of that nature (I honestly couldn't completely understand the call center rep on the red phone at CVS). I'm just trying to understand what I did wrong. I've been using bank deposits for like a year and they are flawless and go without a hitch every time. Also, has anyone else been having tormail issues? I did not receive a single confirmation email or anything throughout this whole period. I also just tried to sign up for coinbase and did not receive the confirmation email. Does tormail stop sending/receiving to your account after periods of inactivity?
Thanks guys.
:EDIT: - Just received an email from coinbase finally so I know my email is working. Does anyone have experience with this service and know if it is reliable? I saw it suggested by another SR reddit user. Thanks
:EDIT2: - I appreciate all the help yall. When I first started using SR, I went with a bitcoin vendor for my first or second time, and honestly, the fees are disgusting. There is a walmart about the same distance in the opposite direction that I am going to try. Hopefully they'll make it work. I sure am getting a workout today haha. Tip for anyone who is looking to buy a car, save up a couple extra paychecks and don't buy a beater cherokee for 1500 on craigslist hoping it will run forever. Because it will break down shortly thereafter. If you have my luck, that is.
:FINAL EDIT:: - Just wanted to say since there is a wells fargo directly across the street from me, I went with bitcopia because all they were accepting at the moment is wells fargo deposits anyway. The fee was not bad, probably equivalent to or less than bitinstant, and I had my BTC in about 2 hours directly to my silkroad wallet (which I never normally do, but I was feeling cheeky and pressed for time today). Went flawless, and the lack of information I had to give gave me the confidence to deposit directly to my SR wallet. I plan on using them again for sure.
Thanks everybody.
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I'm starting a BitInstant Proxy service

BitInstant not working for you? Don't want to hand over your personal info? No worries. I'll let you use my account instead.
Here's how it would work:
Deal done.
IT LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF STEPS!! Looks like it, but you can have your coins within an hour if I'm online. Worst case, the same day.
HOW DO I KNOW YOU WON'T RUN OFF WITH MY MONEY?? Trust me, I won't. That's why I charge a fee. That's my incentive. If I wanted to scam you, I'd say I'd do it for free and then keep all your money. Then you'd start a thread about how I scammed you and nobody would use my service anymore. I only make money by doing legit transactions. When you think about it, I'm only holding your money for literally a few minutes and that's all. You don't give me any money until your transaction at Walmart goes through. And as soon I get the money, I buy and send the bitcoins to your address. Takes all of 3 minutes.
THIS LOOKS REALLY SKETCHY!! I know and completely understand. I have no reputation. I see this as a risk/reward kind of scenario. I'll admit it's risky. But the reward is great. What if you need to make a SR order ASAP and you need your coins RIGHT NOW? No problem, I can do that for you. I'm online pretty much all the time between 16:00-23:00 EST. I can get you your coins very very quickly.
WHY SHOULD I EVEN USE YOUR SERVICE?? We all know BitInstant has been pretty buggy lately. Sometimes it won't even let you use their service at all. Or maybe you're paranoid about your first SR order and you don't want want to give out your personal info to anyone. Maybe you need your coins super fast. Maybe you don't understand Bitcoin very well and want someone else to take care of that for you.
Ask any questions about my service that you may have. I want this to work for you as well as for me.
As a bonus, I'll do my first two transactions with no fee just to build credibility.
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A New Adopter's Wretched Bitcoin Experience and Subsequent Assurance that Bitcoin Will Fail...

So I finally decided to take the plunge with Bitcoin this week. For reference, I live in the D.C. metro area, so using Moneygram via Bitinstant seemed the most convienent option for me since they had so many locations available to deposit money.
That wasn't quite accurate, as it would turn out.
I started the evening after class by going to a CVS near my house that was listed in the ZipZap payment slip as an accepting location. After finding the ubiqitous red phone. I end up talking to an inevitable South Asian person with limited actual grasp of English, who asks for what I considered to be a lot of information (full name, telephone number, address). However, his English was so shitty to the point of my having to yell the spelling of my address phonetically because the word "H*****" is apparently too complicated for the subcontinent. Okay, minor irritation...time to pay the cashier. The cashier attempts to load the transaction on her register; fortunately she's not interested in carding me or anything, so I take that as a good sign for maintaining some semblance of anonymity. But the transaction never loads, the system is down!
Oh well, on to the next store. This was a pretty big CVS for the area, and I assumed that if their system didn't work, the systems at smaller stores would be dodgy anyway. It's already approaching 10 p.m. and all the CVS's are closing, leaving only 7-Eleven stores with VCom ATM machines as my next option. I drive to the nearest one, select "Moneygram", which gives me a prompt telling me to call Moneygram's 800 number and to give them the five digit terminal address for the transaction. I go through the rigamarole of spelling out my name and address for the error-prone South Asian phone tech yet again, even though I'm conducting the very same transaction I'd called in not even 15 minutes prior. I finally finish with the 800 number call, and proceed on the machine through it's options to ExpressPay a bill to ZipZap. Everything seems in order, I select the amount of money to send, insert my debit card, type in my PIN, and I think I'm good to go. But no, the machine cancels my transaction, saying it cannot be completed at this time. I call the 800 number yet again, getting the customer support service. They tell me the machine in my location isn't working (no shit), so they point me to another 7-Eleven a few miles away, assuring me it would work.
It didn't. I didn't even make it past the introductory screens before a technician lackadasically told me that the 7-Eleven to which I'd been directed by the previous technician was not a working Moneygram location, even though they had the VCom ATM and all. At this point, I lose it, and demand to speak to someone in charge. I demand to be directed to a location where they can verify the service is actualy working, which I'm told they cannot do for some reason. I'm instead given a list of locations I've already been to, or CVS's that are already closed for the evening, none of their suggestions proving the least bit helpful.
This has proven a horribly frustrating experience...but I was doggedly determined to see it through before going home, so I looked up locations myself on the zipzap website and saw that a 24-hour Walmart about 30 minutes away did Moneygram transactions. A 30 minute drive isn't exactly "convenience", especially after the ordeal I'd already been through. Walmart was also very particular about personal information: they wanted name, phone number, address, email! and requested my driver's license for verification...that was a bit of an unpleasant suprise, but since I'm not doing anything illegal with my Bitcoins, I didn't care.
To Walmart's credit, my transaction went through by the time I made it back to the parking lot (about 10 minutes). It was easy enough to transfer Bitcoins from my wallet to various other wallets from my computer. However, I tried to consolidate a bunch of Bitcoins into one wallet...although my Bitcoin software says the send transactions were completed and verified, my final account balance was half of what I thought it would be and I don't understand why. We're talking about $100 worth of Bitcoins that never showed up.
So, tl;dr - Bitinstant/Moneygram/ZipZap is horribly broken and only works at certain locations, their customer service is worthless, anonymity is pretty much impossible to maintain because everyone asks for your information, and a random amount of paid-for Bitcoins might not ever show up in a wallet you sent them to because...electrons? I don't know, but what I do know is that this is not a convienient, sustainable, or efficient way of doing business and if Bitinstant is one of the larger exchanges due to it's "convenience", then God help Bitcoin...
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Having a third party buy bitcoin anonymously

Hi all, I've been out of bitcoin for a little while but am wanting to get back into it. I had a question about buying btc in a somewhat unorthodox way though. I am trying to have people deposit funds anonymously and then I can use those funds to purchase bitcoin.
Previously the way I would do this would be to have the person buying the btc buy a greendot or amazon giftcard then send me the number then I would use bitcoin-otc to trade for btc. Also before bitinstant start requiring verification I would have them go to walmart and make deposits with moneygram. It seems I can still do this with localbitcoins but the service charge seems somewhat high on most of these options.
Is there a cheaper way than that I can have a third party add funds anonymously for me to buy btc? Some type of cash deposit or moneygram option? Or maybe greendot/vanilla visa?
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Bitinstant is down. How to buy Bitcoins now?

The Bitinstant website is down right now. The only way that i have ever bought Bitcoins is from the moneygram at my local walmart and now since Bitinstant is down, what other way is there for me to buy bitcoins for cash? I would really appreciate the feedback.
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Buying Bitcoins through Dwolla on Localbitcoins

I have been hearing a lot of questions about how to buy bitcoins now that Bitinstant is having trouble. furthermore, as of friday 7/5 Blue Sky Traders is out of stock because this last drop in bitcoins has sent a buying binge across the internet. I'm looking for a viable option to buy bitcoin FAST. By fast I mean that I don't want to drive to a Walmart or deal with those stupid moneygram phones at CVS.
What I want to know is why i have not heard much about people using online vendors from localbitcoins. Obviously it's not a good place for vendors to sell coins, but for buyers it seems to make sense. Some vendors accept Dwolla and have a 100% feedback on over 50 sales. Other than the local bitcoin cap on $300 worth of coin, it seems perfect. I can have 6btc in my wallet without leaving my computer seat.
A second question i have is can I do multiple purchases from the same seller in a day or multiple purchases through different btc dealers as a way around the $300 cap?
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Buy bitcoins while in Europe

I usually replenish my SR balance via bitinstant/moneygram/Walmart. I'm currently traveling a bit for work and wanted to see what options there would be to get my SR account funded from here. Say, for example, from Paris. I always see people selling bitcoins on SR. Is that an option? Or does a Credit Card/Paypal (all online) option exist yet?
Thanks for any tips!
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1st Time Ordering, Need Help...

Hi all. I want to order 100 hits of blotter through SR. This will be my first time trying this,s o I'm a bit nervous. Here are my questions: I was going to use bitinstant due to the convenience of just running to Walmart, sending a moneygram, and it being there a few hours later. But, since their service seems to be down, I was wondering if you guys could recommend another service that could do that for me, that won't take ages. But I've now learned about Coinbase, and am probably going to try them if Bitinstant isn't up by a couple days. Is it safe to verify my bank account, etc. with them?
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Now that Bitinstant is down, what's the best way to purchase via MoneyGram?

My one and only bitcoin purchase experience a couple months ago went without a hitch - mostly because the ease of use of and bitinstant. After I selected how much USD I wanted to convert to bitcoin I was given all the information I needed to fill out a MoneyGram at Walmart.
Now bitinstant is down and's recommending Bitstamp which unfortunately does not use MoneyGram. I'm just curious if anyone else uses MoneyGrams to purchase bitcoin, and if so what site they use?
I checked the FAQ, but they recommend bitinstant so I don't think it has been updated since they went down. Thanks for the help!
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Walmart's How to make money on Paxful World Gone Money Mad; Ripple + Walmart + Moneygram; Binance to Advise Ukraine Gov't MoneyGram now Supported at Walmart. What This Means For XRP In The Future. Walmart, Moneygram, RIA e Ripple - YouTube

Sell Bitcoin for Walmart MoneyCard at Paxful: it’s easy, safe, and available 24/7. Choose the best offer and start trading now! The information about this new partnership was released by Walmart in an official announcement on November 4.. Ripple Partners Work With Walmart On Money Transfer Service. Two large partners of Ripple, MoneyGram and Ria, are currently working with Walmart to improve the system the company is currently using to transfer money. Buy bitcoins using Cash deposit: MONEYGRAM, WALMART 2 WALMART, WESTER UNION with US Dollar (USD) user LakeRaymond wishes to sell bitcoins to you. Price: 11,526.75 USD / BTC . Payment method: Cash deposit: MONEYGRAM, WALMART 2 WALMART, WESTER UNION User: LakeRaymond (feedback score 100 %, see feedback) Trade limits: 700 - 2,000 USD. Location: United States. Payment window: 4 ... Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with MoneyGram Paxful makes it easy and secure for you to buy and hold cryptocurrency. Find the best offer below and buy cryptocurrency with MoneyGram today. Please wait while we find the best offers for you. Buy from Pay with Rate per Bitcoin How to Buy Bitcoin on Paxful Here at Paxful, our goal is to make financial services accessible to millions of people around the world ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ...

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Walmart's "Walmart2World" Partners with MoneyGram, who Partnered with Ripple, Connection??

WalMart uses MoneyGram for World-Wide Wire service, called "WalMart2World" could there be a cryptocurrency connection since MoneyGram is experimenting with t... Close. This video is unavailable. Ripple Walmart Moneygram and RIA Partner for Payments Love For Crypto. Loading... Unsubscribe from Love For Crypto? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 14.4K. Loading ... How to Fill Out a Moneygram Money Order from Walmart - Duration: 3:22. Shahid Javed 63,082 views. 3:22. ... 🔴 [LIVE] Bitcoin Halving 2020 news, Altcoin trading, Global Crisis? 『ModelX』 YT ... Now there is a “how to buy bitcoins” page on backpage that directs people to Paxful and this is why we recommend creating an account with them for flipping your bitcoins. Moneygram and Western ...