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The Chicago Manual of Style, one of the more widely used style guides in the United States, says:. Capital letters used as words, numerals used as nouns, and abbreviations usually form the plural by adding s.To aid comprehension, lowercase letters form the plural with an apostrophe and an s.. So: Dikkens with two Ks, but mind your p's and q's. (And always CDs, unless you're talking about ... Plural possessive case of butterfly is butterflies' (apostrophe after the word butterflies). Definition of butterfly noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Any of numerous insects of the order Lepidoptera, having four broad, usually colorful wings, and generally distinguished from the moths by having a slender body and knobbed antennae and being active during the day. Different pieces of apparatus are used for different measurements, so it would depend on what was being measured. If you wanted to find mass, a balance would be used. The Latin plural of the noun apparatus is actually apparatus. (Sometimes the Latin is spelled singular apparātus and plural apparātūs; the vowel lengthens in the plural, but that's not usually reflected in the spelling.)This is because it's fourth declension. In the 18th and 19th centuries, when most educated English speakers had studied Latin, apparatus was sometimes used as the plural; I ... Mitochondrion is singular, mitochondria is the plural form. So the question should be written "What does a mitochondrion do" or "What do mitochondria do". The primary function of mitochondria is ...

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Singular-Plural: Some More Conversions from Singular to Plural Lesson 2

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