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EOT - Encryption of things

 **EOT - Encryption of things** 
There is a huge surge in devices attached to the internet, known as the Internet of Things, and it is estimated that over 80 Billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2025, from industrial machines to devices in our home. The constant hacking and cyber attacks have increased not only the demand but the necessity of secure solutions. Our privacy and digital footprint are at risk.
[b]Some examples where encryption plays a role:
[b]Secure messaging - To make messages truly secure we need a process whereby a cryptography can be applied to encrypt transaction.
[b]Secure calling - Secure calling is a process whereby the caller and the recipient of the call are identified and linked via a blockchain enabled cryptocurrency transfer, again creating public and private encryption keys making the call truly private.
[b]Secure media storage - To safely and securely store media a process is required where 1.) Access to the media is encrypted via public and private keys of the person wanting to store the media. 2.) The media itself needs to be encrypted with a set of encryption keys and 3.) Media storage costs need to be paid via cryptocurrency
[b]Secure browsing - To browse the internet securely we need to create a process of verification whereby nodes on the blockchain can verify websites as “safe”. Furthermore, the entire process needs to be encrypted as well.
[b]Verification - This is one of the most important uses of a blockchain, we can verify websites as in the example above but also various other things such as identity, title and ownership, date stamps and source of products as with the verification of the source of agricultural or other products. These are just a few examples. All of this data needs to be encrypted as well.
[b]“Smart home” security - Wi-Fi is often used for remote monitoring and control. Home devices, when remotely monitored and controlled via the Internet, are an important constituent of the Internet of Things - all needing encryption, otherwise, hackers paradise.
[b]EOT in the future - The examples we mentioned above are only “scratching the surface” of where these technologies are applicable and who knows what will be invented in future. Google, Apple and Uber are all testing cars that drive themselves. A major issue with this technology is again the security aspect and the need to protect against hacking and who want’s to get into a spaceship to Mars that might be hacked or hijacked by ransomware?
So the future for the [b]“Encryption of Things” – EOT, looks very interesting indeed and the role of crypto currencies in this will be major.
Read the full white paper here -
The first device using EOT Coin is the BitVault®[/b] - the World's first crypto communicator and blockchain phone. The BitVault is a revolutionary new product that is built around security and privacy enabled through Blockchain technology. Biometric Security enabled through fingerprint and iris scan. Iris patterns are unique to you and are virtually impossible to replicate. This means that iris authentication is one of the safest ways to keep your BitVault locked and the contents private. Proven Biometric technology brings a whole new level of security to your crypto currency and blockchain transactions. Creating Military grade security for your device through third party independent Multilayer security.
September 2017 – Swiss Bank in Your Pocket integrates EOT Wallet(Achived)
October 2017 – BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain phone launches in London with integration of EOT for secure calling, secure messaging and secure browsing (First batch shipped)
November 2017 – BitVault® Global App Store launches for developers to develop their own applications (Achived)
November 2017 – Website EOT Payment Gateway for WordPress and WooCommerce (ACHIVED)
December 2017 – Cryptodoc stores all your documents securely and encrypted on your PC
December 2017 – Password Wallet stores all your passwords for applications and websites encrypted on your PC January 2018 – Smart Router for secure, encrypted internet which is direct, safe and easy
January 2018 – EOT Camera, an Encryption of Things connected camera
February 2018 – EOT Development Kit for hardware devices
EOT payment gateway live on, Now you can buy SBIYP and BitVault using EOT coins
More on the BitVault here:-]]]
The EOT Token is trading on the Waves Platform, TOKENS are 1:1 image of EOT coins, EOT coins can be converted to tokens and vice versa using gateway service in SBIYP hardware wallet. if you do not have that hardware wallet, you can contact members on slack who have purchased SBIYP to do that swap for you.
Name : EOT Token (Verified)
Identifier : GdnNbe6E3txF63gv3rxhpfxytTJtG7ZYyHAvWWrrEbK5
Total supply : 100,000,000
EOT token (EOT) markets added on the Tidex Exchange
EOT Coin details (currently minable)
windows wallet[/b]
windows Desktop wallet[/b]
MAC Wallet [/b]
WEB wallet [/b] (Closing, please withdraw your coins)
ANDROID wallet [/b]
Block Explorer [/b]
Block Explorer 2 [/b] (created by [b]@Luanptit[/b])
[Block reward [/b] 100 Coins, [b] ALGORITHM [/b] SCRYPT, [b] BLOCK TIME [/b] 90 seconds
Official mining pool [/b] Getting Started [/b] minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAddressWhereYouWantYourMiningCoins -p 1
unofficial Mining pools
[red]Currently EOT is traded on WAVES DEX, Crypto-Bridge DEX and TIDEX. Big exchanges will be available soon, exchanges are in comkmunication.
Opportunities are available with EOT - from Development, Mining, Trading as well as other business opportunities built around the EOT currency and the "Encryption of Things"
[size=34px]Bitvault on Yahoo Finance [/size] [center][img width=770][/img][/center]
[center][size=30px]Press release 4th October 2017 [/size] [size=30px]yahoo Finance [img][/img]
Some Helpful Information
[quote author=Story777 link=topic=2091616.msg21890405#msg21890405 date=1505551168]
You have been keeping a great secret.
I've been doing a bit of research with the technology behind this coin. It looks like ALOT of research has gone into this tech, since about 2004 and shortly after a patent for this P2P system was quickly issued.
Bitvault ( who are using the worlds first blockchain phone as a secure communication device and ultimately taking [font=Verdana][b]encryption[/b][/font] to the Internet Of Things (IoT) keeping our personal and business data secure. All this is done using [b]EOT coin [/b](Encryption of Things).
In todays world insecure devices are rampant. Here are a couple of links about the CIA being able to use insecure devices to 'cause accidents' and
It's scary to think a legal entity could posses such power over life. Just the mere fact alone the governing authority can request phone records (e.g. txt msgs, voice msgs or eavesdropping) proves most if not all telecommunication companies do not encrypt, otherwise whats the point on requesting the information!? (legal or not).
Commercially sensitive information needs to be protected and most importantly in my opinion our [font=Verdana][b]rights[/b][/font] and the privacy of all citizens of the human race need to be protected.
From my understanding BitVault is a platform for reference data. This would be data that is stored for compliance reasons such as e-mails, invoicing systems and check imaging (e.g. high quality imaging for x-rays, MRI scans etc) and a prototype was developed in 2004. This would means massive amount of data storage is required with fail-safe systems so a authorised user could access this information very very quickly.
Three goals were needed to be achieved: Low cost, high reliability/availability and simplicity. This is the birth of Bitvault via EOT.
Bitvault ultimately stores immutable objects with each new version being updated and identified with a 160-bit key.
System stability is very important and must be immune to failure sequences. Parallel repair via indexing is one of the many strengths Bitvault has been able to demonstrate.
BitVault is a back-end system that uses [u][b]Applications[/b][/u] to catalog object ID's. Using a catalog utility and indexing within an application prevented scalability bottlenecking under heavy loads.
Fast forward 3 years to 2007 a very important decision was to [u][b]decentralise[/b][/u] BitVaults system. This in my opinion is one of the fundamental principles of cryptocurrency - [u][b]No one entity or person has any control of the data stored and only the authorised user can access this info[/b][/u]. Ultimate Security and thus personal safety (see above articles CIA hacks). BitVault using applications have been able to use provable communication and data storage with ease of retrieval with vital security measures.
BitVault is not alone in researching solutions for security for the IoT, such as Venti and the like are making progress, however, BitVault is 'head and shoulders' above the few competitors and are already offering practical working solutions on the market with huge scalability that is cost effective.
Well Done BitVault, well done EOT your secret is out and let the world embrace.
author=Story777 link=topic=2091616.msg21462424#msg21462424 date=1504428317]
I have had a response in Slack and it has satisfied my questions. Thank-you.
For everyone information here it is:
The currency was created with 200 Million EOT total supply on 7 July 2017 [ we showed it to the community a London Fintech week with the demonstration of the BitVault - ]
100 Million was pre-mined and another 100 Million are currently being mined, 1 block every 90 seconds @ 100 coins per block.
So the pre-mined coins were listed on waves as a token so that it can create a market for the coins while we are working to get listed on other exchanges.
The 100 Million coins listed were distributed in several ways. Firstly, this was not an ICO because our business is already funded via private capital. We wanted to get the currency distributed a widely as possible. So most of the initial coins were given away to a number of interested parties. We distributed this to our whole development team, business partners, employees as well as to the waves and other communities. So we did not sell all these coins for the current price, most of it was given away for free to people that have an interest in our products and business. The price now is formed by whoever owns these coins.
The tokens on the exchange is really a representation of the currency and as such has value because it can be interchanged, just like Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the waves exchange. This whole process is explained on page 4 of the waves whitepaper, I think they call it an asset-to-asset exchange which makes it possible to list any asset that exist on waves. Unfortunately waves only has gateways currently for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, Euro and USD, so we have to develop our own gateway, which will be available on Nov 1.
So to clarify 100,000,000 tokens costing $190M were not sold. It is a combination of airdrops, private sales and sales on the exchange.
Some EOT coins are needed because: "A lot of EOT will be distributed through our devices. For example our encrypted routers are pre-loaded with EOT, so we need that stock and it will be distributed that way".
And with the response to tokens on the Waves Exchange "This is how Bitcoin works on waves: - They created 21 Million BTC Tokens.. When you deposit Bitcoin into waves account, you receive an equal amount of tokens which you can either trade or even sent via the waves blockchain to another user.. Once you withdraw your tokens are exchanged for BTC and you receive it back into your BTC wallet.. Exactly the same for USD or EUR - You don't send Euro's to another client on waves if you transfer - you send a token that represents EUR -- This works exactly the w0083".
These are the answers I was looking for and make a lot of sense now. This is indeed an exciting project. :)
It's time to trade....
Now I have one question left....
Is there anyone using NiceHash to mine this coin?? I keep being disconnected because of the difficulty being too low. Can any one help?
[quote author=Shews link=topic=2091616.msg22876983#msg22876983 date=1507755312] EOT (coin) is now tradable on the CryptoBridge Decentralised Exchange, you can sign up below.
Please note this is for the EOT COIN ONLY, do not send tokens to this dex. This is a secure means to trade with the backend being on a blockchain. It is still in beta stage but has been working flawlessly so far. If you'd like more info I will post their website link is below.
You can sign up with a local wallet mode, meaning you are the only one with access to your keys, this is most secure. There is also the option to sign up with and account if you require access to you funds on the go.
More info:
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Taler - Belarusian crypto currency
Taler is based on blocking technology and Lyra2z algorithm, that is, distributed decentralized crypto currency, which does not have a single emission center and centralized management.
● Starting the network - 09/09/2017
● PoW/PoS algorithm - Lyra2z● Issue - 23,333,333 coins● Unit time - 1 minute● Remuneration - 7 TLR coins● Mining Hardware - CPU, GPU, PoS● Difficulty adjustment - every block● Atomic swaps● Segwit & Lightning● Replay protection● Unique address format Bech32
\* Premine is gradually distributed as a starting working capital to a business ready to take a coin as payment for its goods and services.All business partners will be added to the Taler Ecosystem. The list is available on the websites and will be constantly updated.
Viability, integrity of the Taler system, transactions inside the system and the issue of new coins are provided by the computer network of Taler users themselves.Taler is the money of the new time, but at the same time it is a non-commercial project, in the sense that its creators do not receive direct personal benefits. The creators of the Taler system aimed this crypto currency for its use by private individuals, as well as Belarusian small and medium-sized businesses.
Welcome Bitcoin community and Bitcointalk audience! So, it happened! We did it - launched the first Belarusian crypto currency, which we called Taler. They were named in honor of the monetary unit, which had circulation on the Old Belorussian lands in the "golden age" of our homeland - during the time of the Grand Duchy and Rzeczpospolita.
We created the first independent crypto currency in Belarus. Which is able to attract investment, the flow of capital into the country, thereby it will help develop private and public business. Implementing instant and virtually free transactions - will facilitate the collection of funds for educational and social programs.
Belarus legalized crypto-currencies and mining without taxes.
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on December 21, 2017 signed a decree "On the development of the digital economy", the key idea of ​​which is legalization and support of operations with crypto-currencies, as well as mining and block-building technology at the state level.
The decree allows trade in crypto-currencies and their circulation in everyday life in Belarus. Individuals will be able to store, change, buy, donate, bequeath, mine, and also exchange crypto-currencies and tokens for fiat currencies. At the same time it is determined that mining, buying and selling of tokens, carried out by natural persons, do not relate to entrepreneurial activity. To declare crypto-currencies and incomes from operations with them Belarusians also it will not be necessary. Yurlitsa will be able to issue their own tokens through resident companies of the Belarusian High-Tech Park, that is, to conduct an ICO campaign in Belarus, it is enough to find a partner-resident of the HTP. Registration of a company in the country is not required. Also, they will be able to buy and sell tokens through crypto-exchange exchanges.
In addition to the issues of crypto-currency, the decree highlights provisions that should simplify the work of the IT sector in the country. For example, HTP residents are allowed to hire foreign citizens without permits, and the founders and employees of the park's residents themselves can enter Belarus without visas. The document establishes a number of tax incentives for the IT company, exempts company fees that represent advertising services for HTP residents, which is expected to simplify cooperation with Google, Facebook and other companies.To become a resident of the HTP, according to the decree, companies that are engaged in training neural networks, the development of artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies and mining, as well as advertising on the Internet and e-sports.Residents of HTP will be able to perform the following actions related to the turnover of tokens and crypto-currencies:
● Provide services for the organization and conduct of ICO, including promotion and advertising;
● Organize cryptographic exchanges;
● Organize crypto-exchangers;
● Mine;
● Act as investment funds;
● Conduct your own ICO.
During the next five years - until January 1, 2023 - many transactions with tokens will not have to pay taxes. So, you will not have to pay VAT when transferring the rights to tokens to other persons (including foreign organizations), the profit tax for exchanging one token for another is also not payable. Revenue from the exchange is also exempt from taxes. In addition, the income of individuals from the implementation of authorized transactions with tokens is not subject to income tax from individuals. HTP residents are also given the right to use smart contracts.
The first task is to form a community around the Taler system, which, in turn, will promote the Taler in all spheres of life of the Belarusians. The mechanism of introducing Talers into everyday use through a system of loyalty, supported by private businesses. In a sense, this can be called a "consumer mining", because with the help of consumption, customers can receive a reward - coins of a Taler. And the more such people, the more businesses that connect to the "Taler" system. And the more demand for Talers, as businesses use Talers to charge customers, the higher the rate of the Taler itself. In turn, the higher the rate - the more the consumer strives to use the services of those businesses that are accrued by Talers. So Taler is able to become a real driver of consumption.
Official site:
Windows 32
Windows 64
IOS(The development)
Ecosystem Taler:
Vkontakte page:
Twitter LIVE:
Mobile Payment Serviceand Internet (CIS) - Talers
Buying games on Steam for Taler: TalerPlay
Instagram Taler Play: TalerPlay
VieToday Game Project: Vie.Today
Browser Explorer, transaction scan, wallets network:
For developers:
Mining pools:
Mining calculator:
Courses and bidding statistics:
Uralc P2P
List of applications sent to exchanges:
Official English-language telegram chat:
Official Russian-language telegram chats:
Sale of Things for TLR (TalerShop) TalerShop
Unofficial telegram chats:
KryptaBelarusi: CryptoBelarusik
Viejšnoryja(VieToday) VieToday
TalerOnline: TalerOnline
The picture contains a password from 10 000 tlr: Vzlom_Kartiny
Taler Play: TalerPlay
MiTaler-Shop: MiTaler
ZaTaler: ZaTaler
Republic of Blockhain(Channel): CryptoRepublic
Republic of Blockhain(chat): CryptoRepublic_MainChat

**Contact with developers:*
*Official email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Customer Service: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Attention! Email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) is no longer functioning, and is under the control of unknown persons. Be carefull!
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Stratis Fork?

"Quick update on State of The Biblepay, and a request for any constructive criticism on a potential new idea.
So before I share the new idea I want to say I am committed to adding new Gospel features to BiblePay. I dont want to give the impression that we are moving away from core values or anything like that. I feel like our Dev Team that is forming behind the scenes now will be able to continue to maintain and enhance the wallet and the pool with more features to spread the Gospel. We do need to continue searching and implementing ways on spreading the Gospel to IT Geeks, as we need to be true to God and practice what we preach, in that since He commands us to feed his sheep (as we help the orphans) and spread his word, we can do this at the same time by enhancing the wallet.
Next, I want to explain some background. Ive been following Stratis for certain technical reasons over the last year and for a while I didnt think Stratis would affect BiblePay, but now I have reason to think it might be able to complement BiblePay if we complement Stratis. I was a corporate programmer for about 20 years and ended up programming in c# before I started a data company that has a product that is written in c#. So I do have a propensity to "understand" the architecture that built Stratis. Stratis is a rewritten blockchain infrastructure built from scratch in c#. Everything is there, the database, the hash function, the sha function, the blockindex, the syncing, everything. What Stratis does not have yet: No altcoins run stratis because the UI is still in its infancy, its a Web UI called Breeze. Also, they just finished writing POS a couple weeks ago so really no one was mining stratis except - in the stratis-berkeleydb-qt wallet using POW.
Anyway the reason I mention Stratis, is I think it would be interesting if we were the first Altcoin to run a Stratis fork. I was thinking, I have the team behind the scenes that could potentially port Stratis into Biblepay and Biblepay into Stratis, and we could write a new C# UI, one that is not web based (that would be Windows native forms based as an EXE download). So our contribution to Crypto in this case is we would check-in the ability to run a stratis back-end on an altcoin with a Windows native UI (IE that is biblepays contribution). The Second contribution would be adding PoBH (our hash class), and the Third would be adding Dash masternodes To the Stratis core. So another words, we would have a native windows wallet download with masternodes, a new UI, and full sync-compatibility with the existing Biblepay wallet and keys.... I would estimate this project "could" potentially make BiblePays marketcap worth at least $100MM. (As Stratis is $795MM). It also gives us SegWit (which we have a quote request out for), allowing us to run Lightning Network in the future. Its an exciting project, that I think devs would want to jump in and help us with also- as I know the c# corporate workplace is very deep- and that could ensure our long term stability as well. I truly think this project could be done along side our normal Gospel enhancements, in a safe way. (Safe as in parallel until the Stratis wallet works). We basically would release a windows wallet that would sync in a compatible manner to the Berkeley wallet, and offer a separate download. If this project took off, we could refocus our support into the c# wallet and find a way to port the c# to mono, and stop developing berkeleys wallet (to have one codebase in the future). It does offer an interesting perspective, to support one codebase that is potentially c# in the future. And finally this idea opens up one more huge market for us that is harder on the berkeleydb side: Stratis smart contracts. Stratis is working on that, and I feel our future full dev team can integrate smart contracts into the stratis code, contracts that are more efficient. Ones that offer consensus based on c# code (instead of the bitcoin main chain), and - possibly, smart contracts that execute actual c# language code (meaning they could be very complicated contracts).
The primary reason I write all this is to invite any constructive criticism on the idea. No I dont want to hear from people who do not know what they are talking about (for example, miner comments like Oh you are going to push us off linux, and kill us? ) Im talking technical and bitcoin and high level comments for this idea." -Rob
"Dash will release the Evolution upgrade soon with Dapi and much more. Dash is the future.
I think BiblePay should stay with the Dash business model and update the codebase as dash core release Evolution version.
Unless you have a way to keep the dash core business model and ADD Stratis features. That would be great.
Also, FYI, there is already a Stratis fork name Obsidian." -Samoshi
"Thanks! Didnt know about Obsidian. I see all kinds of Stratis talk in their ANN. Their whitepaper is missing. Looking at their wallet pics it looks like they modified breeze. To include instant messaging. Thats the stratis web UI I was referring to - I think we would gain traction if we had a UI that looked like our QT that ran in windows natively with stratis. I synced stratis a couple months ago using source against bitcoin and it syncs very fast. I believe because the database is using NoSql which is apparently pretty good. It looks like flat files on the drive.
Anyway, yes, I have evolution downloaded and running here. (Our other team needed to dissect it for their current project). So far it doesnt add anything to our needs for orphan payments, but I agree, we need to stay on top of potentially pushing new features back into biblepay. It does not include SegWit, so we really gain nothing by monkeying with the latest evolution check in at least for a little while.
But to address your question about masternodes: I fully promise we will stick to our roadmap, and deploy our masternodes and let our integrity rise and hopefully our price as more users buy to lease masternodes, and we embrace them. For stratis, Im thinking about potentially running a stratis biblepay clone in parallel, one that is compatible with our chain, and porting the masternode (sanctuary) features Into the stratis clone to make that clone compatible with biblepay.
If all went well theoretically, I was thinking (especially if our price was rising) about offering a second flavor of masternode in c#. One extra type of lease to run .NET code. (Thats just a concept for now)." -Rob
Is this news from Stratis relevant?
That should help a lot. The good news is the UI does not appear to exist anywhere (other than that breeze web UI), so Im trying to do something slightly pioneering.
On an interesting side note, all of stratis c# is written in the new cross-platform .NET "Standard core" version 2.0 (the one that was not written by microsoft), so the daemon actually runs on linux (and v2.0 does not have a UI for Windows).
However, .NET 4.7.1 (with windows.forms UI) runs on windows, so putting a UI on it means it runs in windows and not linux. (We can look at mono on that later) but Im more concerned about writing a proof of concept now to see how it works.
Conceptually a linux user would have biblepayd, the ability to mine in linux, and run from the command line. Windows would have the UI. Then we would have our nix programmers port the UI to mono. There would be no QT version (LOL). Very interesting. -Rob
"I took a look at Obsidian, and Im happy to say that so far it is actually a port of Stratis with the Obsidian-QT wallet - meaning it does not yet include any Prod c# code, or c# UI. The UI in the Obsidian-QT wallet is the same as our Biblepay-QT wallet (minus the masternodes). The thing they are releasing at Christmas is messaging for Android - not c# web UI either.
Thats good because that means we have a wide open space to do something pioneering with Stratis still.
We might not be the first as this is a HUGE project. I think it will take a quarter to release a proof of concept.
But its good to know we might be able to focus on this project for something very original and bright for BiblePay.
I was thinking of a huge potential side effect we might inherit if we ever have a c# wallet. We could literally add hundreds of gospel features in the wallet without breaking compatibility with a very quick release schedule as the codebase would be pool compatible, and in addition we could add tons of windows forms features to the code." -Rob
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bitcoin-qt.exe -datadir='D:\blockchain' Make sure that you set correct destination for datadir and replace path 'D:\blockchain' to your downloaded blockchain folder if needed. Start the program using shortcut. If you use your old wallet.dat and don't see your balance run ... The Best Bitcoin mining Software, try it Now! Depending on the difficulty of mining the block and the value to be deciphered, your profit may change, however, on average our users with the key of the Silver plan, with 3 uses in a day, have been able to generate between 0.15 BTC and 0.32 BTC, which is profitable if you compare it with the investment of the Mining key. Finally, launch Bitcoin Miner software with localhost (, the rpcport (Y=8332), the username (X), and password (Q) you set in bitcoin.conf. These are the values you chose as the credentials to connect to Bitcoin Core to start solo mining Bitcoin. Bitcoin-Qt ist ein Open-Source-Projekt und derzeit einer der sichersten Vertreter unter den Mining-Clients. Hier müssen Sie sich nicht um eventuelle Angriffe auf Ihr virtuelles Geld sorgen. Ebenfalls Open-Source und vertrauenswürdig ist Electrum.Das Tool punktet mit einer 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung, dem Support von Add-ons und der Möglichkeit, Ihre Keys jederzeit in andere Bitcoin-Clients ... Solo mining is just like winning a lottery and there is no magic number that’ll guarantee results. You could either mine a block or you could never solve a block even after mining for a long time. However technically there is a chance of mining a block if you maintain proper communication with the network and keep submitting shares constantly. We can’t tell how long as It all depends on ...

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Best Bitcoin Mining Site Without Investment Payment ...

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