Joseph Weisenthal on Twitter: Bitcoin ticked higher right after the #Greferendum news hit

Joseph Weisenthal on Twitter: Bitcoin ticked higher right after the #Greferendum news hit submitted by Egon_1 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

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It’s ‘the Harlem Shake of currency’,” Joseph Weisenthal’s “Bitcoin is a Joke,” Matthew O’Brien’s “Bitcoin Is the Segway of Currency”), the criticism shifted sharply in late 2013. Instead of being a funny topic for fringe journalists and pop culture commentators, bitcoin was suddenly being treated as a “bubble” and a threat to the economic system by some of the most ... Bitcoin was born 12 years ago at the height of the last global financial panic, and was positioned as a safe haven from the machinations of centralized banks. Indeed, its inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, posted in its genesis block a newspaper headline about the British government being poised to bailout the banks a second time. So now would seem to be a pretty good test of Nakamoto’s marvelous ... Joseph Wechsberg wrote that Wiesenthal’s life was saved because the bells of a nearby church began ringing and the Ukrainians stopped shooting and went to evening Mass. Thus, his survival was given a dimension of a miraculous divine intervention. In the testimony at Yad Vashem, Wiesenthal made no mention of the bells, but the inclination to give his rescue a celestial meaning was also ... Joe Weisenthal. Prior to joining Business Insider in October 2008, Joe was a correspondent for, as well as the Opening Bell editor at Join Marty as he sits down with Joe Weisenthal, Editor at Bloomberg and co-host of "What'd you miss?" on BloombergTV. The two jump into the mind of a skeptic. Joe was notoriously a skeptic of Bitcoin after writing an article titled "Bitcoin is a joke" in 2013. Since then Joe has become less skeptical and he explains why in this episode. Beyond Bitcoin, Marty and Joe discuss economics, the ...

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