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Bet min - get max: play slots from 0.001 mBTC on BetFury

Bet min - get max: play slots from 0.001 mBTC on BetFury
BetFury is a place, where everyone can enjoy gaming, even having a few coins in the wallet. There are many slots that can be played for minimal amounts. Newcomers can start playing with those Bitcoins that they have managed to withdraw from the Free Box.We've created the list of Slots with min BTC bets accessible for everyone - from 0.001 mBTC per line.
Let's get acquainted with them closer:
Place bets from 0.0010 mBTC per line with the Endorphina provider.Open Mystery of Eldorado and withdraw your winnings.Get gold in Ancient Troy with AchillesGo through the Minotaurus maze.
Provider Tom Horn offers to play slots from 0.01 mBTC per line.Thrones of Persia are waiting for their king. Get the crown and expand the lands of Persia.Enter another kingdom if you are not afraid of wild beasts. In Savannah King you will meet a majestic lion, a ruthless tiger or a cunning hyena guarding gold.Can you pass the Blackbeard's quest? Just try. The pirates went to drink rum - this is your chance to take your jewelry from them.
Start making winning bets from 0.04 mBTC per line with HabaneroYou can't stand Ocean's call. Mermaids and sirens are waiting to be rescued from the Wicked witch. The stars in 12 Zodiacs will show a short way to save mermaids from witches.
Spinomenal opens up a variety of worlds from 0.05 mBTC per line.Your disco party starts with Cats gone wild. You will not have time to get bored, come off completely.Open Jade connection of emperors. Get the jade first so that the enemies do not have time to destroy it.Want to visit the Jurassic period? This is possible in Slotsaurus! You've never seen anything like it. Dinosaurs are alive - see for yourself.
Playson will introduce you to the majestic Viking Gods. You can get to their castle by opening the road with a min bet from 0.15 mBTC per line. The Gods are waiting for you. Remember, the road is long and you will need to eat. Mega Burning Wins will sell any juicy fruit from 0.10 mBTC per line.
Book of Sun by Booongo will show you all the way to 7 Gems. Each path starts from 0.2 mBTC and will result in one of 7 Gems. Any gem can be picked up by making bets - min 0.1 mBTC.
Fugaso represents the country of Forest Ant. A ticket that costs from 0.04 mBTC per line. Visit them, they will tell you about all the secrets and gold of Goblin's Land. Each secret costs from 0.03 mBTC per line.
A fantastic world is waiting for you. GameArt provider created it for you from 0.001 mBTC per line.Ride the Magic Unicorn and explore its kingdom. All the lands that belonged to the kings will now be yours. Joan of Arc will help you to conquer the land and become the hero of the century.Ever wanted to be a cowboy in the Wild West? Then go through the Wild Wild Quest and get the right to proudly wear the title of best cowboy.
Platipus opens a new world with rates from 0.10 mBTC per line.Have you ever dreamed of becoming an almighty pharaoh? The Book of Egypt will tell you how to become a pharaoh and rule ancient Egypt.Savannah's wild beasts lurk at every turn. Crocoman is the leader of Savannah. He will help you to get through the dangers and the hot desert to reach the diamonds of the oasis Jewel Bang.
Start earning your million. How to do it? The Betfurian will tell you from his own experience. You can have 1 cent and make it $1000 or even a million.
Have you seen the BTC min bets in our In-house games? 1 Satoshi ~ 0.00000001 BTCThis makes mining BFG(BTC) available for everyone!All the best from BetFury for you.
Hurry up! Fury opens the Slots' jungle . An exciting journey is in full swing.
Link to the Website: Link to the Telegram: Link to the Twitter: Link to the Telegram Channel: Link to the Steemit: Link to Facebook: Link to Instagram: Link to Reddit:

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[Updated Jan 2020] How many Irish Subs are there really?

The first time I made this post I had uncovered 500+ Irish related subs on reddit, from the abandoned to the large. This was some time in 2016ish and I have continued to try and track as many new subs as I can.
Below is the updated list, again including some of the Discord Servers & useful other external links (although not counted) and the count stands at 710 plus some redirects/banned subs/karma farms. I have also continued to included some of the North American Subs that could be mistaken for Irish just for information.
As you can see from the notations many, many of them are inactive but it's more about finding as many of them as possible than anything else.
If anyone knows of, or can find, new ones not listed below, throw them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. A rich vein of new ones continue to be towns etc, people from Ireland (bands etc) and products.
To any owners of Discords that appear on this list or not, let me know of perma invitation links as I know some of the below have expired but I'd rather have them as reminders/ place holders than not.
To anyone who owns a sub...put a description in the bleedin' sidebar! (Growing is easier if people don't have to guess what the sub is for)
If you find a sub you might like to resurrect you can head over the /redditrequest and request to take it over. See their sidebar for full rules and process.
(P) = Currently Private Sub
(O) = Out of Use
(m) = Authors Notation
(NI) = Northern Ireland
(R) = Redirects

Visiting & Moving to Ireland

Also see ‘Hobbies & Interests’ and ‘Locations’ below.
General Discords

Irish Language/ As Gaeilge Subs

History & Heritage

Media, Music & Art

Media Discussion
News Subs
Media Creatives
Underground Film & Music
Art, Design & Visual

IT, Developers & Tech

Data & Crypto
PC Parts
  • See below


Womens Issues


Health & Well-being Issues

Education Subs

Second Level
Third Level
Clubs/ Societies & College Interests

Political Parties/ Discussion

State Institutions
Political Issues
Political Satire
Pol Discords

Model Government & Related Subs

Model Houses & Parties
Model Media
Model Meta & Misc

Religion & Religious Issues


Fans Subs
Other Sports


Legal, Financial & Property

** Legal System**
Community Assistance
Bargains & For Sale
Earn Credit



Hobbies & Interests

Drug Culture
Board Gaming
Computer Gaming
Tech Interests
Food & Drink
Dating & Social Groups
Outdoor Activities
Weapons Enthusiasts
Fun Subs
Fun Discords
Places to Moan
Fandom Subs
Celtic Subs
NSFW Adulty Subs
Meta & Alternative Ireland Subs
Misc Defunct/ Unknown Content

Ireland not local enough for ya? Subscribe to:


Cities/ Towns/ Townlands
Northern Ireland
Ex-Pat Communities
Location Based Discords


Not Irish Subs

  • Irish Subs Count: 710 + 9
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Why Having a MENTOR in Crypto is Very Important

Why Having a MENTOR in Crypto is Very Important
For the past couple of years I have been sharing the exorbitant costs of the Palm Beach newsletter services with a few other people. But what started off as a simple share of the costs of these publications has actually turned into me being a teacher or counselor in the space to many who are completely new to the world of cryptocurrency.
A bit about me:
As someone who has been buying bitcoin since early 2014 I became the ipso facto ‘crypto expert’ among my friends and new newsletter shares. People came to me with all types of questions which I had taken for granted since I had long ago been through the learning curve required to make me highly proficient at navigating the complex waters of cryptocurrency.
It was at this time that I realized just how difficult crypto currency can be for most people. Many things I took for granted are not actually that simple. I’ve gotten questions all over the board over the years: “how do I buy bitcoin?” - or “How do I send it now that I have it”. “What’s a crypto wallet?” “what are the best exchanges to use?”, “what does ERC-20 mean?” …and on and on and on. I realized that things that I took for granted were actually very real concerns and struggles for people. So I became a teacher of sorts to those who needed help getting their footing established in the wild west of crypto, and instead of being someone who simply shared the costs of pricey publications I ended up being a mentor, an ally, and a friend to many of these people.
Here are a few things I’ve noticed over the years:
Most of the mistakes people make are done early on as they are trying to get set up. There are many traps out there to part you with your money. Fly by night exchanges…or even bogus exchanges, people promising you educational courses that turn out to be worthless drivel and many people online telling you which coins to buy hyping things so much because they want YOU to buy their bags - not to make you rich. I once had a friend google a crypto exchange customer service number. The number wasn’t real but a spoof website in a paid search result which connected her to a scammer who proceeded to steal her $8,000 worth of bitcoin in about 30 seconds. Poof! Gone!
What’s important when you are first new to crypto is to realize that everyone has an agenda and most of the time it’s not a mutually beneficial one. This is the wild wild west! You better have your wits about you, and be quick on the draw - otherwise you’ll blink and suddenly find yourself penniless.
But even good guys have an agenda. I know I do! But mine is more altruistic and designed to be “mutually beneficial”. See, I’m hoping to gain some of your trust to have a conversation so that you’ll allow me to be your ally and mentor in the space - giving me the chance to share both my knowledge and the publications you want. Like most value adding things in life it starts with a profit motive; capitalism at its purest. But the best business is also the business which helps solve problems. And that is what I am attempting to do here - to connect with a few people that I can add value and insights to.
Swimming with Sharks or the Land of Milk and Honey?:
With that said cypto is full of some of the slimiest people on earth. Scammers and frauds in boiler rooms in India or Pakistan or China trying to take advantage of your naiveté. It is what it is. Welcome to crypto. But crypto is also the new land of opportunity- a land where you can stake a claim and strike gold, or watch oil just gushing out of the ground. So, yes it can be a wonderful place too! Some of the best people I know I’ve met through my cryptocurrency connections and projects I have become passionate about. Many of these are freedom loving people acutely aware that many things aren’t right in the world and many things need to be changed. We love profit combined with the ideological purity of what crypto is at its core, and usually find agreement in the fact that crypto offers many solutions to a world begging for a paradigm shift towards more honesty and integrity in a broken world full of corrupt systems and cronyism.
But where do you turn for the advice if you are an outsider looking into this fascinating new world and the possibilities that it presents? Do you go to youtube? Do you run to a computer and start googling bitcoin? Will your smart Uncle Joe be able to help you? Certainly, there is a lot of information you can glean our there on your own if you are industrious and persistent. But these are also shark infested waters, and as I said earlier - nearly everyone has an agenda. Usually, as a newbie in crypto you are the “mark” - or as poker players would say; “the fish” at the table. Everyone will welcome you to grab a seat and offer you a smoke… getting you extremely comfortable, before taking your money leaving you wondering what the hell just happened?!
Are you the Customer or “the mark”?
Sadly, many of the latest and greatest crypto publications have also gone the route of the hustler at the poker table. They get you to empty your pockets to enter into the game - and then later they hold you by your ankles and shake you until anything left comes spilling out onto the ground. It’s a brutal world for sure. How many of you are aware that the moment you sign up for Palm Beach (for one example) the next week or even day they will be hitting you up to sign up for yet another multi-thousand dollar subscription service with them or one of their partners like Bonner and Associates or Legacy Research Group? Don’t believe me? Sign up and find out!
To me this is greed at its highest and most perverse level. They claim to want to “help” you become one of the nouveau rich - and they charge a literally boat load of money for the information to do so. The information is very good even! But then just days later you will find out that your information is “incomplete” - and that what you really need to do is to buy this “other” publication which shows you a more nuanced (and shhhh, also secret formula ) to really getting those profits you crave sooner - only even much bigger profits this time - in another sector - oh by the way this will only cost you another $2,500 or $1,500. Really? Are they looking out for their customers or more interested in bleeding them out like pigs? I’d say clearly the latter.
Time for a more Holistic Approach:
For the reasons above I have committed myself to being a crypto mentor and friend in the space - but as a business. As a bonus to signing up with me as your friend and mentor in the space I’ll share with you the publications. This way you help me cover the costs and I help you get what you want; the pricey information. Only I do better by you - in offering you my hand in expertise and kinship and getting your cost greatly reduced at the same time. It’s a no brainer for you really.
Keep in mind I have ALL the Palm Beach publications you could want; (Palm Beach Confidential, Crypto Income Quarterly, Palm Beach Trader, Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Quant ) and also the lesser known and unrelated Crypto Vigilante of Dollar Vigilante fame (a very underrated publication imo). And you get someone who understands crypto and the crypto markets at a fairly high level - someone with the 10,000+ hours put into the space since 2014 to make me not only highly proficient - but arguably an “expert” in the field.
If you were going to get the $75 rib-eye - wouldn’t the same steak taste even better at $25 - $50 while also having 3 sides (and fancy drinks) included? Your choice. This is what I’m offering you.
I have a videos showing me in all my splendor (lol) and trying to communicate who I am, and what I can do for you. I am currently offering a few levels of memberships to my mentorship and expertise and the publications and info you want. So why not have a brief talk about it? Drop me a line in direct message here (not in the public thread below) - and I’ll get you over the full monty of details regarding signing up with me and getting immediate access to the publications and my brain. ; )
I’ll even send you that private video of me first so you can decide if I’m the type of person you might want to do business with. I look forward to hearing from you! Drop me that message and please leave a brief note of what exactly you might be interested in. You can do that here on Reddit or at: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Thanks!
Proverbs 15:22 - Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

palm beach confidential, teeka tiwari, crypto income quarterly, crypto teacher, crypto learning, learn bitcoin, cryptocurrency class
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[META-Resource] Compilation of the creative works we see in Mr. Robot

Last updated 09/03/2019 09:50
This post is a subreddit cumulative effort! A list of all Redditors (so far) are at the bottom of the post.
I thought maybe we could compile a list of all of the art, literature, music, movies, etc. that we see in Mr. Robot. Who knows, it may help with understanding, theorizing, and our enjoyment of an already enjoyable show.
I will add to this list based on the comments to the post.

Listen while you browse - Mr Robot Spotify Playlist from u/darlenehackingqueen

Art – Paintings
Art – Sculpture
Books - Literature
Books – Fiction
Books - Graphic novels and comics
Books – Non-fiction
Misc. – Maps, globes, designer clothing, significant historical events
Music Artwork
Television shows
Questionable Additions - Computers, lingo, programming, etc. (? I consider this creative but others may not)
Contributors to this list are:
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MW Fun Changes to Come! Also, No Shipping 2/10-2/14 - TODAY and TOMORROW Last Days to Order to Ship This Week! Mix-n-Match any 5 12ml Syringes for $30 with FREE SHIPPING From Over 20 Cubensis Varieties and Exotics as an Add-On! Mush Love fam <3

Hello fam! I'm so sorry this is coming with such short notice, but wanted to make a post really quick to tell you guys and gals that I'll be out of town from Monday, Feb 10 through Friday, Feb 14 to take a trip and scout out some living (and working) space and preparing to move on March 1! Any orders placed today by 3PM will still ship today, and any orders placed from 3PM Friday 2/7 through 2PM Saturday 2/8 will still ship out on Saturday. I'll be available to chat and take orders while I'm gone, but any orders placed from Feb 10 through Feb 14 will ship on Saturday Feb 15. Thanks to a few tech savvy friends, I now have a system in place to keep me more organized with inventory while I'm away, and have prepared a stock beforehand to be sure I'm ready to ship when I get back. I'm doing a lot on the back end over here to make sure I don't have to take a long break when I actually move next month, but I plan to be away from shipping from Feb 28-March 3 to get settled into the new place.
In other news, I have some really interesting varieties coming up that will be ready to ship upon my return! Cambodian, Costa Rican, Dancing Tiger, Lizard King, and a few more to follow! You can check out What's To Come and an always updated list of what's available on Millywyco and even make suggestions and requests for what you'd like to see in the future!
I'm still doing the pick 5 for $30 mix-n-match dealio as always, and have some new ones on this list as well I think you'll all enjoy :)
Much of the satisfaction I get throughout my day comes from YOU GUYS (and gals), from the positive encouragement, connections made and regular pleasant conversation. Keep sharing the recent positivity in your life, the cat facts, and warmth that's spread through this community. Be persistent, never give up and never stop learning!! I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY <3
Please check out the updated list of inventory below. I'll make a post when I am able to get my hands on some other requested varieties, and as always, I accept trades! Feel free to send me a message if you have a request for something I do not have in stock. My wish list is your wish list! I'm sure we band together and find it if we try.
Shipping in US only at the moment, not available to ID, GA, or CA (yes, really)
Spore syringes are for microscopy use only
Any reference to cultivation will exclude you from placing an order and we may never speak again. I want to talk to you. Don't do it!
There are no exceptions to these rules. You have been warned.
PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED: Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards
PayPal is NOT available to me at this time.
Also, I am the fee master! I get charged fees left and right that I don't pass on to you from shipping and third party payments. If you'd like to throw me a tip, however much it may be, I'd love you forever and it really does make a difference! These types of people have allowed me to share with some who are less fortunate. On the other hand, if times are tough for you right now, let's talk about it!
If you are a returning customer who has left a review, mention the secret password "BESTFRIENDSFORLIFE" for a discount!
Please add an additional $5 to any order if you prefer 2-day Tracked Priority Mail shipping. (90% of my Priority Mail shipments are 2 day. Occasionally, rural areas are 3 day)
1 syringe for $15
2 syringes for $20
5 syringes for $30
Golden Teacher (LIMITED TO 2 PER ORDER!)
A classic variety for any mycologist. Pretty standard, easy to work with and almost everyone starts here. Can't go wrong with GT! They go faaaasssst. Currently limited to 2 per order with mix-n-match due to extreme popularity.
Albino A+ (AA+)
While "true" albino's are just a mutation, this variety gets it's name from the leucistic trait of having less pigment than other varieties, appearing completely white when mature. One of the all time most popular varieties I've had the pleasure of offering!
Originating from the Amazon rain forest, this variety is known to produce large,dense fruits in the wild, and certainly an interesting study under the scope :)
Pronounced "Be Positive"!...Or at least that's what I like to say. The "+" is for the size! Looks a lot like Golden Teacher, only bigger. A favorite among beginning and advances mycologists alike and other than GT, probably the most popular variety.
Blue Meanie
This is the cubensis variety, not to be confused with Pan Cyan, the original Blue Meanie. One of my most popular varieties when it's in stock!
From the Chitwan jungle of Nepal, these are picture perfect under the scope.
Golden Halo
Really interesting study and you'll see why this one earns it's name. Darker on the inside, golden on the outer ring...looks like a halo!
Jedi Mind Fuck
Still haven't been able to find much info on the origin, but I have heard some interesting things about this variety.
Origin unknown, but holds a special place in my heart, due to being named after the late Terrence McKenna <3
Orissa India
Originally spawning from elephant dung, this is one of the largest studies under the scope.
PES Amazon
With genetics from Pacific Exotica Spora (PES), this variety has a few stories to go along with it. Really interesting study if you care to look them up, but it was originally thought to be a cubensis/azurescens hybrid, accounting for the "A" in PESA. After much controversy, most identify this variety as Amazon or Amazonian.
PES Hawaiian
One of the wider caps in the species, PES (Pacific Exotica Spora) Hawaiian are uniquely pleasant to look at under the scope. One of the quickest movers on the slide, and easily one of my favorites to study!
Red Boy
So appropriately named, this variety actually drops red spores! Super interesting study under the scope!
Rusty Whyte
Another leucistic variety, these always look super cool!
South African Transkei (SAT)
Originating near Durban on S. Africa's wild coast, these are known to be some of the first specimines brought back from Africa in 2002.
Treasure Coast
First collected in the southern Gulf Coast in Florida, earning it's name from the number of shipwrecks in the area, and perhaps one of the most resistant varieties out there!
Much like Golden Teacher, but this variety seems to have some great positive characteristics that sets it aside. Very fast and aggressive under the scope, this one will not disappoint!
THE FOLLOWING EXOTICS ARE NOT PART OF THE 5/$30 MIX-n-MATCH DEALIO, but can be added to any order for $10 as an add-on. These are NOT cubensis, and NOT recommended for beginners.
****Psilocybe Azurescens***\*
Originally made popular by my favorite mycologist of all time, Paul Stamets, this is known to be the most potent of any mushroom species discovered to date. It's name comes from the bluish (Azure) tint active species get when bruised. This variety is also NOT for beginners, as it is a more difficult study and requires completely different conditions to observe on a slide.
****Psilocybe Serbica***\*
****Paneaolus Cyanescens***\*
These tiny guys pack a big punch, mostly in tropical areas. Unlike the Blue Meanie cubensis variety causing much confusion, this is the actual species also known as Blue Meanie.
****Paneaolus Cyanescens BVI (British Virgin Islands)***\*
Pan Cyan from the beautiful British Virgin Islands.
****Panaeolus Cambodginensis***\*
I will update the available list daily as I get new varieties in stock or run out. This list is updated daily, but confirm your order with me before sending payment to be sure.
All syringes are 12cc/mL and come capped with a sterile tip cap, and also include an 18ga blunt tip needle and alcohol pads. Syringes are made in a lab grade environment and the utmost care and attention is the highest priority to be sure they are sterile. Anything exposed to an open air environment is subject to contamination, but I take every precaution possible to minimize this risk. I cannot "guarantee" they are 100% sterile, but I can guarantee that if you have an issue, I will make it right. I really do love to help, and if something happens, I'd like to know about it so I can fix the issue instead of you getting frustrated or giving up!
To ensure equal quantity of spores in each syringe, and for adequate suspension of the spores in the solution, I use a magnetic stir plate. Very often, this does such a good job of breaking up clumps of spores that it will appear to be sparse. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE! There are still a TON of spores in each syringe, even if you can't see them individually (though most of my syringes appear to have a very good amount of visible spores...even with my horrible eyesight!). You can compare and contrast to see the blackish/purple tint to ensure every syringe is packed with spores. If a spore clump forms during transportation, simply give it a good flick with your finger and vigorously shake to break it up or free it from clinging to the wall of the syringe before examining.
Syringes ship in individual bags clearly labeled as to specific variety and born on date, bubble wrapped and shipped through USPS tracked shipping (discreet) within 24 hours of payment. I send tracking info soon after payment and give updates along the (super quick) way.
Please PM me with order details, including state shipping to, payment method, and the selected syringes for your order. Any messages referring to spores being used for anything other than microscopy use will be ignored. Don't do it.
THANK YOU ALL so much again for your continued support!! I appreciate it more than you know! MUSH LOVE
P.S. In no way am I trying to be an imposter. I AM NOT WILLY MYCO. I chose this u/ a while back as sort of a play on words and tribute to a legend most of us recognize, long before I became a spore vendor. I don't want anyone to think I am trying to pass off as him, though I do strive for his level of excellence and dedication to the craft! I appreciate all of the kind words, though, from people saying they learned from "my" videos. I wish I could pass on those notes to RR himself.
Cheers and MUSH LOVE!
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Hide and Seek

I know you are reading this. You know who you are. This game has went on for long enough. It has been almost a year. Please, let it end. I am begging you. I just want my life back.
For everyone else, I will start at the beginning.
I am sure all of you have seen those youtube or twitch streamers who like to scam the scammers by wasting their time, right? I thought it was funny so I decided I would do the same thing, except without broadcasting it to the world. It was a lot of fun to see how long I could keep these assholes tied up on the phone with me instead of your trusting grandma.
Then I heard about the “Dark Web” and how there are also people on there who like to scam people. I admit, I had never been on the dark web before, but I had heard the stories. It was the wild west where you could buy drugs and have them delivered to your door and the police couldn’t track you. You could hire a hitman to kill anybody you wanted as long as you had bitcoins to pay them with. Sadly, I also heard about the child porn rings and knew I did not want to accidentally land on one of those pages. The anonymous nature of the dark web can both a blessing and a curse.
I logged on to the dark web and was able to find a page advertising hacking services. Not real hacking, but more stuff like hacking into your significant others facebook account or email to see if they are cheating on you. Stuff a simple keylogger would accomplish but they were asking for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. It was clearly a scam and was exactly what I was looking for.
Before I talk to any scammer, I spoof my number and have a virtual machine set up so if they take command of my computer, they are not actually doing anything real. It is all just a charade. I never use my real name, or real telephone number.
It started off the same way these things always start off. I act interested in a service, but I am not smart enough to know how to buy and send bitcoin. I string them along, and they eventually try to walk me through it over the phone. No matter how easy they make it, I am just too dumb to figure it out. They eventually get tired of dealing with me and hang up. All I wasted was both of our time.
This call was different. After about 5 minutes of me playing dumb, they figured it out and were pissed.
“You think you’re funny?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Trying to waste our time?”
“Yea, the more time you waste on me, the less time you have to scam other people.”
“You fucked up this time. You fucked with the wrong people.”
“Why do you do this? Scam people? Does it make you feel good?”
“We aren’t the spam callers you normally talk to in Nigeria or India, Jason. You are on the Dark Web now, and you should have known better than to fuck with people on the Dark Web.”
How the hell did they know my name was Jason? I told them my name was David. What the fuck? I better get off here now.
“You are a scammer. Get a real job and stop trying to scam people.”
I ended the call.
Less than a minute later, my phone rang from my own number. I knew I shouldn’t have answered it, but I did. I knew who it was.
“Jason, we don’t like it when people hang up on us.”
“Listen, I clearly messed with the wrong person. I’m sorry. I am just trying to annoy scammers who scam innocent people. That’s all. This is just a big misunderstanding. Let’s just go our separate ways. I am sorry.”
“That is not how this is going to work Jason Keys”
“How do you know my name?”
“You found hackers on the Dark Web, are you surprised we know who you are and that your address is XXXXX ?” Yes, they knew my address.
“Okay, you were able to trace my phone and get my personal information. I get it. I fucked up.”
“Where are you right now, Jason?”
“I’m at work.” I lied.
‘No, you’re not, Jason. You are in your kitchen.”
“Okay, you somehow have used my phone’s GPS to find my location. I get it. You are real hackers. I will never waste your time or anyone else’s time again. I swear.”
“Do you like games, Jason?”
“What do you mean? I have an xbox.”
“Were going to play a game.”
“No, we don’t have to do that. We can just go our own way.”
“We are going to play Hide and Seek. You know how to play Hide and Seek right Jason?”
“The kids game. Yea. Everyone knows how to play that but I don’t want to play this game. I don’t even know who you are.”
“That is what makes this game so much fun for us. We know who you are. But to you, we could be anyone, anywhere, at anytime.”
“No. I am not going to play your game.”
“You don’t seem to understand. You don’t have a choice in the matter.”
“What happens when you catch me?”
“Then you will have to hide again.”
“What if I just don’t play?”
“Bad things will happen to you.” they said. “You have 12 hours to hide. Good luck.”
They hung up. .
They are just fucking with me I thought.
I clicked on the Facebook app on my phone and a message popped up saying No Account Found. I tried my twitter and gmail account and everything was gone. Somehow they had deleted my entire online presence while they were on the phone with me.
I knew I never should have went onto the Dark Web. I should have believed all the rumors I read about that place.
Maybe this person was serious about playing their game of Hide and Seek. At worst, I thought, I should find a different place to sleep for a few days just to let this pass over. I grabbed my backpack and threw in a few pairs of clothes to last three days, a pillow, and a toothbrush. That should be enough, I thought.
I called out of work and told them I had a family emergency and would be gone for a few days. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go yet, but a full tank of gas was a start. I slid my card into the gas pump and it came back denied. That is weird, I had just gotten paid 2 days before and had plenty of money in my account. I pulled out a credit card and tried again. It was also denied.
I went to the bank to get this problem sorted out. I told the teller my card was declined but I had money in my account earlier. She took my details to pull up my account, but their system showed no account ever existed under my name. I told her that was impossible! I showed her I have a debit card with my name on it. She called a manager over and they took the card away and told me I could be charged with fraud for having a fake debit card. I tried to explain but they were certain they have never had an account under my name or social security number. Even if I had an account in the past, their system would have been able to find it under my social.
I left the bank dumbfounded. My card had worked the day before and I have had an account at that bank since I turned 18 over five years ago. There is no way even hackers could delete my accounts that fast, if it is even possible at all. It had been less than an hour.
I sat on the hood of my car and called the credit card companies, but they had no records of me on file either. The one positive thing about this entire experience is they wiped off a few grand in my credit card debt, so I guess thank you for that much.
I went back to my car and the reality of the situation came crashing down on me. They knew who I was, where I lived, and now I had no access to any money. I sat down in the car to think over my options of what to do next when I saw an envelope on the passenger seat. I opened it up and it contained $100 cash (5 twenty dollar bills) and a note.
Time is ticking. You have $100 dollars and 11 hours left. You better go hide, because soon I will start to seek.
They found me already? How were they already in my town and knew where I was and what kind of car I drove? What am I going to do now? They are already watching me and what kind of car I drive, I am not even going to be able to use my own car.
After some thinking, I drove to the bus stop and bought a ticket for a bus heading North. It would be making 6 stops between here and Chicago so I can get out of town and decide where to get off later. They can’t know where I am going to be if I don’t even know where I’ll be. The ticket was $50 dollars so that only leaves me $50. I decided I would just have to deal with it later.
The bus ride itself is a nightmare on its own, but that is a story for another time. I got on the bus and finally decided enough was enough in Indianapolis. I left a warm Atlanta for Indiana with nothing but a few changes of clothes in my backpack. Could life be much worse?
I got something to eat at a McDonalds close to the bus stop and saved what little money I had left. There wasn’t enough money to spare for a motel, no matter how shady it was. I needed to save every penny I had right now. I slept outside and froze my ass off.
I didn’t know a soul there. I just decided it would be best if I kept a low profile and tried to stay out of sight. I didn’t have any sort of electronics for them to track and I don’t have any credit cards to trace. They shouldn’t have any idea where I got off the bus at. I could be in any city between Atlanta and Chicago if they had seen what bus I got off on.
That night, I found a starbucks and decided to grab myself a coffee. I put in my order and went to the restroom to clean myself up a little. I got back just as they were calling my name telling me my drink was ready. I grabbed my coffee and the employee said someone had given him a note to give me with my coffee. My heart sank as I sat down and opened the envelope. They had found me in less than 24 hours after I traveled over 500 miles away without telling a soul.
Inside was another $100 dollars and a note.
Not a bad start, most aren’t smart enough to ditch their car and town so fast. You have $100 dollars and 24 hours to find a new hiding spot. Try a little harder next time. I like a challenge.
I sat in the starbucks exhausted and defeated. If they found me that easily then was there any way to escape them? I decided to do what I should have done when all of this started. I went to the police.
The police listened to my story and then took my ID. They asked some questions and clearly did not believe I was telling the truth. They asked if I had taken any drugs and then ran my ID. When he came back he asked me if it was a fake ID because it was not pulling any information on me. I asked him to try one more time.
Before he tried again, he asked if I might be having some mental problems or off my medicine because I sounded like I might be having an episode. I’m pretty sure he wanted to take me to the hospital for a psychiatric hold.
When he went to run my ID again, I quietly slipped out the door and escaped. I knew what they had done. I no longer exist. At least in the eyes of the law and the public. My identity was deleted. My bank accounts were gone. My credit cards were gone. My social media was gone. Everything that proved who I was is gone. Outside of those who know me, I do not exist. And if I don’t exist, they can kill me with ease.
I walked to a truck stop near the interstate and was able to hitch a ride to Chicago for $20 dollars. A random trucker seemed a lot safer than a Greyhound bus full of drug addicts and creeps like I had taken to get this far. At least I got 2 hours of sleep in a warm cab.
In Chicago, I bought a burner phone and decided it was time to call home. It was prepaid, cheap, and new. The only number I knew was my own and my mom’s so I had to call her. I called her up and she was worried and asked where I was. I told her Chicago and started to explain what had led me here, but the call dropped. I looked at my phone and it said it had no service. A few moments later I got a text message.
I threw the phone against the wall and it shattered into pieces. It was a brand new phone. Nobody should have been able to know or hack it so fast. I am alone. Nobody can help me. I don’t know what to do anymore. The only option I had was to play their stupid game.
Since January 16th, my life has been constantly moving from town to town, sleeping in homeless shelters or park benches. Every night I go to sleep wondering if I will wake up to a note next to my head telling me to hide again. Every day I worry a random person will hand me an envelope.
I know some of you guys must be asking yourself why I even play the game? Why don’t I just stop running? They are just playing with me. They would not actually hurt me.
I have tried that before. In Colorado, I was tired, cold, and wet when they found me. I decided enough was enough. They left me the note mocking my attempts to run away and gave me another $50 dollars. I said screw it, let them kill me. I got me a nice hotel at the Hilton and spent all the money I had on a nice steak dinner. If they decided to kill me, at least I would have a nice last meal and a warm bed on my last night.
I thought I would have been up all night worried, but I was too worn out to care. I slept like a baby. I was shocked to open my eyes the next morning and not find someone with a gun pointed at my head. I smiled and thought to myself it had all been a game. A stupid fucking game that I believed was real. I spent months on the road, homeless, cold, and hungry for nothing.
Then I looked over and saw a note on the bed with a sharp knife lying across it. Someone had been here while I was sleeping. They had broken into my room and were in the same room with me. They could have killed me and I never would have known. I almost wish they had, but they let me live. Those assholes had let me live.
We aren’t ready for the game to end yet. Keep running and hiding Jason. The next time, we will not be so nice. Now back to Hide and Seek! See you soon.
There was no money with the note. My backpack was gone. I was completely broke after spending all my money on food and a hotel. I wish they would have killed me.
I don’t know why I didn’t just stay where I was and let them kill me, but letting someone kill you and doing nothing to stop it isn’t easy.
This game of cat and mouse continued. And that is what it was. A game of cat and mouse. I realized there was no hiding from them. They always knew where I was and there was no escape. They just liked playing the game.
I don’t know what the fun of this game is for them except to watch someone suffer. I don’t know how they seem to be everywhere and know everything. It doesn’t matter how fast or far I run, they will always be the steps ahead of me.
Every person I see or talk to could be them. I constantly try to look at the faces around me to see if any of them look familiar but everyone is a stranger. They are ghost. Always close by. Always watching. Always invisible.
They find me almost as soon as I stayed in the same place for more than a night or two. Sometimes they would be nice and let me settle somewhere for a week or two, but never long enough to be comfortable. I think they just like to keep me guessing and to give me hope that they decided to stop this game.
They also always gave me exactly what I need to survive. Most of the time it was just enough money to keep me fed but still hungry with a little left over. If it was deathly cold outside I may have a little extra to afford a place inside or even a warm jacket to keep me cold but alive. If I was sick, a bag of medicine would show up. They give me just enough to live a miserable life.
I know you are reading this. And I quit. I quit your game. I’m tired of playing. You’ve taken everything from me. If you want to kill me then kill me. I would rather be dead than to keep playing your game. You know where I am. You always do. Give me my life back or kill me. I quit.
Jason was right. Our game of Hide and Seek really is a cat and mouse game. We are the cat and Jason was the mouse. Here is the thing about a cat and a mouse, a cat likes to play with the mouse, to scare a mouse, to corner a mouse, to slap the mouse with its claws. When the mouse quits playing the cats game, the mouse dies.
It looks like we have to find a new mouse since our last one decided to stop playing our game. Luckily nosleep has plenty of mice to choose from and the accounts have a comment history so we can find the perfect mouse for our next game of Hide and Seek. If you see your own number pop up on your caller ID, don’t answer. It just might be us.
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Pitchforks are for hay not hate: maintaining positive non-violent debate for the Ethereum community

This statement is a collaborative effort for people working in the space to voice their concerns on integrity. Both contributors and community need to work towards healthier discussion practices and protect each other from threats and violence.

Entities around open source decentralized projects, hackerspaces, and associations are born every day to promote development and to grow awareness by educating people about the value of software that is transparent, protective of freedom and aids peer-to-peer coordination. In order to succeed, these communities depend upon the invaluable work of their contributors, wider enthusiasts and stakeholders.

Unfortunately, time and time again we have witnessed ecosystem members engage in toxic behavior that discourages open discussion such as doxxing, violent threats, or brigading against people they disagree with. In an instance just last week, one of our longest standing contributors, and the catalyzer of the Görli Testnet, Afri, received a wave of verbal violence from some Redditors, forced into the center of a storm on ethtrader which, triggered by a couple of tweets issued by him, turned menacing, dark and deeply toxic. Under stress from this backlash and to protect himself and his family from threats coming from unknown internet users, he made the decision to leave his position as a core Ethereum developer.

While we acknowledge that the intention of Afri’s tweets was to be provocative, these were opinions made in a personal capacity. And while complaints were valid and many of those were made respectfully, others within the wider Ethereum community resorted to impugning Afri’s reputation by asserting his involvement in wild conspiracies, demanding his immediate resignation, and most disturbing of all, issuing personal threats.

It is hugely upsetting and chills free speech when any contributor, whether a developer, community builder or otherwise, is attacked, intimidated and is deliberately made to feel unsafe.

This is far from the first time similar acts have been perpetrated. To give a few examples, Lane Rettig’s thoughtful post on increasing diversity in the space sparked unnecessary ad hominem comments.Taylor Monahan, who has been an utterly invaluable contributor to the space, tirelessly spearheading initiatives to raising awareness about security and usability, was also targeted following the birth of MyCrypto and then again, for expressing positive remarks about non-Ethereum technologies.

Of course, Ethereum is not the only online crypto community being damaged by such behaviour. Jameson Lopp’s very real world ordeal caused by an anonymous person deliberately mis-identifying Jameson as an active shooter thereby drawing armed police to his home is yet another awful example of the intimidation that can be wrought in the midst of very heated debates. As Jameson wrote, “had a few variables been different that day, I could easily be dead.”

We reiterate that the community aims to welcome constructive feedback on all decisions as best we can, given the global, digital environment of our project. Many ecosystem members have voiced valid concerns regarding influential players’ perceived or potential conflicts of interest, a more formalized recognition of how backlash can form when someone speaks provocatively in a widely used social media platform, and information for strong contributors who might be vulnerable to burnout. We also believe these concerns are valid, though designing a solution that the community can rally around will take time and lots of input. We call on the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians to continue discussing these (and other) valid concerns in their forums and at the Paris meeting in March. Nonetheless, we cannot tolerate destructive behavior even if there are areas we can improve as a community.

We, the undersigned, contributors and workers behind scores of projects, and those seeking to build better systems, feel that these actions have gone far beyond acceptable standards of debate: whatever the circumstance, threats against a person’s well-being can never be justified and we categorically reject such toxicity in digital communities.

We also believe the Ethereum community values freedom, free speech, and privacy, but above all, it values basic respect for all human beings and seeks to promote and build systems which in turn promote and incentivize those very values.

It should also be said that the Ethereum network is built, maintained and scaled by HUMANS. Though we are a global community, no single individual can be expected to be on call 24/7. Although many contributors represent projects funded by a vast array of people around the world, those contributors are entitled to express personal opinions through any medium they choose.

We must preserve the mental and emotional health of those humans -- especially as they labor through their nights, weekends, often without pay in order to manifest the mission and vision of Ethereum. So we support Afri in this respect and will stand by and protect any others that are being intimidated, at any given time.

Finally, Ethereum governance as a whole is a very pressing issue, which we as a community have yet to resolve. Those issues include how to hold the decisions and actions of core devs/contributors to wider scrutiny, and also ensuring that our community’s current power structures don’t sideline stakeholders with legitimate concerns.
Ethereum is far from perfect. Like any other chain, we are experimenting with technologies never seen before. Navigating the frontier of discovery throws up the greatest turbulence. So as we build stronger systems for all of us to benefit, let’s also work together to ensure that we build better protocols for expressing community concerns and governing ourselves. To this end please join the conversation this March in Paris.

Signatures (sorted alphabetically)
Adam Kolar (Solidified)
Adrian Manning (Sigma Prime - Lighthouse eth 2.0)
Aidan Hyman (ChainSafe Systems- Lodestar eth 2.0 )
Alex Boerger (ETHBerlin - DoD)
Alex Van de Sande (Ethereum Foundation)
Andreas Wallendahl (ConsenSyS, kauri)
Andrew (@cyber_hokie,, EthHub Contributor)
Anthony Lusardi (ETC Cooperative)
Arjun Bhuptani (Connext)
Arlyn Culwick (the Blocknet)
Artem Kharlamov (@crypto_eli5)
Auryn Macmillan (Colony)
Ben Edgington (PegaSys)
Billy Rennekamp (, Cosmos, Gnosis, ENSNifty, Memelordz)
Boris Mann
Bryant Eisenbach (fubuloubu)
Caspar Schwa (DoD - ETHBerlin - brainbot)
Chelsea Palmer (Carpe Lunam Events)
Chris Fenos (ChainSafe Systems- Lodestar eth 2.0)
Chris Hutchinson (Status)
Coogan Brennan (ConsenSys Academy)
Corey Petty (Status, Hashing It Out, The Bitcoin Podcast Network)
Daud Zulfacar ( - Berlin Blockchain Week)
Dave Appleton (HelloGold, Akomba Labs)
David Ansermino (ChainSafe)
Dean Eigenmann (ENS & ZK Labs)
Devon Krantz (Linum Labs)
Diederik Loerakker (Eth 2.0 contrib.)
Dustin Brickwood (ChainSafe - Lodestar eth 2.0)
E.G. Galano (@egalano Infura)
Elias Haase (B9lab - DoD)
Elissa Shevinsky (ETH Secure group, Soho Token Labs)
Elizabeth Binks (ChainSafe)
exiledsurfer (DoD)
Fábio Hildebrand (Solidified)
Fanny Lakoubay (
Fauve Altman (State of the DApps - BerChain)
Franziska Heintel (Brainbot - DoD)
Gary Bernstein (
Gonçalo Sá (@GNSPS)
Gregory Markou (ChainSafe)
Guto Martino (Dezentral - DoD)
Helena Flack (Quantstamp - ETHBerlin- DoD)
Harry Denley
Holger Drewes (EthereumJS)
Hudson Jameson (Ethereum Foundation)
Igor Mandrigin (Status)
Jacek Sieka (Status)
Jack Gane (Authio)
James Beck (ConsenSys)
James Hancock (a Nobody in Berlin)
James Moreau (@jrmoreau)
James Quinn (Independent Ethereum Developer)
Jamie Pitts (Eth. Foundation, Eth. Magicians, Eth. Financial Tools)
Jason Civalleri (UNH Law Adjunct Professor)
Jérôme de Tychey (Asseth - ConsenSys)
John Light (Aragon One)
Josef Jelacic (Ethereum Foundation, Institute of Cryptoanarchy)
Joshua Mir (Parity Tech)
Josh Stark (L4, ETHGlobal)
Kirill Pimenov (Parity Tech)
Kris Jones (Canada - just a social researcher that wants to see blockchain succeed and maintain healthy feedback mechanisms)
Laura Giron (ConsenSys Design @lauragirons)
Leo Arias (Zeppelin)
Levi Morris (Lambdeth)
ligi (EF - WallETH - DoD)
Lili Feyerabend ( - DoD)
Luke Anderson (Sigma Prime - Lighthouse eth 2.0)
Maciej Hirsz (Parity Tech)
María Paula Fernández (Golem- ETHBerlin - DoD)
Martin Holst Swende (EF)
Martin Lundfall (Dapphub)
Martin Quensel (Centrifuge)
Matej Nemcek (Progressbar, @yangwao, independent Ethereum developer)
Matt Condon (XLNT)
Maurelian (ConsenSys Diligence)
Mick Ayzenberg (Security Innovation)
Michael Yankelev (Linum Labs) Simona Pop (Bounties Network)
Maya Byskov (Centrifuge - Berlin Blockchain Week)
Mehdi Zerouali (Sigma Prime - Lighthouse eth 2.0)
Mudit Gupta (Polymath)
Nathalia Scherer (DAOstack)
Nick Johnson (Ethereum Name Service)
Nick Munoz-McDonald (Melon Technical Council)
Nicolas Liochon (ConsenSys - PegaSys)
Niran Babalola (Panvala)
Oliver Nordbjerg (@ONordbjerg) Paul Hauner (Sigma Prime)
Paul Vienhage - (Authio)
Pet3rpan (MetaCartel)
Philip Stehlik (Centrifuge - DoD)
Piper Merriam (Snake Charmer)
Preston Van Loon (Prysmatic Labs - Prysm eth 2.0)
Priom Chowdhury (ChainSafe - Lodestar eth 2.0)
Raul Romanutti (Parity Tech - DoD)
Rex Hygate (SecurEth)
Rhys Lindmark (MIT DCI, Grey Mirror)
Robert Bent (Ethereum Foundation)
Robert Habermeier (Parity Tech)
Ryan Noble (Linum Labs)
Scott Lewis (Concourse Open Community)
Scott Moore (Gitcoin)
Simona Pop (Bounties Network)
Shiv Malik (Streamr)
Stina Gustafsson (DoD)
Stu Peters (Chainsafe)
Terence Tsao (Prysmatic Labs - Prysm eth 2.0)
Tim Beiko - (PegaSys)
Tim Daubenschütz (Independent Ethereum Developer)
Tomasz Kolinko (Eveem)
Will Villanueva (R&D)
Yalda Mousavinia (Autark - Space Decentral)
Yaniv Fe
Ziggy Zeidan (POA Network)
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The Tortoise and the Hare – Month 25 - Site Sold, Final Update || $79,355

Previous Update
Month 23

The Data
Total Case Study Data
After 2 years, 1 month and 22 days, I’ve sold my website and am officially concluding this case study. From May 1st to May 15th the site pulled in an additional $3,234.19, after which all of my Amazon Affiliate links were switched over to the new buyer. I sold the site using Empire Flippers for a total of $76,121 (33x multiplier) before their 15% fee. The actual amount transferred to my bank account related to the sale was $64,702.85. I no longer have access to the Google Analytics Property so I cannot post current traffic stats but I’ve filled in what I can on the above graph.
Total revenue for the site since its inception was $101,249.40 including the $64,702.85 related to the sale.
Total expenses were $1,161.59.
Total profit (revenue - expenses) was $100,087.81. I must say that is a VERY pretty number.

Empire Flippers Sales Process
May 1st - Initiated the sales process and filled out basic information on Empire Flippers website. First times sellers pay an upfront fee of $297 and agree to list exclusively with Empire Flippers for I believe 6 months.
May 3rd - I was sent a slew of question to answer from the Empire Flippers support team and answered them the same day. Questions included: Amazon Affiliate Store ID’s, whether or not I used AdSense (I didn’t), and any other affiliates (I had no other active ones). They also required access to my google analytics account to verify traffic and screenshots of every month of earning from the Affiliate dashboard. They also ask questions like how long do you spend weekly on the site, how often is content published, are PBNs or link building services used, what sort of after-sale support your willing to give to the new buyer (I decided on 2 Skype calls) and basic ownership and niche questions. In addition they ask what you’d do to improve the site and why your selling it. Finally, you’ll have to fill in a P&L (profit and loss) sheet detailing all of your expenses since you’ve taken ownership / started the site.
May 7th - The Empire Flippers team got back with me for some more clarification on the P&L sheet such as the two backlinks I bought, In addition I had to resend the Google Analytics invite to them as they were too slow and the first link expired.
May 8th - Website validation completed with an approved sales price of $76,121.43 (33x multiplier from 12 month average profit of 2,306.71) I also filled out a sales agreement form at this time. Even though it was Wednesday May, 8th listings only go live on Monday, so it was a bit of a waiting game.
May 13th - Website officially listed and in the wild as of 9:07am. First depositor (potential buyer who wants to snoop around but must pay a refundable fee to do so) by 9:08am. First offer for $65,000 with full upfront cash by 9:48am (9 depositors by this time). Empire Flippers gave me a call to tell me about the offer, I countered back at $74,000. My counter offer was sent at 10:16am. Buyer accepted at $74,000 at 10:48am. Empire Flippers lets other buyers offer a 10% higher amount (up to max listing price) for 24 hours after a sale. By 4:14pm I had a full price cash offer for full listing price. This was the final buyer and the site was marked as sold as soon as he transferred the money into Empire Flippers escrow account.
At this point the migration process began. Empire Flippers uses a ticket system and multiple staff members throughout the process. The process is estimated to take 3-4 weeks. At this point I had to give the buyer access to the Google Search Console.
May 14th - I transfered over my Google Analytics property to the new buyer and took a snapshot of my Digital Ocean Hosting droplet to transfer it as well.
May 15th - Namecheap Domain and Digital Ocean Hosting transfer was completed, Amazon Links are in the process of being changed over.
May 17th - All links, domains, hosting, etc. completed. Inspection period for migration begins. This is typically a week to verify earnings and traffic are stable prior to transferring funds. Had Skype call with buyer to discuss site details such as potential improvement, site history and article creation.
May 20th - Provided bank account information for ACH transfer (other types of transfers are available too such as bitcoin)
May 21st - Buyer ended inspection period early as earnings were solid. Empire Flippers initiated ACH transfer of $64,702.85 to my account.

Final Thoughts
What a wild ride. From my initial goal of $100 a month to a final profit of $100,000 in a little over two years all from a hobby. A HOBBY! The community has been amazing and I’m proud to be a part of it. No matter your skill in writing, pure creative genius or desire to make money, you only have to do one thing. Just Start. Thank you to everyone who took time to answer my questions (sometimes with very lengthy well thought out responses) and to those who just gave me a small “great job” on my monthly posts. These small bits of encouragement go a long way in what is otherwise a very lonely road. I don’t have much advice to give, but what I can say is perseverance and dedication are all that’s required to be successful at this. Skill will come with time.
While this case study is over, it will be forever entombed in the depths of Reddit. Hopefully some folks will read it months or years later and gain some insight or hope for their own project. I doubt I’ll ever start a website quite like this again but that doesn’t mean I’ll be gone for long. With fresh funds and the spark of an idea, I’ll be back. For those of you looking for a taste of what is to come check out my One and Done Case study.

The End.
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The Biggest Scams In The Crypto History

The cryptocurrency market is often compared to the Wild West. Digital gold, lawlessness, and unlimited Internet space attract not only honest people but also rascals. Today we will show you the loudest scam projects and cyber-attacks that seriously shattered the crypto society.
A mix of cloud mining and Ponzi scheme, which was promoted by Geniuses at Work Corporation Miners (GAW) in 2014. These guys make the first move by renting and selling virtual HashSet miners, which helped them form a loyal audience. Seeing that this project began to go down, the team decided to invent their own coin — PayCoin. People were promised a breakthrough technology, support from banks and other organizations, huge profits, free and fast transactions all around the world. As a result, the project started just awesome, which attracted the attention of a large number of miners and users. As you can guess all creators’ promises didn’t come true — Paycoin started to fall and users filed a lot of court complaint.
In the fall of 2018, the creator of PayCoin, Joshua Garza, was sentenced to 21 months in prison, obliging investors to pay damages of $9.2 million, although the total amount of financial investments was over $54 million.
Do you know how to tell that you’re participating in a scam? Just start with “Wasa Wasa Wasup BitConnect” as Carlos Matos did. BitConnect platform appeared in 2016 and immediately announced its intention to join the elite of the digital economy, bringing super-profits to all project participants without exception. The essence of the criminal scheme was simple: “Invest and get 100% and more.” The organizers promised investors an income of 365% per year! After the enormous excitement of the crypto market, the cost of the BitConnect token was equal to $463. This attracted the attention of reputable persons like Mike Novogratz, Charlie Lee, and Vitalik Buterin. For example, the creator of Litecoin — Charlie Lee — twitted the following:
“From the surface, BitConnect seems like a classic Ponzi scheme. I wouldn’t invest in it and wouldn’t recommend anyone else to.”
But even after such concerns, many people continued to invest in BitConnect. However, in early January 2018, the project unexpectedly turned down all of the activities and closed its platform. Investors were left with nothing. According to general estimates, the investors were deceived for more than $2.5 billion! In the summer of 2018, the head of Bitconnect India Divyesh Darji was arrested.
Beware that on July 1, 2019, a project Bitconnect 2.0 can be launched according to the news posted on Twitterby the same-named user.
Ifan and Pincoin
Start-ups Ifan and Pincoin, owned by the Vietnamese company Modern Tech, raised a whopping $660 million from approximately 32.000 people. The majority of the victims were the citizens of Vietnam. This scam project was labeled the “largest exit scam in recent memory” by TechCrunch.Project’s marketing strategy was so perfect that it was impossible to resist. So Ifan was promoted as “the most advanced social network” for celebrities and their fans. On the other side, Pincoin attracted investors with a promised investment return of 40% per month. The creators of Pincoin wrote about the development of an online platform covering an advertising network, a service for auctions, an investment portal, and P2P platform based on the blockchain.
But in fact both ICOs used a Ponzi scheme: users invested money, received their interest, brought friends and received additional interest. After some time, Modern Tech stopped paying out dividends in fiat and invited users to switch to their own tokens. As a result, they just made a fool of the investors.
This provoked massive rallies in front of the Modern Tech office, during which investors demanded a refund. But the scammers just escaped into the night with a $660 million jackpot.
In 2014 Mt.Gox exchange platform was one of the most popular resources for Bitcoin trading: it accounted for more than 70% of all transactions with BTC. A real tidbit, isn’t it?
Unfortunately, Mt.Gox was slowly turning into chaos. In the fall of 2013, US federal agents collected $5 million from the company’s bank account, since Mt.Gox was not registered as a financial intermediary. At the same time, Coinlab, the company’s former partner, filed a lawsuit against Mt.Gox, demanding $75 million. The lawsuit stated that Mt.Gox violated the terms of the agreement with Coinlab and continued to trade in the United States and Canada.
These problems led to failures with the platform. For example, American users waited for months to withdraw funds. In February 2014, Mt.Gox stopped the withdrawal of coins at all and the CEO of Mt.Gox — Mark Karpeles — refused to give any comments. Around the same time, an internal company document became available to the press explaining the reason for the failures — over the past several years around BTC 745,000 were stolen from the service. The total amount worth around $450 million at the time! What’s more, this was approximately 7% of all Bitcoin existing at the time.
“Even the sloppiest of audits should have shown that something had gone wrong, that money was flowing out of Gox accounts.” — The Verge.
Later the 200,000 stolen Bitcoins was found on an old wallet of the company. However, approximately 650,000 remain lost forever. According to Mt.Gox version, hackers used a bug in the transaction system that existed from the first day and quietly transferred small amounts of coins to their wallets. For sure the Mt. Gox case is the biggest crypto heist in history.No doubts, scam projects, and hack attacks will continue to emerge in a crypto world. Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy from them, but here are a few tips on how to reduce the risks of being scammed:
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Crescimento de 500 subs em 8 meses

Crescimento de 500 subs em 8 meses
Estes números foram registrados no final do dia da primeira compilação e no começo do dia da segunda compilação graças ao script original (atualmente arquivado) criado rapidamente por u/6-bit na época.
Tabelas e gráficos ilustram a diferença entre a quantidade de membros de 500 subreddits em português entre fevereiro e outubro deste ano e a lista completa não contém Soberano (agora SaoPauloFC) e BrasilAnarchy porque as comunidades se tornaram privadas e DrogasBrasil foi banido nesse meio-tempo.

Crescimento absoluto

subreddit fev. out. TCA
brasil 217150 276861 +59711
ItHadToBeBrazil 16913 75508 +58595
portugal 60689 85596 +24907
brasilivre 10048 34172 +24124
circojeca 7323 29797 +22474
desabafos 5097 25584 +20487
investimentos 6655 23027 +16372
CelebsBR 20662 30477 +9815
PORTUGALCARALHO 10123 16100 +5977
10º benfica 4785 9579 +4794
11º MemesBrasil 1458 6141 +4683
12º Portuguese 9183 13817 +4634
13º putaria 1189 4980 +3791
14º portugalnews 627 4223 +3596
15º brazilians 2651 5979 +3328

Crescimento relativo

subreddit fev. out. TCR
faustao 5 159 3080.00%
SaoPauloFC 23 358 1456.52%
NaoMortoAbraDentro 52 517 894.23%
EmPortugues 30 295 883.33%
Tugasnuas 31 274 783.87%
Anitta 152 1133 645.39%
portugalnews 627 4223 573.52%
caso_isolado 54 340 529.63%
copiaEcola 12 74 516.67%
10º desabafos 5097 25584 401.94%
11º BrasilSimulator 185 869 369.73%
12º ItHadToBeBrazil 16913 75508 346.45%
13º farialimabets 267 1148 329.96%
14º MemesBrasil 1458 6141 321.19%
15º putaria 1189 4980 318.84%

Lista completa

subreddit fev. out. TCA TCR
091Para 12 18 +6 50.00%
a7arte 729 964 +235 32.24%
AdrianaLima 5871 7069 +1198 20.41%
AJS_BR 274 355 +81 29.56%
Ajuda 5 7 +2 40.00%
AjudaBrasil 151 244 +93 61.59%
AlessandraAmbrosio 5529 6477 +948 17.15%
Algarve 373 481 +108 28.95%
AllTuga 30 39 +9 30.00%
AnaBeatrizBarros 442 520 +78 17.65%
AnarquismoBrasil 83 203 +120 144.58%
Angola 406 514 +108 26.60%
animebrasil 865 1767 +902 104.28%
animeportugal 250 296 +46 18.40%
Anitta 152 1133 +981 645.39%
AplicacoesUteis 2 3 +1 50.00%
arco_iris 994 1680 +686 69.01%
Arrependinaro 1609 2122 +513 31.88%
artebrasileira 652 750 +98 15.03%
artept 14 16 +2 14.29%
askgaytugas 94 132 +38 40.43%
ateismo_br 125 173 +48 38.40%
ateismobr 24 28 +4 16.67%
aveiro 367 404 +37 10.08%
azores 1224 1698 +474 38.73%
bahia 66 77 +11 16.67%
barba 6 8 +2 33.33%
basquete 5 7 +2 40.00%
batebola 13 12 -1 -7.69%
batepapo 416 537 +121 29.09%
Beja 30 36 +6 20.00%
belempa 40 49 +9 22.50%
BeloHorizonte 338 740 +402 118.93%
benfica 4785 9579 +4794 100.19%
bestofbrasil 226 234 +8 3.54%
bicicleta 4 3 -1 -25.00%
bicicletariodejaneiro 5 5 0 0.00%
BigBrotherBrasil 1 1 0 0.00%
Bissau 11 12 +1 9.09%
bitcoinportugal 204 254 +50 24.51%
BitoqueCaralho 557 582 +25 4.49%
boanoite 20 35 +15 75.00%
bolha 287 498 +211 73.52%
bolsa 127 192 +65 51.18%
bolsadevalores 94 137 +43 45.74%
bolsocriticabolso 18 20 +2 11.11%
Bolsonaro 1701 2279 +578 33.98%
BolsonaroVsBolsonaro 961 1705 +744 77.42%
bomdia 17 25 +8 47.06%
bomdiagrupo 9 35 +26 288.89%
botafogo 84 150 +66 78.57%
BR_Events 39 40 +1 2.56%
br4r 186 285 +99 53.23%
braga 399 475 +76 19.05%
brasil 217150 276861 +59711 27.50%
brasil_anarquia 52 62 +10 19.23%
brasil_drama 2502 4382 +1880 75.14%
Brasil_PPG 27 30 +3 11.11%
Brasil_reflexivo 32 35 +3 9.38%
BRASIL_XXX 1111 1483 +372 33.48%
brasil10 172 173 +1 0.58%
brasil2 432 603 +171 39.58%
brasil420 190 297 +107 56.32%
Brasilandia 47 55 +8 17.02%
Brasilball 999 1259 +260 26.03%
BrasilBitcoin 1871 2244 +373 19.94%
BrasilBItcoinOTC 27 27 0 0.00%
BRASILCARALHO 41 45 +4 9.76%
brasildemocratico 31 27 -4 -12.90%
BrasildoB 4771 6729 +1958 41.04%
Brasileiras 40 47 +7 17.50%
Brasileirinhas 40 65 +25 62.50%
Brasileiros 13 18 +5 38.46%
brasileirosIlustres 7 13 +6 85.71%
brasileirosnoreddit 14 23 +9 64.29%
brasilethereum 15 15 0 0.00%
brasilfeliz 7 7 0 0.00%
BrasilFilmes 16 16 0 0.00%
BrasilGamerPRO 42 66 +24 57.14%
brasilgonewild 62 133 +71 114.52%
brasilgw 83 113 +30 36.14%
brasilia 570 688 +118 20.70%
BrasiliansGoneWild 243 290 +47 19.34%
brasilisarb 245 261 +16 6.53%
brasilivre 10048 34172 +24124 240.09%
Brasilivrelivre 71 91 +20 28.17%
BrasilivrelivreFinal 41 43 +2 4.88%
brasilN 21 19 -2 -9.52%
brasilnews 28 36 +8 28.57%
brasilnoticias 274 599 +325 118.61%
BrasilOnReddit 3788 5109 +1321 34.87%
brasilpics 429 622 +193 44.99%
brasilpolitica 100 137 +37 37.00%
BrasilPorra 25 26 +1 4.00%
brasilpqp 14 15 +1 7.14%
BrasilRoyale 17 14 -3 -17.65%
BrasilRPG 49 74 +25 51.02%
brasilsemfrescura 18 22 +4 22.22%
BrasilSimulator 185 869 +684 369.73%
Brasilx 1 1 0 0.00%
brasilxxx 12 15 +3 25.00%
Bratugal 92 95 +3 3.26%
Brazil 8973 10156 +1183 13.18%
brazil_tech_expats 13 17 +4 30.77%
brazil_vs_argentina 176 191 +15 8.52%
Brazilerias 40 51 +11 27.50%
BrazilGirlsOnTV 277 343 +66 23.83%
brazilhotties 294 841 +547 186.05%
BrazilianArchitecture 195 210 +15 7.69%
BrazilianBabes 11546 14818 +3272 28.34%
brazilianfartporn 56 93 +37 66.07%
braziliangoddesses 370 737 +367 99.19%
BrazilianGP2018lives 197 197 0 0.00%
brazilianjiujitsu 2193 3227 +1034 47.15%
brazilianmalemodel 420 512 +92 21.90%
brazilianmusic 3119 3632 +513 16.45%
brazilians 2651 5979 +3328 125.54%
brazilianwhores 241 265 +24 9.96%
BrazilistheWorst 64 64 0 0.00%
BrazilOpenSource 364 465 +101 27.75%
BrazilorRussia 57 66 +9 15.79%
braziltourism 82 94 +12 14.63%
BrazilVapor 12 12 0 0.00%
BrazilvsMexicoLives 97 100 +3 3.09%
brazucas 30 37 +7 23.33%
brdev 969 1223 +254 26.21%
BrDevelopers 123 149 +26 21.14%
brengracado 101 131 +30 29.70%
Brinquedos 1 1 0 0.00%
BRSExplica 150 152 +2 1.33%
brugal 196 209 +13 6.63%
brvideos 72 73 +1 1.39%
CaboVerde 46 67 +21 45.65%
cachaca 38 51 +13 34.21%
CaldoVerde 68 103 +35 51.47%
camara 2 2 0 0.00%
campismo 2 3 +1 50.00%
CampoGrande 37 52 +15 40.54%
CapeVerde 280 357 +77 27.50%
capeverdeancreole 18 27 +9 50.00%
Carioca 130 134 +4 3.08%
carreiras 49 72 +23 46.94%
carros 33 91 +58 175.76%
CartoeseClubes 324 381 +57 17.59%
cascavel 7 12 +5 71.43%
caso_isolado 54 340 +286 529.63%
castelobranco 52 62 +10 19.23%
catioros_inspiradores 32 24 -8 -25.00%
ccportugal 121 131 +10 8.26%
Ceara 31 37 +6 19.35%
celebridades 3 4 +1 33.33%
CelebsBR 20662 30477 +9815 47.50%
cellbit 1428 4752 +3324 232.77%
cerveja 36 43 +7 19.44%
cerveja_artesanal 20 35 +15 75.00%
Chapecoense 310 300 -10 -3.23%
chapeubranco 761 815 +54 7.10%
chapolin 3 3 0 0.00%
chaves 11 19 +8 72.73%
ChoquedeCultura 115 136 +21 18.26%
chorinho 4 8 +4 100.00%
cienciabrasil 18 55 +37 205.56%
cienciadedados 37 50 +13 35.14%
ciencias 563 729 +166 29.48%
CienciaSemFronteiras 150 170 +20 13.33%
cienciatododia 65 118 +53 81.54%
CinemaBrasil 198 253 +55 27.78%
CintiaDicker 945 1174 +229 24.23%
circojeca 7323 29797 +22474 306.90%
circojeca2 10 17 +7 70.00%
Coimbra 800 926 +126 15.75%
ComidasFeia 2 5 +3 150.00%
Comunismo 314 384 +70 22.29%
concursospublicos 625 793 +168 26.88%
conselho_amoroso 16 23 +7 43.75%
ConselhosLegais 607 1275 +668 110.05%
conservadorismo 141 221 +80 56.74%
Contos 6 9 +3 50.00%
copiaEcola 12 74 +62 516.67%
Copicola 57 174 +117 205.26%
Corinthians 593 833 +240 40.47%
corretagem 4 4 0 0.00%
Corrida 18 17 -1 -5.56%
CozinhaPortuguesa 200 283 +83 41.50%
craftmybox 296 394 +98 33.11%
CriativosdePortugal 105 137 +32 30.48%
Criciuma 39 48 +9 23.08%
Cruzeiro 181 250 +69 38.12%
CryptoPortugal 489 507 +18 3.68%
CSGO_Brasil 47 71 +24 51.06%
Cultura 515 570 +55 10.68%
curitiba 732 936 +204 27.87%
Curtas 2 2 0 0.00%
desabafo 32 62 +30 93.75%
desabafos 5097 25584 +20487 401.94%
desporto 74 76 +2 2.70%
devpt 838 1106 +268 31.98%
Dicionario 2 4 +2 100.00%
Dinossauros 2 2 0 0.00%
DireitaDoBrasil 8 8 0 0.00%
direito 951 1382 +431 45.32%
DireitosDigitais 27 36 +9 33.33%
direitosdoshomens 131 149 +18 13.74%
DiretoDoZapZap 5430 8601 +3171 58.40%
Documentarios 5 6 +1 20.00%
Dota2BRa 21 24 +3 14.29%
Dota2Brasil 220 291 +71 32.27%
educacaofinanceira 64 104 +40 62.50%
EmPortugues 30 295 +265 883.33%
empreendedorismo 65 99 +34 52.31%
empregos 55 86 +31 56.36%
enem 36 61 +25 69.44%
equatorial_guinea 13 13 0 0.00%
EquatorialGuinea 37 47 +10 27.03%
Eristocracia 10 12 +2 20.00%
Escalada 60 69 +9 15.00%
Escola_Austriaca 31 36 +5 16.13%
escrevasobre 386 430 +44 11.40%
escrita 303 410 +107 35.31%
EscritoresBrasil 553 866 +313 56.60%
Espiritismo 68 116 +48 70.59%
EspiritoSanto 35 57 +22 62.86%
EsporteClubeBahia 27 47 +20 74.07%
esquerda 30 34 +4 13.33%
estacionamento 159 184 +25 15.72%
EstadoNovo 26 24 -2 -7.69%
estudiodobrasil 111 130 +19 17.12%
eu_nvr 5014 7709 +2695 53.75%
EuTireiUmaFoto 120 307 +187 155.83%
fado 157 179 +22 14.01%
farialimabets 267 1148 +881 329.96%
faustao 5 159 +154 3080.00%
favela 8 8 0 0.00%
fazdeconta 1 1 0 0.00%
fazeramigos 455 516 +61 13.41%
fcporto 1944 3088 +1144 58.85%
FCT 297 327 +30 10.10%
Feijoada 59 63 +4 6.78%
Feminismo 41 47 +6 14.63%
Festas 2 2 0 0.00%
filmes 303 643 +340 112.21%
filmes_e_series 15 21 +6 40.00%
filmeseseries 521 735 +214 41.07%
Filosofia 431 953 +522 121.11%
FilosofiaBR 38 80 +42 110.53%
Filosofias 53 63 +10 18.87%
financaspessoaispt 993 2037 +1044 105.14%
fintas 77 75 -2 -2.60%
FixeeTuga 5 7 +2 40.00%
Flamengo 820 1431 +611 74.51%
florianopolis 69 105 +36 52.17%
floripa 38 43 +5 13.16%
Fluminense 58 66 +8 13.79%
foradecasa 1590 2006 +416 26.16%
Fortaleza 154 201 +47 30.52%
FortalezaEC 27 38 +11 40.74%
francesinhas 375 382 +7 1.87%
funana 35 37 +2 5.71%
FunkCarioca 2 2 0 0.00%
Furacao 42 66 +24 57.14%
futebol 5127 7403 +2276 44.39%
futebolbrasileiro 312 336 +24 7.69%
futebolnacional 24 28 +4 16.67%
futebolpt 33 38 +5 15.15%
g1comments 1222 1417 +195 15.96%
Galicia 459 528 +69 15.03%
Galo 110 129 +19 17.27%
Gambiarra 2700 5272 +2572 95.26%
Gamebiters 1 1 0 0.00%
gamesEcultura 5194 7202 +2008 38.66%
gamingportugal 799 841 +42 5.26%
GiseleBundchen 1810 2124 +314 17.35%
globo 48 54 +6 12.50%
goiania 50 62 +12 24.00%
Goias 15 22 +7 46.67%
gonewildBR 101 169 +68 67.33%
gororoba 467 647 +180 38.54%
gremio 418 673 +255 61.00%
GuineaBissau 54 61 +7 12.96%
GuineBissau 25 26 +1 4.00%
hiphoptuga 217 299 +82 37.79%
HistoriaEmPortugues 1050 1673 +623 59.33%
historias_de_terror 85 132 +47 55.29%
HojeEuAprendi 118 156 +38 32.20%
Idiomas 416 856 +440 105.77%
ilhabela 12 14 +2 16.67%
ImagesOfBrazil 386 547 +161 41.71%
Imoveis 6 6 0 0.00%
imperio 11 40 +29 263.64%
InesperadoCu 742 1564 +822 110.78%
insonia 1 1 0 0.00%
internacional 160 308 +148 92.50%
InternetBrasil 2398 3317 +919 38.32%
investimentos 6655 23027 +16372 246.01%
IST 1103 1382 +279 25.29%
ItHadToBeBrazil 16913 75508 +58595 346.45%
IzabelGoulart 693 945 +252 36.36%
JairSeArrependendo 7 7 0 0.00%
jairsecorrompendo 159 155 -4 -2.52%
jardim 192 237 +45 23.44%
jogatina 1574 1972 +398 25.29%
jogos 437 672 +235 53.78%
JogosBrasil 43 65 +22 51.16%
jornalismo 50 65 +15 30.00%
Laranjao 117 124 +7 5.98%
leagueoflegendsbrazil 732 1081 +349 47.68%
leiria 306 347 +41 13.40%
Lennado 12 13 +1 8.33%
LiberalismoSocial 33 36 +3 9.09%
Libertarianismo 425 750 +325 76.47%
linuxbrasil 514 691 +177 34.44%
lisboa 3931 4942 +1011 25.72%
Lisbon 490 659 +169 34.49%
literatura 339 462 +123 36.28%
Livros 2013 2868 +855 42.47%
lixo 1 1 0 0.00%
Luanda 4 4 0 0.00%
Lusitania 28 28 0 0.00%
lutalivre 112 139 +27 24.11%
Macau 1133 1449 +316 27.89%
maceio 36 43 +7 19.44%
maconha 484 715 +231 47.73%
MadeInPortugal 168 223 +55 32.74%
Madeira 541 716 +175 32.35%
Mamatas 112 103 -9 -8.04%
mapas 7 7 0 0.00%
maputo 22 25 +3 13.64%
Maromba 206 264 +58 28.16%
masqueporra 457 723 +266 58.21%
medonho 7 17 +10 142.86%
MeirellesPresidente 45 43 -2 -4.44%
MemesBrasil 1458 6141 +4683 321.19%
MemesPortugal 914 1226 +312 34.14%
MercadoDeCriptomoedas 1 1 0 0.00%
MercadoViagens 48 58 +10 20.83%
merdasbrasildiz 56 63 +7 12.50%
MetalLusitano 36 52 +16 44.44%
mimimi 83 85 +2 2.41%
MinasGerais 122 172 +50 40.98%
Mindelo 15 16 +1 6.67%
Mocambique 13 13 0 0.00%
Monarkia 1034 1028 -6 -0.58%
Monarquia 114 155 +41 35.96%
motoca 136 168 +32 23.53%
Mozambique 311 412 +101 32.48%
mozambiquenews 18 19 +1 5.56%
mulheresbr 20 33 +13 65.00%
MulherMelancia 173 428 +255 147.40%
MUSICA 407 548 +141 34.64%
musicanova 1423 1885 +462 32.47%
Musicas 86 137 +51 59.30%
naoesensacionalista 629 953 +324 51.51%
NaoMortoAbraDentro 52 517 +465 894.23%
nense 200 280 +80 40.00%
NerdPowerBR 470 611 +141 30.00%
niteroi 33 53 +20 60.61%
noticiasBizarras 2 2 0 0.00%
nspot 371 680 +309 83.29%
O_PACOTE 914 2152 +1238 135.45%
oBitcoin 524 535 +11 2.10%
omecanismo 79 84 +5 6.33%
opendata_pt 354 372 +18 5.08%
oporto 12 12 0 0.00%
OuijaPortugues 144 275 +131 90.97%
palmeiras 625 936 +311 49.76%
Parana 157 224 +67 42.68%
PergunteReddit 260 608 +348 133.85%
piadas 38 59 +21 55.26%
pirataria 117 129 +12 10.26%
podcastbr 513 588 +75 14.62%
POESIA 222 343 +121 54.50%
PokemonGOBrasil 538 719 +181 33.64%
PokemonGoPortugal 149 199 +50 33.56%
PokemonGoTuga 88 88 0 0.00%
PoliticaBR 54 60 +6 11.11%
politicabrasil 43 53 +10 23.26%
PoliticaBrasileira 156 211 +55 35.26%
politicaportuguesa 312 348 +36 11.54%
porramauricio 1674 3261 +1587 94.80%
porto 2445 3105 +660 26.99%
portoalegre 228 298 +70 30.70%
portugal 60689 85596 +24907 41.04%
portugal_economico 26 34 +8 30.77%
portugal2 586 658 +72 12.29%
PortugalACultivar 12 14 +2 16.67%
PORTUGALCARALHO 10123 16100 +5977 59.04%
portugalcirclejerk 22 25 +3 13.64%
PortugalConspiracy 29 68 +39 134.48%
portugalfriends 14 16 +2 14.29%
portugalgaming 63 91 +28 44.44%
PortugalGaymers 55 73 +18 32.73%
PortugalGoneWild 2514 3280 +766 30.47%
PortugalHive 29 31 +2 6.90%
Portugaliza 14 30 +16 114.29%
PortugalLaFora 760 1135 +375 49.34%
PortugalMediaNews 22 32 +10 45.45%
portugalnews 627 4223 +3596 573.52%
PortugalNostalgia 517 538 +21 4.06%
PortugalOnReddit 792 909 +117 14.77%
PortugalPics 1119 1301 +182 16.26%
PortugalRPG 22 28 +6 27.27%
portugaltheman 5852 6495 +643 10.99%
PortugalVegan 236 396 +160 67.80%
PortugalvsBelgium 17 17 0 0.00%
PortuGIF 259 276 +17 6.56%
portuguesas 210 556 +346 164.76%
portuguesbrasileiro 31 32 +1 3.23%
Portuguese 9183 13817 +4634 50.46%
portuguese_tits 74 271 +197 266.22%
portuguesedoitbetter 26 43 +17 65.38%
PortugueseFeed 164 277 +113 68.90%
portuguesegirls 32 39 +7 21.88%
portugueseliga 379 376 -3 -0.79%
portuguesepals 19 17 -2 -10.53%
PortuguesePICS 434 450 +16 3.69%
portugueseproblems 12 19 +7 58.33%
portugueses 255 459 +204 80.00%
portuguesewaterdogs 74 183 +109 147.30%
Portusil 9 9 0 0.00%
PrimeiraLiga 4785 7151 +2366 49.45%
PromosBR 90 89 -1 -1.11%
Psicanalise 196 311 +115 58.67%
Punheteiros 15 23 +8 53.33%
putaria 1189 4980 +3791 318.84%
PutasEVinhoVerde 4 6 +2 50.00%
RadioAmador 40 61 +21 52.50%
rapidinhapoetica 875 1264 +389 44.46%
Recife 314 431 +117 37.26%
ReformaPolitica 27 31 +4 14.81%
ReiDoPaint 32 40 +8 25.00%
restaurantes 226 235 +9 3.98%
RevistaMariaResponde 233 246 +13 5.58%
Rio 19 21 +2 10.53%
rioave 20 30 +10 50.00%
riodejaneiro 1724 2241 +517 29.99%
riograndedosul 396 497 +101 25.51%
rpg_brasil 2011 3396 +1385 68.87%
salpicao 61 62 +1 1.64%
Salvador 49 62 +13 26.53%
samba 97 121 +24 24.74%
Sampa 2 2 0 0.00%
SantaCatarina 65 106 +41 63.08%
SantosFC 84 134 +50 59.52%
saopaulo 3003 3683 +680 22.64%
SaoPauloFC 23 358 +335 1456.52%
SaoTomePrincipe 50 59 +9 18.00%
scbraga 61 72 +11 18.03%
seducaopt 115 141 +26 22.61%
selecao 7 7 0 0.00%
Semeando 157 163 +6 3.82%
senado 2 2 0 0.00%
Sergipe 11 14 +3 27.27%
Sertanejo 4 4 0 0.00%
Setubal 129 156 +27 20.93%
SitesUteis 1 2 +1 100.00%
soccerCARALHO 41 40 -1 -2.44%
solteafranga 615 1395 +780 126.83%
somluso 1222 1303 +81 6.63%
SPFC 103 126 +23 22.33%
Sporting 29 30 +1 3.45%
SportingCP 2658 3483 +825 31.04%
sportrecife 27 38 +11 40.74%
standupbrasil 26 30 +4 15.38%
SubredditsPortugueses 17 20 +3 17.65%
TascaDoZe 87 191 +104 119.54%
territoriolivre 145 166 +21 14.48%
Timor 144 165 +21 14.58%
timorleste 43 57 +14 32.56%
TinderBR 690 793 +103 14.93%
tiodopave 6465 8771 +2306 35.67%
TiTiTi 44 52 +8 18.18%
tuga4tuga 28 65 +37 132.14%
TuGaOwninG 26 30 +4 15.38%
Tugasnuas 31 274 +243 783.87%
turismobrasil 72 92 +20 27.78%
ueee 214 220 +6 2.80%
uerj 3 8 +5 166.67%
ufmg 4 10 +6 150.00%
uminho 133 143 +10 7.52%
uporto 113 137 +24 21.24%
URSAL 410 416 +6 1.46%
USP 171 251 +80 46.78%
Vagas 1386 1765 +379 27.34%
valetudo 169 218 +49 28.99%
valetudointernacional 77 78 +1 1.30%
vasco 170 279 +109 64.12%
veganismobrasil 88 135 +47 53.41%
velhos_na_internet 114 122 +8 7.02%
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Let's use Bitcoin to "tip" attention-deprived Reddit users into showing their vag parts using a currency of zero value that very few people know how to use! It's the perfect mix of desperation and ... /r/gonewild4btc metrics (Gone Wild for Bitcoin) ... reddit metrics is a tool for tracking statistics of 2,424,339 subreddits (1714 created yesterday) and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit. We're not affiliated with reddit inc. Found a bug or have an idea for a statistic/ranking that we don't have? Share them here. Contact Us /r/TrendingReddits ... This is unfortunate for Bitcoin dealers, but perhaps all of this is necessary for the crypto space to complete its transformation from a Wild West into a mainstream financial industry. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here. Porn, gambling, and malware: Bitcoin as the ‘Net’s Wild West A year after the bubble popped, we check on the cryptocurrency's progress. Timothy B. Lee - Jun 8, 2012 1:30 pm UTC Browse Gifs and Pictures from r/nsfw on Reddit. Scrolller is an endless random gallery gathered from the most popular subreddits.

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I am a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investor, Trader and Entrepreneur though I am not a licensed financial advisor and you should always do your own research and based any actions you take in the ... In this video I discuss my views on #China, the Chinese government as it pertains to blockchain, and Chinese #blockchain projects. Many people are skeptical of the Chinese Gov't and do not trust ... The Bitcoin Lightning Network Explained in 6 Minutes - Duration: 6:26. GramDoctor 13,428 views. 6:26. Students Reveal How They Slept With Their Teachers - Reddit ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. buying a mystery box off the dark web gone wrong! I purchased a mystery box off the dark web and it was the most sickening thing I have ever done! The police showed up to my door and arrested me ...